American Studies Institute

Programs & Training

American Studies Conference Center

The ASI Leadership Program conducts conferences, seminars, and training on campus in our full range conference center. Large meeting rooms, small meeting rooms, auditoriums, 50 hotel rooms, state of the art AV technology, and catering options are available to our campus and community.  We offer various services to help plan the events, from advisory roles to full-service planning and execution.

Distinguished Scholars

ASI Distinguished Scholars

Harding University students of all majors are eligible to apply to the American Studies Institute Distinguished Scholars program. The prerequisites for automatic invitation include a 3.8-grade point average or above and standing as a junior, senior, or freshman member of Harding University's Honors Scholar Program. Each fall there is an open application process for those with an automatic invitation and those who have a 3.6-grade point average available through Pipeline.

The value of membership greatly outweighs the small, one-time membership fee.  The generous sponsors to our program make these membership benefits available for ASI Distinguished Scholars: 

  • Be a guest to dinners before Distinguished Lectures where members meet and dine with the campus, community, and state leaders.
  • Attend Harding Leadership Forum with other leaders from across campus.  This annual event is held in the spring and has been held at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion since 2016.
  • Receive an ASI T-shirt and an ASI cord to wear as part of the graduation regalia.
  • Service opportunities include setting up the 911 Memorial on campus, serving at the annual Veterans Day breakfast, and participating in meetings.
  • Serve on the Officer Council to plan and implement the events and activities with the American Studies Institute.

ASI Officer Council

Each year the ASI Officer Council is a group of top ASI Scholars. The ASI Officer Council assists the executive director in Distinguished Lecture events, serves as hosts at ASI dinner events, works with ASI sponsors, leads ASI scholar meetings and induction, and plans student leadership events.

This opportunity provides training and equips students to effectively explore and use their talents, gifts, and abilities to serve in the Kingdom of God. Students will coordinate various events that emphasize whole-person education, Christ-centered leadership, and expansion of a student’s global perspective to develop and flourish as servant leaders.

2023-2024 ASI Officer Council Members

  • Ann-Clayton Beason
  • Madeline Broshears
  • Griffin Brown
  • Adriana Castellon
  • Lisanne Cheatham
  • Tucker Cromwell
  • Zoie Dean
  • Ella Duryea
  • Hunter Hook
  • Abby Long
  • Tyler McDonald
  • Parker McNeal
  • Briana McSpadden
  • Allie Nesbitt
  • Britney Njeri
  • Rusty Orr
  • Natalie Reneau
  • Emma Rogers
  • Molly Speight
  • Carson Stewart
  • Taylor Tippin
  • Lindsay Walton
  • Luis Zelaya

Educational Tours

Educational tours of various cities and major metropolitan areas throughout the United States are conducted for Harding's American Studies Scholars, allowing them to meet business leaders, government officials, and educators each year.

National Leadership Forum

Each year the American Studies Institute hosts a National Leadership Forum on the Harding campus. Co-sponsored with regional civic clubs, the seminar promotes leadership education for high school students from a multi-state region.