Christian parents are called to no greater responsibility than training and guiding their children in the Lord. The responsibility of raising these gifts from God is one of the greatest challenges a parent must face.

Harding Academy strives to partner with Christian families. Our aspiration is to help every child at Harding Academy develop in all areas of life as Christ did.

The Academy endeavors to aid each child in developing an understanding of God while cultivating a willingness to obey His commands. Daily chapel and Bible classes, a scoped and sequenced Bible curriculum, and a memory verse program are all ways in which students are exposed to God's Word.


Harding Academy focuses on Academics and enriched learning. Our classrooms provide an environment where students can be challenged and inspired.

Pre-K Curriculum

Each classroom is centered upon teaching children to love God and each other through a variety of individualized activities. Every child is considered a unique individual and encouraged to progress at his or her own rate of development. Hands-on learning takes place through guided discovery and instructional activities.

Center times allow children the opportunity for choice play experiences in blocks, housekeeping, dramatic play, art, books, puzzles, science and discovery, music, and fine and large motor activities. Our classrooms are designed to engage children as they explore and grow in their understanding of God and their place in His world.

For further information, call Jana Adams at 501.279.7217.

Elementary Curriculum

Besides the core curriculum offered here at Harding Academy, our students in grades K-6 also experience enrichment in other areas.

Each week, our students are offered a 50 minute class period of art taught by a certified art teacher.  At the end of the year, the students' work is showcased in an exhibit.

The students receive technology training in the Suviaz Lab which houses 30 computers.  Students in the upper elementary are taught the correct keyboarding technique and also given instruction in research skills on the internet.

All students are given a 50-minute library period where their reading is reinforced and the students are taught library research skills. 

Musical expression is emphasized weekly in a music classroom that not only teaches them to sing, but the elementary music classroom has 30 keyboards where the students get to create music using a hands-on approach.

In addition to recesses, each class also has a 50 minute physical education class period taught by the Arkansas Physical Education teacher of the year, Pam Keese.

All of these "specials" are included our the students' day to give further enrichment to the strong core curriculum that is already provided.

Position on Common Core Standards pdf

High School Curriculum

The primary purpose of Harding Academy is to provide a high quality academic education in a Christian environment. Believing that Christianity is vital for genuine character development, we intend for the Bible to be the center from which everything radiates.

It is our conviction that we are living in God's world and that we cannot live rightly in His world unless we live in harmony with His will and purpose. We believe that the Bible is God's expressed will; therefore, Harding Academy undertakes to develop both the spirit and the mind.

To accomplish this, we strive to maintain academic work of high quality and to integrate Biblical teachings in all that we do. Both administrators and teachers at Harding Academy believe that all education should be basically and thoroughly Christ-centered.

Senior High Class Offerings

Junior High Class Offerings

Position on Common Core Standards

Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma from Harding Academy, a student must earn a minimum of 25 solid units of credit in grades 9-12. 

  • 4 units of English (requirement for senior year is to write a passing research paper)
  • 3 units of Social Science
    • 1 unit American History
    • 1 unit Modern World History
    • 1/2 unit Civics
    • 1/2 unit Economics
  • 4 units of Mathematics (at least 1 unit must be in Algebra other than elementary Algebra)
  • 3 units of Science (1 unit must be Biology and 1 unit must be Physical Science)
  • 1 unit of Foreign Language
  • 1/2 unit of Fine Arts
  • 1/2 unit of Health
  • 1/2 unit of Physical Education
  • 1/2 unit of Bible each semester
  • 1/2 unit of Oral Communication
  • 8 units of Electives (each 2-period class taken, such as Honors classes will reduce the elective requirement by 1 credit)

Must take ACT test to be recorded on final transcript during Junior or Senior year. 


Harding Academy believes that student achievement can be increased by supporting instruction with technology. This requires support in several areas: making technology available to the staff; training staff to use instructional technology as instructional tools; and training students to use technology.

Elementary Technology

All elementary students (K-6) come to the Suviaz Computer lab once a week and are taught computer skills as they work through various educational programs. These programs allow the student to work at his/her individual pace at or above grade level.

The lab is also available for individual teachers to bring their entire class to work on Internet projects or other enrichment activities. 

To further enhance instruction in the elementary, iPad carts are utilized in each grade level.  The iPads are used for enrichment, test taking, report writing, project presentations, and research.

High School Technology

Today's Harding Academy graduate will be required to compete in an increasingly sophisticated digital world. We believe the computer literate graduate who is comfortable with technology and capable of using technology as a tool will have an advantage over those who are not.

Each student in grades 7-12 is issued a Chrome Book for use throughout the school year.  Students are expected to use their device as they take notes, make presentations, research, and create projects. Some classes also incorporate digital textbooks.


We believe in a safe and welcoming environment for all of our students, which is why we encourage Christian behavior for our students in and out of the classroom.  Here are our expectations for students who are enrolled at Harding Academy.