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    HA Reopening and Updates

    Information and updates regarding reopening in response to COVID-19 lockdown

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  • Preparing for the future

    From pre-k to senior year, we're training our students for the next step.

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    A focus in faith

    We seek to help our students find a greater purpose and calling.

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  • Building life-long friendships

    Learn about our opportunities for students to grow and connect with others.

    Student Life
  • Creativity comes to life

    Whether it's in class or on stage, our students explore the arts and develop their talents.

  • Competition meets dedication

    We emphasize teamwork, discipline and Christian conduct.



Every child is considered a unique individual and encouraged to progress at his or her own rate of development. 

Hands-on learning takes place through guided discovery and instructional activities.


All grades are engaged in general studies along with art and computer class once a week, while library, music and physical education meet twice weekly.

Chapel and Bible classes meet daily.

High School

From mission trips and local service projects where students are encouraged to grow spiritually, to strong academic classes, to drama or art or sports, unlimited potential is here.

Chapel and Bible classes meet daily.

Academic Excellence

Our students are taught to honor God, they are loved and challenged, and parents are actively encouraged to be involved in their children's school and educational experience.

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  • All of the teachers go above and beyond for their students. They are at Harding Academy because they really want to be there.

    McKenna Pruitt ,
    Academy Parent

    McKenna's Story
  • They challenge each child to mature not only in wisdom but also in their service.

    Kalen House ,
    Kindergarten Teacher

    Kalen's Story
  • For me and my wife, it was a pretty easy decision to put our kids in the care of the Academy.

    Joel Hoggard ,
    Academy Parent

    Joel's Story
  • One thing I love about teaching and robotics is perseverance.

    Brian Jones ,
    Math, Science, Robotics Teacher

    Brian's Story
  • I’ve learned a ton about my faith and why I believe what I believe,

    Carson Gentry ,
    High School Student

    Carson's Story
  • Everyone knows each other and takes care of each other,

    Hailey Pruitt ,
    English Teacher

    Hailey's Story
  • You have great relationships that you can build here and I really enjoy that L.J. has made lots of friends,

    Naomi Valentine ,
    Academy Parent

    Naomi's Story

Our Mission

We believe all students have potential to use their God-given strengths and talents to their fullest use in His service. Whether it is in worship, service, or academic endeavors, we want to deliver a unique, Christ-centered experience for our students.

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Did You Know?


Each student in grades 7-12 has a school-issued Chromebook; each elementary classroom has a set of iPads (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) or Chromebooks (4th through 6th grade)

Students Are:


Inspired by faith

Courageous in character

Involved in service

Educated by experiences

Guided by vision

How we stand


Harding Academy's average 2017 ACT scores, compared to a state average of 19.4 and a national average of 21