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Harding's mission is to provide a quality education that will lead to an understanding and philosophy of life consistent with Christian ideals.  This mission permeates the academic disciplines in College of Arts & Humanities (COAH).  Our college, along with Bible and the Sciences, has been part of the Harding story since the beginning in 1924.  We continue our mission today of training, nurturing and graduating students who are agile, decisive thinkers skilled in evaluation, reflection and problem-solving.  Our graduates are prepared to continue their studies in graduate schools, enter into any one of more than a thousand professions in today's workforce, or pursue careers that have yet to be created.

COAH is at the heart of the university, embracing both the mission of Harding and its traditions.  Students from disciplines across our university come study in our departments of Art, Communication, English, Foreign Language, History, Music and Theatre establishing a foundation  and understanding of human feelings and emotions expressed through our media and oral communication, history and society, native and foreign languages, and our visual and aural expressions.  Each of our students is exposed to the skills and dispositions that spark creative expression.  But, who are we? 

  • We animate innermost thoughts
  • We bring the impossible to life
  • We connect the world with the individual
  • We declare who we are or might become
  • We explore cultures through stories and song
  • We express through many native tongues
  • We illustrate ideas and concepts
  • We intone thoughts
  • We recount noble adventures and far-fetched dreams
  • We spark notions and visions
  • We write the text of life
  • We give voice to the heart

We are the Humanities.  Join us by selecting your future below:

Art and Design
Foreign Language & International Studies
History & Social Science


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