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    Virtual Lectureship 2020

Lectureship Archives

As a result of the complications created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Harding University Bible Lectureship has been postponed until September 26-29, 2021. Mark your calendar and plan to join us then for the 97th annual Lectureship!

In the meantime, the Office of Church Relations remains committed to providing positive resources for your church in three ways. First, we offer daily postings of useful ministry materials through “Preacher Stuff,” our ministry resource email exchange. To learn more, or to sign up for this free service, visit Church Relations.

You will find recordings of all the keynote addresses and class presentations from the past six years of Harding’s Lectureship (2014-2019) available free of charge in our archive.

Several of the speakers from the 2021 program have agreed to share some of their material with us online. Check out the videos below, and if you find their presentations useful, you can hear more from them in person at the 2021 Lectureship. We will be adding additional webinars in the coming weeks, so check back regularly.

New Testament Canon: Authoritative Books or Mandated Collection?

— David Anguish, Author & Minister in Searcy, Arkansas

What is the "canon" of Scripture? Who decided which books should go into the Bible, and which should be left out? How can we be sure our Bible is complete?

In this presentation David Anguish introduces the concept of the Canon of Scripture.

  • David Anguish ,
    author and minister in Searcy, AR

Mathetis: A New Disciple-Making Social Network

— John Reese, president of World Bible School

John Reese, President of World Bible School and a member of the Board of Trustees here at Harding University, shares the exciting news of a new outreach program that harnesses the power of social media to make disciples of Jesus.

  • John Reese ,
    president of World Bible School

Learn about a new outreach program that harnesses the power of social media to make disciples of Jesus from the president of World Bible School.

COVID, Teens and How to Help

— T. J. Davidson, Associate Minister, Cabot Church of Christ

Teens are going through an especially difficult time right now because of COVID. They are facing more challenges, have more stress, more uncertainty, and more anxiety than ever before. As parents of these teens and caring adults we have a unique opportunity to minister to these teens in a very special way!

"What a wonderful opportunity we have, not just to occupy them, but to engage them and make meaningful moments during this difficult time."

  • T. J. Davidson ,
    Associate Minister, Cabot Church of Christ

God's Plan for Growing Churches

— Leon Barnes, minister at Central church in Little Rock

Leon Barnes, the long-time minister of the Central church in Little Rock, shares the Biblical basis for reclaiming our mission as Christ's church.

  • Leon Barnes ,
    minister at Central church in Little Rock

Everyone recognizes these are challenging times for churches, and in response, many have offered their own plans for turning things around. Leon asks a simple question: isn't it time we went back to God's plan?

Daniel as a Model of Discipleship

— Dr. Carl Williamson, distinguished chair for discipleship and church planting

Dr. Carl Williamson, the Andy T. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Discipleship & Church Planting, reviews the story of Daniel to discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus today.

In this presentation Dr. Williamson shares a number of resources to help us shift our churches to a disciplemaking culture, and previews his presentations at the 2021 Harding Bible Lectureship on what we can learn from Daniel about being disciples.

  • Carl Williamson ,
    distinguished chair for discipleship and church planting

Encouraging Generosity in your Church

— Dr. Bryan Burks, vice president of advancement

Dr. Burks brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this subject. He currently serves as Vice-President for Advancement at Harding University. He is a C.P.A. and was previously the Dean of the School of Business. He is an elder and is the Chair of his church's Finance Committee.

  • Dr. Bryan Burks ,
    vice president of advancement

In this lecture, Dr. Burks describes the Biblical foundations for giving and presents practical strategies for encouraging generosity.

The Greatest Story Never Told

— Andrew Braxter, Director of Church Outreach at Harding University & minister for the Rose City Community Church of Christ in North Little Rock

In this presentation on evangelism Braxter reviews 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 to describe three stories: the salvation story, the skeptic’s story, and the sinner’s story.

  • Andrew Braxter ,
    director of church outreach

Daniel and The New Testament: An Overview

— Dr. Kevin J. Youngblood, associate professor of biblical studies

Most Christians find Daniel to be a difficult and esoteric book. Upon realizing the significant influence that Daniel had on the NT, however, Christians find an access point to the book that eases them into its bizarre visions and idiosyncratic account of history.

  • Kevin Youngblood ,
    associate professor of biblical studies

In this lecture, Dr. Youngblood surveys a few of the key points of contact between Daniel and various NT books that are often overlooked.

Abraham, what did you see?

— Dr. Dale Manor, professor emeritus of archaeology & Bible

When God called Abraham to “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you,” what kind of land did Abraham find? Because Abraham was a shepherd, we tend to picture Canaan as a peaceful pastoral countryside. In this presentation Dr. Manor will describe the actual drama and dynamic of the land, and in the process increase our appreciation for Abraham’s faith.

Since 2000, Dr. Manor has been the Field Director of the Tel Beth-Shemesh Excavation Project in Israel. He was also instrumental in opening the Linda Byrd Smith Museum of Biblical Archaeology located in Harding's McInteer Bible & World Missions Center in 2017.

Watch Lecture

  • Dale Manor ,
    professor emeritus of archaeology & Bible

Student Lectures

Each year we select eight outstanding seniors (four young men and four young women) to participate in the Student Speakers program at Lectureship. Because we were not able to have an in-person format this year, our nominees were given the option of recording their presentation to be posted online. Our thanks to Dr. Devin Swindle for making the video lab in the Center for Preaching available for these recordings.

The Problem of Complacency

—Mallory Mackie, student

Mallory Mackie is a Senior Management major from Cookeville, Tennessee. Her home congregation is the Jefferson Avenue Church of Christ in Cookeville. Mallory lists the mentoring she has received from Carl and Alicia Williamson as her biggest spiritual influence at Harding. Her presentation is part of our Ladies’ program.

Listen to this student lecture, which is part of our Ladies' program.

  • Mallory Mackie ,