"Enjoy the moments of unknown" 

Luke and Lindsey return to serve as Co-Directors for the second summer in a row. They have shared some thoughts on how to make the most out of Bison Bound.

L&LWhat goes on during Bison Bound?

"Bison Bound is designed to prepare new students for an easier first year experience. You will register for classes, pick a chapel seat, meet your advisor and make new friends. You will get a good feel for Harding's campus while preparing for your future here at Harding."

Describe your role as co-director.

"As co-directors, we spend the whole summer in Searcy working to help coordinate parts of Bison Bound, such as the business fair and the registration process, and Impact, which is the weekend before school starts. At Impact, we create events designed for new students to meet new people, to get acquainted with campus life and to have fun! We have organized executive committees, peer guides and energy group leaders whose job is to help with this process."

What's your biggest piece of advice for incoming students attending Bison Bound?

"Embrace the awkward interactions. Your first year will be awkward. The sooner you realize that, the easier your transition will be."

Is there anything you wish you had known before coming to Bison Bound as an incoming freshman?

"We wish we had known to not rush friendships. It's natural to hope that you will automatically meet your best friends and be comfortable immediately. However, good friendships take time. Enjoy the moments of unknown. It will all be okay, we promise!"