Joel Hoggard

Academy Parent

 “For me and my wife, it was a pretty easy decision to put our kids in the care of the Academy.”

Attending Harding Academy as a student, Joel Hoggard is thankful for his own experience and knew he wanted his own children to have the same opportunities and relationships he gained while there.

“I don’t remember it taking long to get plugged in. I remember people really going out of their way to befriend me when I was only 10. Then when I got older those were the same people who I ran around with and played sports with, and was in plays, chorus and that sort of thing together.”

Through his work as a real estate agent, Hoggard knows much about the local public school systems and is impressed with the level of academics implemented but feels he couldn’t pass up the opportunity for his children to go to school in a Christian environment.

“For my children to have the freedom to begin every day with chapel and to be memorizing scripture as part of their curriculum, I think what they’re getting in their education at the Academy, on top of what they would get a public school, is worth, to me, going over there,” Hoggard said. “For me and my wife, it was a pretty easy decision to put our kids in the care of the Academy.”

Hoggard has enjoyed getting to know other families through the Academy and sharing experiences with other parents.

“My kids are in class with kids whose parents are ranging from younger than me to several years older than me. A lot of my friends have kids at the Academy. It’s really cool every year to see a new group of families that you get to do life with, as they say.”

Hoggard urges other parents considering the Academy to avoid using timing as an excuse to delay.

“You may think you don’t have the money for it, and certainly some don’t and that’s fine. I think it’s kind of like trying to decide when you’re ready to have kids after you get married,” Hoggard said. “You will never decide, ‘OK, now we’re ready.’ You’ll always think, well we want to be able to do this or that. I think trying to decide whether you’re going to send your kids to a school like Harding Academy is like that. There’s never a good time. It’s always the same time. It’s always the right time. There are often things we can cut out of our budget and cut out of our lives that would make it more feasible, financially."