Harding Academy People

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For me and my wife, it was a pretty easy decision to put our kids in the care of the Academy.

Joel Hoggard,
Academy Parent

Joel's Story

They challenge each child to mature not only in wisdom but also in their service.

Kalen House,
Kindergarten Teacher

Kalen's Story

Everyone knows each other and takes care of each other,

Hailey Pruitt,
English Teacher

Hailey's Story

One thing I love about teaching and robotics is perseverance.

Brian Jones,
Math, Science, Robotics Teacher

Brian's Story

You have great relationships that you can build here and I really enjoy that L.J. has made lots of friends,

Naomi Valentine,
Academy Parent

Naomi's Story

I’ve learned a ton about my faith and why I believe what I believe,

Carson Gentry,
High School Student

Carson's Story