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Early childhood education provides the foundation for a child’s academic future. At Harding Academy, students are instilled with a love for learning that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Harding Academy desires for its students to acquire the skills and understanding necessary for the development of Christian character and intelligent citizenship.

The Academy endeavors to aid each child in developing an understanding of God while cultivating a willingness to obey his commands. Daily chapel and Bible classes, a scoped and sequenced Bible curriculum, and a thematic memory verse program are all ways in which students are exposed to God’s word.

Harding Academy offers a challenging academic curriculum. Our teachers seek to provide a quality scholastic program and stimulation of intellectual curiosity so that students are placed in an environment where they can grow, be challenged and flourish. Each classroom teacher is equipped with a classroom set of Apple iPads to give the students a one-on-one technology experience as they utilize apps that support the objectives taught and learned across the curriculum.

Besides the core curriculum offered here at Harding Academy, students also experience enrichment in other areas. A variety of “specials” are included each day to give further enhancement to the strong core curriculum provided. From art, music and library to technology and physical education, students are offered weekly exposure to a variety of hands-on learning experiences.

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact the elementary office at 501-279-7200 or sharper2@harding.edu.

Frequently asked questions

What is the elementary curriculum?

The kindergarten program for five-year olds is academic in that all readiness skills necessary for first grade are taught. The program is coordinated so all classes are taught the same course of study. Phonics, reading of short sentences and stories, math concepts, science investigation, handwriting, art activities, and Bible stories are the main components of the curriculum.

In first through sixth grades, importance is placed on the academic areas of language arts and math. The reading program emphasizes phonics, basic reading skills, and the joy of reading through the use comprehension in the context of enjoying literature. Grammar, language usage, vocabulary, spelling, penmanship, and creative writing are also integral parts of the language arts program.

The math program stresses problem solving and mathematical applications while also emphasizing learning basic facts and computational skills. Technology is used to reinforce math skills and sharpen the student’s ability to reason and figure. The areas of science and social studies are a part of the curriculum at each grade level. Hands on discovery and research are a large part of the instructional plan to teach students the importance and enjoyment of asking questions and discovering answers.

Art, music, library, physical education and computer education are enhanced by specialized teachers working with the students weekly during the school year. These special area programs are taught by highly qualified and certified teachers who have a love for their specialized programs.

Special programs and exhibits throughout the year show evidence of learning and mastering techniques taught in these areas.

Questioning, problem solving, research, group cooperation, and successful oral and written communication are invaluable skills for a lifetime of learning and working. Teachers strive to incorporate these skills into all areas of the curriculum.

What is the tuition rate?

Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows.

KPrep/Kindergarten: $7,430 

First through third grades: $7,725

Fourth through sixth grades: $8,200

(Tuition and fees for international students are different. Please contact cspears2@harding.edu for current information.)

How do I apply?

All applications are done electronically.

Does Harding Academy have a waiting list?

Harding Academy has certain limits on each class size. Some classes are at or near capacity. We will be happy to add you to a waiting list if your desired class is full. You may also contact us to have your name added to a wait list for future years. Please call 501-279-7404 with the parent’s name, child's name, child's date of birth, grade, year requesting entrance, and parent email to be placed on a waiting list.

Is home school credit accepted?

Harding Academy accepts home school credit. For more information, contact Dennis Rine at 501-279-7206.

Do I have to be a member of the church of Christ?

While Harding Academy is affiliated with the church of Christ, the Academy is not only for members of the church of Christ. We hold firm to biblical principles and a love for Christ, and all are welcomed into that. A code of conduct is enforced for our students, which is to help us uphold our mission as well as to aid in our students' safety.


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