Hailey Pruitt

English Teacher

 "Everyone knows each other and takes care of each other."

Hailey Pruitt, a high school English teacher for the Academy is doing what she loves. Pruitt feels the Academy is a special place because she has the opportunity to speak openly about her beliefs in a time when it is often a restricted topic in the classroom. “We get to incorporate our faith into everything we do. That is a freedom that many teachers wish they had.”

According to Pruitt, the Academy is also unique because she doesn’t have to be concerned with gossip and competition between teachers but instead feels very supported by the administration and other faculty.

“The smaller school feels more like a family-like atmosphere,” Pruitt said. “Everyone knows each other and takes care of each other. Even if we all are really busy, we have a fantastic support system. It’s a blessing to know I can come and teach in a place that is comfortable and safe.”

A special part of teaching for Pruitt is being able to watch students grow up and to build relationships with them. To keep a closer relationship with students even after they move on from her classes, Pruitt hosts a senior girls Bible study in her home every week.

“That relationship and watching them grow up and learn to develop their own faith and make their own life decisions — it’s incredibly rewarding that I get to be a part of that.”

Through her experience as a teacher, Pruitt has learned that student success comes from the effort put forth as well as working hard and being responsible. She encourages her students to work to their full potential and believes every student can be successful if they are willing to try.

Pruitt believes a Christian school can provide a solid foundation for students, especially in their teenage years.

They get the support at home, at church and here, and I really think it helps them grow into people who keep faith in the center,” Pruitt said. “This is an age where that’s really rough. You have to take your values that you’ve learned at church and home and incorporate it into everyday life, so I think our spiritual environment is important.”