Course Equivalency

Hello, Harding friends and family! Every year we receive hundreds of questions regarding how certain courses will transfer over from certain schools. These questions come from parents, prospective students, current students, guidance counselors, etc.

For several years now, Harding has used the Transfer Evaluation System (or TES) to help users better determine how transfer credits will be accepted here. TES allows anyone to go school by school and look at a list of courses that Harding has approved at some point in the past and how those courses equate.

Harding has also partnered up with Transferology. Transferology does many of the same things that TES does, but with some added features. Once you have created your free account with them, Transferology allows you to not only view course equivalencies from other colleges and universities across the United States (and even the world), but it also allows you to chat with advisors about courses you have taken or wish to take elsewhere, visit with your recruiter, view information specific to Harding, and much more!

Please note that TES and Transferology are not lists of approved courses.  They are a good place to begin a search for a course, because they indicate courses that were approved for other students in the past.  However, Harding and other colleges change course content and curriculum frequently.  A course that was approved for a student as recently as last semester, might not be equivalent to a Harding course today.  Both of these databases are constantly evolving. Prior to enrolling in a transfer course, we require that all current students submit the Transfer Course Pre-Approval form on the Student tab of Pipeline.  Upon receipt of that form, we perform a fresh evaluation of the school and the course under consideration, and determine if the course will benefit the student today.  If the course is equivalent to a Harding course, we let the student know, and post the course on TES/Transferology.  If the course is not equivalent, we inform the student, and remove the course from TES/Transferology. Courses taken that are not pre-approved might not be accepted for transfer.

If you are student in High School, considering dual-enrollment classes from your local Community College, we invite you to contact our Transfer Coordinator at You will receive assistance in course selection, and how courses at your local college will fit into your chosen degree and major once you arrive at Harding.

If you are a prospective transfer student, and wish to inquire about courses you've already taken or plan to take, please email our Transfer Coordinator at

To begin looking at course equivalencies, see TES. To begin exploring your options, see Transferology.


ACADEUM College Collaboration for Online Courses

Harding University has access to a variety of online courses from a group of collaborating colleges known as Acadeum. Taking a course through Acadeum is like taking a Harding course, meaning the course grade will affect your Harding institutional and cumulative GPAs. A special notation appears on the Harding transcript for Acadeum courses to indicate that they are taken through a collaborating college. Acadeum courses have the same tuition as Harding courses, too.

Please note that registrations for Acadeum courses are dependent on approval by Harding, which is done on a case-by-case basis. An Acadeum course request will only be approved if there is not a Harding course available to meet your need. Please check to see if any courses you may need are available in Pipeline before searching Acadeum.

To request approval to register for an Acadeum course, click on the link below. To begin, you will create an account using your Harding email. You’ll need to verify your new Acadeum account by email before you can view the potential course options. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 501-279-4057.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of Harding University, and have a blessed day!

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