Harding Academy

Middle School

Harding Academy is family

Middle-level education is a critical time in driving academic excellence. Harding Academy equips students as they develop strong study habits, continue to embrace learning, and value education as they begin to look toward high school and college.

Fifth and sixth grades are housed within the elementary school and seven and eighth grades within the high school. One of the benefits of Harding Academy is that all grade levels are on one main campus, so students can always feel comfortable in their surroundings as they move up within the grade levels.

The primary purpose of Harding Academy is to provide a high quality academic education in a Christian environment. Believing that Christianity is vital for genuine character development, we intend for the Bible to be the center from which everything radiates.

It is our conviction that we are living in God's world and that we cannot live rightly in his world unless we live in harmony with his will and purpose. We believe that the Bible is God's expressed will; therefore, Harding Academy undertakes to develop both the spirit and the mind.

To accomplish this, we strive to maintain academic work of high quality and to integrate biblical teachings in all that we do. Both administrators and teachers at Harding Academy believe that all education should be basically and thoroughly Christ-centered.

For more information or to schedule a visit for fifth and sixth grades, contact the elementary office at 501-279-7200 or sharper2@harding.edu.

For more information or to schedule a visit for seventh and eighth grades, contact the high school office at 501-279-7201 or mgowen1@harding.edu.


High School Principal dmathews@harding.edu

Elementary Principal bjteague@harding.edu

Eighth-Grade Spanish rallen@harding.edu

Eighth-Grade Science rclevenger@harding.edu

Fifth Grade sdillard@harding.edu

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Athletics kfester@harding.edu

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade English kganus@harding.edu

Eighth-Grade English crgarner@harding.edu

Eighth-Grade Social Studies chall5@harding.edu

Fifth Grade shenderson@harding.edu

Eighth-Grade Math bjones22@harding.edu

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Chorus cjones@harding.edu

Sixth Grade bkehl@harding.edu

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Bible kkirby1@harding.edu

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Bible klaferney@harding.edu

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Bible jwlaird@harding.edu

Eighth-Grade Art mlake@harding.edu

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Chorus anesbitt@harding.edu

Sixth Grade moliver2@harding.edu

Technology Coordinator spritchett@harding.edu

Librarian krose@harding.edu

Seventh-Grade Science asmith26@harding.edu

Seventh-Grade Math bsmith17@harding.edu

Seventh-Grade History kturley1@harding.edu

Eighth-Grade History ewallace@harding.edu