Information Systems & Technology

We operate with the vision to enable and empower the Harding community. Further information about our mission and values is available in the Mission and Values below.

We are organized under the following areas:

eLearning & Multimedia

Information Technology Services

The Brackett Library

Specific information for students and employees is available in Pipeline.

Mission & Values


Our vision is underpinned by the conviction that information systems and technology should be in place in a university to serve the stakeholders. Specifically, what we do in IS&T should be always viewed as:

• Enabling our stakeholders to provide their services in more effective and efficient ways.
• Empowering our stakeholders to be able to use information technology and systems with the minimum of disruption to their prime focus and purpose.



Within the strategic planning framework of Harding University, we provide to our stakeholders:

We will develop applications, systems and processes that are in accord with and advance the mission of Harding University. These applications, systems and processes could be software, hardware, infrastructure, information storage and retrieval, records management or many other things. They could be developed from within IS&T or acquired from outside sources.

The services are an outcome from development and recognize the importance of providing applications, systems and processes that are relevant to and usable by our stakeholders.

This recognizes that we have an ongoing commitment to the applications, systems and processes that we develop and service, especially a commitment to the people who use what is developed.




• Anticipate stakeholder needs
• Support our stakeholders
• Inspire stakeholder confidence
• Embrace initiative and innovation


Ethical Excellence

• Deliver high moral content
• Display inscrutable integrity
• Strive to do better



• Culture of quality
• Recognize clients’ needs
• Respond to feedback
• Accept responsibility
• Foster welfare and professional effectiveness by: 
   - Involving and informing people
   - Helping professional development
   - Recognizing efforts
   - Outcomes assessment, and
   - Professional support



We have chosen to use the term stakeholder, being a person or organization that has a direct interest in Harding University. This would include: students, faculty, staff and other employees (especially student workers), alumni, donors, vendors and service providers, and the media.

The enabling and empowering of stakeholders will always be done within the operating boundaries and mission of Harding University.

Importantly though, we also strive to be good stewards of the available resources. This would include things such as information security and integrity, data center infrastructure, maintenance of library holdings and so forth.