Week 9
struct example for bible verse
intrensic types vs. complex or user-defined types
varibles vs. objects (instances of inrensic and complex types)
intrensic (int, float, bool, char, unsigned char, ...)
complex (string, ofstream, ifstream, any type you make)
struct methods
struct constructor   
Text files contain text (.txt, .cpp, .html, .xml, .csv ...)
Binary file IO
std::ifstream fin(fileName, std::ios::binary);
//first argument must be an address (char*)
Bitmap file format (headers and pixels)
c++ enum  - can be accessed with our without the enum name and scope resolution operator
   using notation like Suit::Spades is visual studio specific, other places it is just Spades
   enum Gender
       male = 0,
c++ regular expressions
Short circuit boolean expressions (Schaum's 3.7)
Thursday (Exam Review)
Friday (Exam)