Kalen House

Kindergarten Teacher

 "They challenge each child to mature not only in wisdom but also in their service.”

For kindergarten teacher Kalen House, her teachers inspired her to choose a profession where she could work with children to help them reach their potential.

“The teachers I had in school taught me to be creative. They taught me how to develop my character. It’s almost like they gave me lenses to see the world in different ways,” House said. “I just wanted to work with children and make a difference in their lives.”

At Harding Academy, she can do that and much more. With the school’s Christian roots, House is able to place God in the center of the classroom.

“One of the things that also stood out to me about Harding was that they strive to educate the child not just academically but also spiritually. They challenge each child to mature not only in wisdom but also in their service.”

For House, that fact helped her choose Harding Academy as a workplace as well as the school for her daughter to attend.“One of the things that drew me to Harding Academy was that it was a Christian school and how my child is exposed to God daily.”

With 27 years of teaching experience, House has taught kindergarten through sixth grade and been a guidance counselor and principal. Having worked in a prep school before coming to the Academy, House recognized the school’s excellence in preparing students for college.

“What I like about Harding Academy and one of the reasons I wanted to teach here is that it is a college prep school. With my daughter being in junior high, I know she’ll be ready for college because she’s here.”

To House, the emphasis on faith and academics is what sets Harding Academy apart from the public schools in the area.

“To me, putting your child here you know you’re not giving them the minimum, you’re going above and beyond. We are pushing them to reach their potential and reach that next level, but we are able to give a little more.”