Week 1
    Steil Cup
    Schaum's book
Decimal- base 10
Binary - base 2
Hexadecimal (hex) - base 16
bit & byte
Digital information measurement units
  1. bit - binary digit representing on/off or 1/0
  2. byte - 8 bits, number of bits needed to encode a single character of text
  3. kilobyte - 1000 bytes (or 210 = 1024 bytes)
  4. megabyte - 1000 KB (or 210 = 1024 KB)
  5. gigabyte - 1000 MB (or 210 = 1024 MB)
  6. terabyte - 1000 GB (or 210 = 1024 GB)
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Decimal, Binary, Hex  (Due Tuesday)
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
See ASCII Table in decimal, binary, and hex in Appendix A of Schaum
computer - Electronic machine that operates under the control of stored instructions and can:
  1. accept data (input),
  2. process data arithmetically and logically
  3. produce results (output)
programming - telling the computer in minute detail (typically with a programming language) the sequence of steps required to perform a task.
software development - The entire process involved in creating software and ensuring its future availability. This includes the following:
  1. analysis of the problem the software should solve
  2. designing how the software should be constructed
  3. implementation (programming)
  4. testing the software
  5. deploying the software
  6. maintaining the software and fixing bugs
Hardware vs. software
Hardware - The physical parts of a computer that you can see and touch
Software - The programs that control the hardware
data vs programs (programs are instructions run by the processor, data are values used by the programs, they are both just bytes)        
Algorithm (Defined by Google) - a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, esp. by a computer.
Primitive - A task that one can perform in an algorithm with no further explanation
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Algorithm (ways To Represent)
  1. Verbal
  2. Textual
  3. Flow chart
  4. Program
Fundamental Theorem of Structured Programming
       sequence - one process after another
       choice - one way or two way choice
       repetition - pretest or post test loop
flow chart control structures - a grouping of flow chart logic with one way in and one way out
examples: a process, one way choice, two way choice, prest loop, post test loop
Finding remainders with % (the modules operator)
Structured vs. Unstructured flowcharts
intro to overflow
count to 10
increment, decrement
Algorithm/Flowchart examples
Overflow introduction:
Algorithm Constructs: 1 way choice, 2 way choice, pretest loop, post-test loop
structured algorithm
variable vs literal
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What is it 1 (Due Friday)
What is it 2  (Due Friday)
What is it 3  (Due Monday)
What is it 4  (Due Monday)
Review - Fundamental Theorem of Structured Programming
       sequence - one process after another
       choice - one way or two way choice
       repetition - pretest or post test loop
Decimal To Binary Flowchart using Overflow
    decimalToBinary.flx  (Save this as flx instead of txt)
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