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Harding Academy is family

High school is a formative time in students’ lives where they grow academically, socially and spiritually. Students come to Harding Academy to be prepared for the fuller, happier life and for more effective service in the world. Harding Academy pledges its resources to assure the complete development of each student. At Harding we do not believe in, nor do we practice, “mass education.” We want to help the student as an individual.

The primary purpose of Harding Academy is to provide a high quality academic education in a Christian environment. Believing that Christianity is vital for genuine character development, we intend for the Bible to be the center from which everything radiates.

Academy students are challenged and encouraged academically. Our top-notch academic programs prepare students for college and careers. Our students receive the support they need to succeed academically.

Extracurricular activities play a huge part in the Academy’s atmosphere — from athletic and robotics teams to choirs and clubs, there is something for every interest.

Each student in seventh through 12th grades is issued a Chrome Book for use throughout the school year. We believe the computer literate graduate who is comfortable with technology and capable of using technology as a tool will have an advantage over those who are not. Students are expected to use their device as they take notes, make presentations, research, and create projects. Some classes also incorporate digital textbooks.

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact the high school office at 501-279-7201 or mgowen1@harding.edu.

Frequently asked questions

What high school courses are offered?

Find a full list of course offerings here.

What are the graduation requirements?

To receive a diploma from Harding Academy, a student must earn a minimum of 25 solid units of credit in grades 9-12.

4 units of English (requirement for senior year is to write a passing research paper)
3 units of Social Science
1 unit American History
1 unit Modern World History
1/2 unit Civics
1/2 unit Economics
4 units of Mathematics (at least 1 unit must be in Algebra other than elementary Algebra)
3 units of Science (1 unit must be Biology and 1 unit must be Physical Science)
1 unit of Foreign Language
1/2 unit of Fine Arts
1/2 unit of Health
1/2 unit of Physical Education
1/2 unit of Bible each semester
1/2 unit of Oral Communication
8 units of Electives (each 2-period class taken, such as Honors classes will reduce the elective requirement by 1 credit)
Must take ACT test to be recorded on final transcript during Junior or Senior year.

What is the tuition rate?

Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows.

Ninth grade: $9,305

10th through 11th grades: $9,770

12th grade: $9,755

(Tuition and fees for international students are different. Please contact cspears2@harding.edu for current information.)

How do I apply?

All applications are done electronically.

Does Harding Academy have a waiting list?

Harding Academy has certain limits on each class size. Some classes are at or near capacity. We will be happy to add you to a waiting list if your desired class is full. You may also contact us to have your name added to a wait list for future years. Please call 501-279-7404 with the parent’s name, child's name, child's date of birth, grade, year requesting entrance, and parent email to be placed on a waiting list.

What co-curricular activities are offered?

Visit our Organizations and Athletics pages for more information.

Is home school credit accepted?

Harding Academy accepts home school credit. For more information, contact Dennis Rine at 501-279-7206.

Do I have to be a member of the church of Christ?

While Harding Academy is affiliated with the church of Christ, the Academy is not only for members of the church of Christ. We hold firm to biblical principles and a love for Christ, and all are welcomed into that. A code of conduct is enforced for our students, which is to help us uphold our mission as well as to aid in our students' safety.


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