Undergraduate Admission

We're so excited you're applying to Harding! We recommend submitting your application as soon as possible.

If you have already applied, please log into your account to view your checklist, financial aid information and much more. 


Step 1 — Apply Online: A nonrefundable $50 fee is required to apply.

Step 2 — Send us your current official high school transcript.Your guidance counselor may send your incomplete official high school transcript to or to the address listed below. Your official final high school transcript must be sent after graduation directly from your school through a third-party secure electronic transcript service or by mail to:

Harding University
Undergraduate Admissions
915 E. Market Ave.
HU 12255
Searcy, AR 72149-5615

Taking Dual Credit and/or Advanced Placement courses? If you are enrolled in dual credit classes, you will need to request a college transcript for all courses after graduation from high school. You can also check if your dual credit classes will transfer by using Transferology or by emailing

Step 3 — Submit your confidential reference. Listing a reference is required when submitting your application. To check the status of your reference request, please visit your application account

Step 4 — Send us your OFFICIAL SAT, ACT, or CLT score. 

Are test scores necessary for admission to Harding? Yes. Test scores are a required component of the admission process. However, Harding University extends a test-blind policy for students who maintain a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher. These students will secure admission and scholarship awards without their test scores factoring into the decision. It's worth emphasizing that while test scores don't impact admission or scholarships, they still hold significance for course placement upon enrollment.

To ensure accuracy and reliability, we require that applicants submit official score reports directly from ACT, SAT, or CLT. We regret to inform you that we cannot accept copies of online scores or scores listed on transcripts.

For your convenience, please log in to your ACT, SAT, or CLT account to send your official scores. If you have any questions regarding the status of your scores, we request that you access your application account to review your checklist.

To expedite the process, here are our institution's codes for standardized testing:

  • ACT Code: 0124
  • SAT Code: 6267
  • CLT: No code required

Important Note: Admission and scholarship eligibility for all International and Dual Enrollment students (including Bison Prep, Honors Symposium, and Honors Choir) necessitates meeting minimum test score requirements.

Understanding Test-Blind Admission

Test-blind admission represents a policy employed by universities wherein standardized test scores, such as those from the SAT or ACT, hold no weight in the admissions decision-making process. In essence, under a test-blind policy, the institution refrains from reviewing or factoring in an applicant's test scores. Instead, admissions determinations are rooted in various other criteria, including high school grades, coursework, extracurricular involvements, and letters of recommendation.


Step 5 — Apply for scholarships and Financial aid through FAFSA (free application for federal student aid). The application opens on October 1 the year prior to the student's college entry year. You can also read more about the qualifications for our institutional scholarships and get an estimate of your cost to attend Harding with our net price calculator.

Step 6 — Send us your immunization records. The Arkansas Department of Health requires proof of two MMR - Measles, Mumps, Rubella - immunizations for college students. The first MMR immunization must be received on or after your first birthday. Please send your immunization records to Exemptions from this must be filed with the Arkansas Department of Health.

Step 7 Pay the enrollment fee and select housing preferences (deadline is May 1): Once you have decided to join the herd, commit by paying your $250 enrollment fee and select your housing preferences. 

Priority Commitment Period (September 1-February 1): Students who commit prior to February 1  are provided the following benefits:

  • Discounted Enrollment Fee of $150
  • Priority registration for Bison Bound
  • A special Bison Bound gift

*Housing preference(s) is based on a student’s commitment date (payment of enrollment fee). If a student has a roommate and/or suitemate preference(s), all other parties must have the same or earlier commitment date for all preferences to be considered. 

*The enrollment fee covers all First-Year Experience costs and activities. This includes Bison Bound (student orientation), Impact (welcome week), and other FYE events such as the Freshman Retreat and the Pre-union Dinner. This fee is refundable if notified by May 1 for fall applicants, October 1 for spring applicants, and April 1 for summer applicants.

Step 8 — Sign up for Bison Bound, our incoming student orientation!

Portal Access

Student Intranet Access

Students who have already been accepted to the University will receive access to the intranet used for current students located at We recommend bookmarking this address in your browser for future use in registering for classes, selecting a meal plan and completing other tasks.

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