Carson Gentry

High School Student

 “I’ve learned a ton about my faith and why I believe what I believe."

For Carson Gentry, Harding Academy has meant relationships. Being actively involved in opportunities outside of class, Gentry considers his classmates as family and teachers as friends.

Through athletics, robotics club and service clubs, as well as serving as a class officer every year and now on the executive counsel, Gentry feels the class sizes have made it easy to be involved and get to know everyone.

“Here it’s more like a family in your class. And it’s a different kind of relationship with your teachers — you know them so you can joke with them and you’re not going to get in trouble,” Gentry said. “It’s not one-on-one, but it feels like one-on-one because they work with you.”

Gentry’s favorite class has been Bible and specifically Four Gospels: One Jesus, which explained differences between the Gospels and how the authors differ. Among his favorite classes, he’s enjoyed his business class with Coach David Kee.

I’ve taken him for a lot of classes. He’s just kind of chill and fun.”

With plans to major in marketing and minor in leadership and ministry, Gentry is thankful for what he’s learned at the Academy, the relationships he’s made, and the foundation that has helped him develop in his faith.

“When your school feels like a family, you’ll jump right in and fit right away. Everyone’s accepted here and you’re not on the outside of it,” Gentry said. “I’ve learned a ton about my faith and why I believe what I believe. It’s strengthened my faith and I’ve learned a lot in all the core subjects but also about the Bible.”