Air Pollution  Study Questions

  1. What is the chemical composition of the atmosphere? 
  2. What is the innermost layer called?
  3. The second layer?
  4. How thick are these layers? T = 11 miles at equator, 5 miles at poles.  S - bove T to @ 30 miles
  5. What gas filters out Uv?
  6. What layer does the most filtering?
  7. What are some examples of natural air pollution?
  8. What size particulate matter is most dangerous to our health?
  9. What is the difference between primary and secondary air pollutants? 
  10. What are some examples of each?   
  11. What is a VOC and what are some examples. 
  12. What is the derivation of the term smog?
  13. What are the Alternate names for Industrial Smog.? 
  14. What is the difference between London smog and LA smog? 
  15. Why is LA smog called photochemical?
  16.  What is acid deposition?   
  17.  Where is it the worst in the US? 
  18. Why is that term better than acid rain? 
  19. What are the major sources of outdoor pollution?
  20. What effects does air pollution have on
    1. Health: animals , plants   --
    2. Materials  --
  21. What helps protect humans from air pollutants? 
  22. What is a thermal inversion? 
  23. How do thermal inversions relate to air pollution “ events”? 
  24. What are some examples of these events?    
  25. How can we cut down or prevent air pollution?
  26. Is indoor pollution better or worse than outdoor?
  27.  How much worse?   Up to 100 times
  28. What about inside an automobile?  up to 18 times especially in heavy traffic
  29. Why should people in developed countries be more concerned over indoor than outdoor?
  30. What are the major indoor pollutants?  
  31. Where do the following indoor pollutants come form?
    1. Formaldehyde  --
    2. Radon  --
    3. Smoke  --
    4. Asbestos  -
    5. Molds  - spores in the air
  32. What is “sick building syndrome”?
  33. How can you prevent or control indoor pollutants?
  34. How are lichens/canaries and reindeer associated with air pollution?  They are indicator species and die quickly from air pollution.

   35.    How much air pollution does a jet ski make in reference to an average automobile?   in two hours they produce more than a modern automobile produces in a year.