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  • This is a photo of Alex Kendrick at Harding University's ASI Distinguished Lecture Series.
  • This is a photo of Laura Bush.

    Former First Lady of the U.S. Laura Bush

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    Eva Kor, Holocaust survivor

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    Former U.S. attorney general discusses 9/11

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    Ruby Bridges

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    Panel discussion explores race relations

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The School of American Studies began at Harding on September 15, 1952. For nearly 70 years, its purpose has been to inspire lives of leadership by exposing students to people, places, and ideas that have helped shape the United States. The American Studies Institute continues this long tradition by promoting a better understanding of the constitution, of capitalism and free enterprise, and of the intersections of faith and civil life.

We invite you to join us as we continue the tradition of engaging with the campus and the community on issues vital to the story of the United States of America -- its history, its constitution, its economic system, its government, and its people.

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About ASI

President's Welcome

Harding University is pleased to present its quality program in American citizenship education. The University's American Studies Institute stands as a tribute to the heritage that has made America the great nation that it is.

A 77-year history of educational excellence at Harding has provided the atmosphere for free enterprise education in a nation that was founded upon Christian principles of faith, liberty and human dignity. Harding University strives to enhance the appreciation of that heritage through the American Studies Institute's focus on basic principles of free enterprise.

The American Studies Institute encompasses thousands of individuals and corporations who participate in the program each year.

" of the most prestigious lecture series in the south." —WSJ Senior Editorial Board Member Stephen Moore, speaking to Arkansas Business