• This is the theme for Spring Sing 2023 at Harding University.
  • This is a photo from Spring Sing 2022, Moments, of the winning club show, Haunted Harding.

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Spring Sing 2023: "Stand Out"

Mark your calendars and join us for Spring Sing 2023, "Stand Out," on April 6-8, 2023!

John H. Ryan Sweepstakes Award

Each year, clubs compete during four judged performances to determine winners in four individual categories and the John H. Ryan Sweepstakes Award. Based on their performance, the prize money is awarded to the charity of their choice, resulting in nearly $7,000 given to charity each year.

2022 Digital Program

Learn more about all the details of the 2022 Spring Sing production in the digital program!

Club Show Lyrics

Each club contains parodied lyrics to tell the story of their show. Read each club's lyrics below to learn more about their shows and catch words you might have missed during their performance!

  • To BEE Determined

    Chi Sigma Alpha, Regina, Chi Omega Pi, Sigma Phi Mu & Friends

  • It's Great to Be at Disney!

    Zeta Pi Zeta, Iota Chi, Shantih & Friends

  • New Kids on the Rock 'N' Roll

    TNT, Zeta Rho & Friends

  • Saturday Morning Special

    Delta Nu & Friends

  • Dr. Dale's Diggin' Adventure

    Ju Go Ju, Ko Jo Kai, Sub T-16, Titans & Friends

  • Haunted Harding

    Delta Gamma Rho, Omega Phi, Phi Kappa Delta & Friends

  • Through the Pages

    Gamma Sigma Phi, Pi Theta Phi, Theta & Friends

To BEE Determined (Chi Sigma Alpha, Regina, Chi Omega Pi, Sigma Phi Mu & Friends)


Our beehive is a wonderful place
Where everyone is a friendly face!
Here in our beloved beehive
We are filled with good vibes
And we live our best lives
We love it in our bbbbbbbbb- beehive

“We Got the Beat”

We are the bees
We are the bees
We are the bees
We are the bees!

“9 to 5”

Let’s just suppose that we had no master,
Each of us knows,
We’d be a disaster
But lucky thing we’ve got our noble queen
She’s our noble queen
She’s our leader and our mother!
She’s the sweetest soul
She eats honey like no other
No plan BEE for us
She’s the one we would have chosen!
When she walks right past us,
Time is in slow motion

“Holding Out for a Hero”

We need a hero
We’re holding out for a hero who is willing to fight vThey’ve gotta have wings
Better know how to sting
And they’ve got to defend us in fight!
We need a hero
We’re holding out for a hero who will come day or night!
They’ve gotta have wings
Better know how to sting
And they’ve gotta make everything right
Everything right

“It’s My Life”

It’s my hive
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna life forever!
I’ll do what it takes so you survive
It’s my hive

“Fight Song”

You’re the BEE’S knees, dear
Your expertise here
O hope re-appear
Calms out unease and helps us to persevere
It guarantees, we can leave BEE-hind our fear!

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”

Since we have to say goodbye,
We will never BEE the same
The land of milk and
Honey waits for you
We won’t forget your name

“Wrecking Ball”

Now our beloved queen is gone!
It’s all so unbelievable!
But we’ve got to get to moving on
Something tells me that we need a new queen,
Yeah we need a new queen,
Yeah we have found a new queen


Our bee is better than your bee
We cannot say that we agree
Our bee can fight like no other
What can we say but “oh brother...”
Our bee is tall that is crystal clear
Farther to fall, that’s not good to hear
Our bee’s so tough she won’t shed a tear,
If she fights our bee she’ll run in fear!

“Mama’s Broken Heart”

There’s no room for two queens
It’s not in out routines,
Find a hive
Replacement maybe save for a down payment,
Don’t fly off the handles cause it’s just circumstantial
Battle to the death begins
Good luck and may the best queen win

“Gotta Go My Own Way”

I have to believe there’s been some mistake
Another bee’s life is
Not something I can take
And I know they’re counting on me today
But I’d rather loose than choose to win this was

“Don’t Stop Believing”

I hate to BUZZ right in
But HIVE thought of a different spin
We’ll start a new regime called democracy
And now we’ll BEE swarming to the ballot box
We’re casting our votes for the queens!

“The Bare Necessities”

We’ve got a new democracy
BEEutiful democracy
And here the POLLENticians aren’t corrupt!
Cause it’s a new democracy right here in Washington BEE C
And all because the monarchy was dumped

“Opening Up”

Ending the day without a fuss (Honey just because life is sunny)
Cause we shook off (We are all a buzz)
Whats been bugging us!

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”

Ever since the first bee was born
We’re black and yellow fuzzy fellows no one can scorn
Because we’re more than just some wannaBEEs
So we’ll toot our own horn!
You can’t stop the mission or the vision of a bee in a bind
Or the measure of the treasure of the friends we find
Cause we’re all in this together
And we’re one of a kind, you see!
So you can’t stop the bees
You can’t stop the bees
You can’t stop the bees
You can’t stop the bees (the bees)

It's Great to Be at Disney! (Zeta Pi Zeta, Iota Chi, Shantih & Friends)


Wow! We’re finally here!
Disney world! On spring break!
Life away from school
Is better than anything we have in Searcy

“Under the Sea”

The sun always shines so brightly
While walking down Main Street
We’ve waited all semester
Got so many things to see
We’re at Disney
We’re at Disney
I am ecstatic
This place is magic
Just wait and see

“Pink Panther”

“In the Dark of the Night”

Dear boys
Keep in line don’t you dare touch what’s mine
If you don’t get them back
It you don’t get them back
Stay right there boys bow for Maleficent
You have till midnight
If you don’t
Your girls will be gone for good
If you don’t get them back
If you don’t get them back
If you don’t get them back
They’ll be mine!

“Sweet Dreams”

Your friends won’t be set free
Can you even disagree
Maleficent won and it was easy
We will all be waiting for midnight
What? (Help!)
What just happened
In animal kingdom
Don’t know what happened

“Son of Man”

We can help you save the day
Don’t give up now
Wait and see
We will find them like Nemo
Cheer up guys cause you will set them free

“All Star”

Hey now, let’s get ready
Beat the bad guys, invade
Hey now, let us go to Hollywood studios
We are going to win
Even though we are the only two fighting
It’s the end of your face as you know it
It’s the end of your knee as you know it
It’s the end of your friends as you know it
Cause they’ll be mine

“The World Turned Upside Down”

The park turned upside down
The park turned upside down

“Sound of Silence”

Hello Epcot my old friend
I’ve come to pout here once again
Because we got beaten in battle
And out friends will soon be gone forever
Cause the villains are really really scary
So we remain. Beside the Epcot ball

“I Am Moana”

I am the one who made this theme park
I am the man who made Mickey
You called be
Your friends that the villians stole
They are waiting for rescuers
You’ve made your way across this park
They need you
And our friends will be gone if you don’t hurry up now
All of us here must work together
You are close to the end
Don’t give up, you can trust me
It’s time to go
How do I know
I am Walt Disney

“I’ll make A Man Out of You”

We must work together
To defeat those jerks
We need to get going
Keep our eyes
On the prize
Walt said so
This must be done at the stroke of midnight
Walt said so
We’ve got to fight to get our friends back
Walt said so
We won’t be caught sleeping unlike Aurora
We must defeat these guys and become the heroes

“Boys are Back in Town”

The boys are back in town
We’ve got our friends now
The boys are back in town

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

You’ll get a knuckle sandwich in your mouth from me
From me
From me
Oh you think you can come in here and defeat me
Ha, yes I know we can this will be easy
Oh you shouldn’t have done that
Better get our friends back
You’ve gotta get out
Just go and get right out of here


Maybe we’ll discover what we should have done all along
We don’t need a genie to tell is where we all belong
If we work together every day
We’ll know we never too far away
And magic cannot be denied
For the best time ever
We’re stadin here side by side
We just won this fight
Got our friends back
Won this battle
Saved the day
Don’t want to go back to Harding
Can’t we stay here every day
If we work together every day
We’ll know we never too far away
And magic cannot be denied
For the best time ever
We’re standing here side by side
Standin here side by side
Standin here side by side
Standin here side by side

New Kids on the Rock 'N' Roll (TNT, Zeta Rho & Friends)

“Carry on My Wayward Son”

All we wanna do is rock
Practice, play, and sing non-stop
You’re gonna see our names in lights
Watch us own this stage

“Paradise City”

We’ve waited a while
Gotta seize our moment
The time is now
Show the world
We know it
Oh yeah, our dreams are coming true (Dreams come true)
Might need some help from the stars before us
We’ll look to them if we get nervous
Oh yeah, our dreams are coming true (Dreams come true)


New on the scene
They’re not used to the screams.
Don’t know about us
This photo’s a bust
It’s so obvious
You’re not ready for this life
Cause you don’t have what it take
Come on strike a pose and smile
Give me my next picture
If you want the cover with cameras in your face
We don’t know what to do
Please save us from the paparazzi

“If I Could Turn Back Time”

H-H-H-Hey Rockstar’s
Don’t be so down and blue
Pick yourselves up
Get back on your feet babe
I got you
Cause when you’re a Rockstar
All eyes will be on you
So stand tall, proud, confident
Like I do

“Come On, Eileen”

Learning to rock, yeah, we don’t want to stop (learning to rock, don’t want to stop)
Time to sing out (OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH)
Is this even on?
You see I’m a star when I strum my guitar (OOOOOHHHHH, see I’m a star, strum my guitar)

“Someone Like You”

Part of me is gone
I’m lost without you
We checked the lost and found
Don’t have a clue
Don’t forget me
I beg or it’s air guitars instead
Sometimes your world gets rocked when you wanna jam and shred
Sometimes your world gets rocked and now we’re filled with dread

“I’m Still Standing”

Now you’re learning what it’s all about
You can’t lose your instrument and then freak out
Cause there’s more to rock and roll than a note or two
You gotta realize the melody that sings to you
I’ve still got it even past my prime
Put your heart behind it,
You’ll be here a long, long time
I’ve still got it
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I’ve still got it
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

“Rock-a-bye Baby”

Rock and roll baby
My feet are sore
When’s intermission
I’m ‘bout to snore
Dreaming takes work,
But no need to yawn cause rock and roll baby
Show must go on

“Burning Love”

It’s nice to see ya
Thank ya very much
I’ve seen your moves
I love your groove and your soul
Your dancing is on fire (AAAAAHHHHHHHHH)
To be like you is what we desire
You’re singing louder than a choir
Our dancing is on fire
Leave it to Elvis to inspire (AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH)
A superstar that we admire the “King of Rock”
Before out final bow
Don’t stop me now
Our moment to shine in the spotlight is finally here
And we know the song in our hearts v And nobody out there can take that away
The joy we share on stage or the music we create CREATE!

“You’re the Voice”

We’ve all come together (oooooooooooooo)
The journey’s just begun
Yeah, when we look at each other
We know we’re not done
Learning from stars who came before us on the stage
You can’t have fear
Thanks to them now we understand it
Come so far and now we’re here
Learn from us and try and chase your dreams
If you do, the crowds will cheer
Thanks to us, now you understand it
Seize the moment, persevere
I love rock and roll!

Saturday Morning Special (Delta Nu & Friends)

We are the gang
We’re just sitting here chilling out
The phone is ringing ‘cause there’s villians out and about
We gotta get ready to go fight them
We got people to impress
We are villain stopper
We are the bestest
All our fans are waiting for us to ogo and save the world
They are counting on us. We’re Scooby and the gang and we are saving you
And you can watch us on your TV screen
This is me and my team
Scooby and the gang

We show up
And nothin slows us down
We’re team Rocket
We’re the baddest around
And we’re here to show those heroes who’s boss
We got to go-o-o
Cause some chaos
They’ll suffer this loss
Ah, we’ve been planning this months, we’ve hit the PowerPuffs and Teen Titans
We are the worst you’ve ever seen
Ah, you’ll see what we mean
When we destroy you chumps

Here to trap
Got your back
But first sign autographs
Yes, I’m Scooby Doo

Here to protect all of you
We’re just getting all our tools to go fight these villain fools
Take some pictures ‘cause this’ll be cool
We got booby traps, scooby snack
Chasing villians down ‘cause they’re running wild Trap Team

Rocket is near
Followed them every where
And now we are here
And they vanished into thin air
Oh, how we rock
Time to get shell shocked
Be we are in a new land
And we do not understand where we are ‘casue I’m just a teenage ninja turtle
These are my friends and they’re also turtles
We’re gonna save the world as turtles right now

We’re fighting
We’re fighting
We’re fighting
Who are you?
Who are you?
I didn’t even know that you exist
What are we doing showing up like this?
We’re from the sewers
We are not
It’s our job, not your job
You shouldn’t talk to me like that
You’re trying to fight them with snacks
So be wise
And get gone
It looks like we have a problem
This is a fight
I think you’re wrong and I think I am right
I’m gonna punch you and kick you
Don’t you see that you’re causing an issue?

Don’t stop fighting with each other
This is just what we planned
We were just in a turtle-verse
Now we’re here so the gang will know what we’re the worst
We knew the turtles would follow us
And that your egos would cause each other to combust
You guys think you’re so strong
Can’t even get along
It won’t be long until we’re gone and done with you

Work for me
Just for today
We don’t see it any other way
Dream on
Dream on
Dream on
You know we’ll never work for you

Guys, I heard Team Rocket talking
What if we teamed up
They’d never see it coming?
Turtles and the gang would make their heads spin round.
They don’t want us to get along
That’s why they came to our town
Teenage turtles, will you fight with us?
They’d be so stressed out
Ttttt-turtles and the gang?
We would be victorious
We couldn’t make a better team
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming out of the mystery machine
t-t-t-turtles and the gang!

Different worlds together to save the day!

Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles

What’s new Scooby Doo?
We’re with the turtle crew
Together to save the world
Team Rocket never knew what we all could do
What’s new Scooby Doo?

We saved the world as friends
We saved the world as friends!

Dr. Dale's Diggin' Adventure (Ju Go Ju, Ko Jo Kai, Sub T-16, Titans & Friends)


Eh-eh-oh, eh-oh
Eh-eh-oh, eh-oh
We were left diggin' in the sand
Many days fell away with nothing to find?
And the sun keeps beaming down
On the pyramids we love
No clouds to block the heat
Coming down from above
but if you close your eyes
Do you almost feel like we’re so close to gold?
And when we close our eyes
It almost feels like we’ve been here for years!

"Mamma Mia"

What have we found, where could it lead us
I don’t know how, but I suddenly can’t control
This fire within my soul
(Take one step) and let’s begin our journey
(One more step) and we’re on our way, whoa
Find the gold, maybe we can
Fol-low, the map till’ we find it
Let’s find the gold, grab it when we can
Oh, my, we can’t wait to find it

"Don’t Stop Me Now"

Look, at this cave
Its really dark here, what about spiders?
This cave dark and really creepy
Are you sure that it’s safe to enter
Look around, you see that there,
Is that a mummy?!!
We’re kinda scared

"I Want It All"

Don’t you see that more gold is better
And better is richer
A little gold is never enough. No no no
We want the gold!
We want it, you know that we want it
The fame and the fortune and more
We want it all
We want it, you know that we want it
We gotta find the X marks the spot

"Ain’t No Mountain High Enough"

We’re tired and hungry
How much longer can we go on?
Manor: Don’t worry guys
Keep on walking, we’ll be there in a hurry
No need to worry
Cause we know there
Ain't no pyramid tall enough
Aint no sand dune low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep us from getting that treasure, babe

"Friend Like Me"

Well, Pharaoh had the pyramids
Cleopatra had a thousand tales
Dr. you’re in luck because up our wraps
We got some magic that never fails
We got some power that can help you out
Heavy ammunition in this cave
We got the smarts, the skills! Yeah we know how!
All you gotta do is take our hand
Then we’ll say
“Dr. Manor, that’s your name? Whatever, would you like to stay?
Let us wrap you up and lay you down
There aint no mummy like me!
(evil laughs) Ha ha ha

"Eye of the Tiger"

It’s our time to fight back
It's the thrill of the night
Rising up to the challenge of the mummies
And we won’t leave this cave
without Manor in sight
We’re running and leaving behind

"Another one bites the Dust"

Are you ready? Hey, are you ready for this?
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
Out of the cave we have found our way
Dr Manor leads us away
The mummies bite the dust
The mummies bite the dust


Dr. Manor turns to us to say
Dr: Hurry team, there’s gold waiting for you
It's gonna take a lot for us to give up on you
There’s nothing that a hundred mummies could ever do
We pray for rain down in Africa
Gotta help us survive so things don't go bad


What doesn't kill us makes us stronger
Drink a little water
We won’t be lonely, we’re not alone
What doesn’t kill you makes you a fighter
After our all nighter
Manor says we’re close now, won’t be long
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, stronger


The map says its here, lets dig together
Time to try and find this treasure
Says we’re right where the X is
Time to dig and find out how much it is
Now we're tired more than ever
We dig with strength from one another
Finally it’s ours to discover
You can dig with me, we’ll dig together
Ether, ether, ether eh eh


(speak) Woo!
Treasure! we have found it all
After our trek, now here we are
Doctor you knew just what to do
We have found our way to gold


Do you remember? our journey to find all that treasure?
Dr manor led us on an adventure
While mummies chased us away
And we kept digging
In the hot burning sand we were dying
As we walked through the heat,
Remember, how Dr.Manor led the wayyy
Hey, hey, hey
Ba de ya, say, don’t you remember
Ba de ya, our treasure-hunt adventure
Be de ya, we finally found the treasure

Haunted Harding (Delta Gamma Rho, Omega Phi, Phi Kappa Delta & Friends)

"Hotel California""

On a dark lonely campus, there's a sense of despair
There's a story that we have to tell, a secret we’re ready to share
If you listen closely, we will tell you the tale
Of the dark side of campus where monsters wait just off the trail...

Welcome to our campus after midnight
Such haunted space
Such scary place
Don’t be alone on our campus after curfew
If we find you there
Better beware

"Walking On Sunshine"

Just finished my first day of classes
and I’m walking home
the suns going down and
the bell towers starting to toll

It’s great to be at Harding, ooh
It’s great to be at Harding, ooh
It’s great to be at Harding, ooh
And now it's time for bed!

"We’re Not Gonna Take It"

We’re not gonna make it
No we’re not gonna make it
We’re not gonna make it to the dorm

We’re almost late for curfew
I don't have time to talk to you
After midnight they lock the doors.

The clock is striking midnight
There's no one else in sight,
We were too slow, now we're all alone


It's after midnight
There's something scary out on the front lawn
Look through the darkness, we have been here hiding all along.
Don't try to scream,
the students are asleep no one can hear you
You start to freeze
You feel a shiver running down your spine
Run for your life

Cause this is Harding, after midnight
Where monsters come to play when all the students go away
This is Harding, after midnight
You have curfew for a reason so don't, stay out, after, midnight

"Hey Mickey"

Hey zombie, time to gov Move your feet and don’t be slow
hey zombie, hey zombie

Everybody always thinks that we can barely stand
But this this beat is overtaking and you know we gotta dance
We can move and we can groove, we just need the chance

Its time-to-go- zombie!
Now don't be slow zombie
No zombie, its time to go zombie

"Say Something"

We are the ghosts that are haunting you
We float through the library and the stu
But we just want to be like you
We’ll be your friends if you want us too.

"Spooky Scary Skeletons"

Spooky scary skeletons
Are coming out tonight
When darkness falls you see our bones
dancing with delight
Spooky scary skeletons
Wish we could see the sun
We love to dance the night away but think the days more fun
Spooky scary skeletons
Wish we could go to school
You might hate your classes but
We think they’re pretty cool

"Part of Your World"

I wanna be where the students are
I wanna go swimming in the fountain
I wanna get chicken minis
After chapel
Lie on the front lawn, sit on a swing
All that I want is a ring by spring
This zombie, just wants to be
A harding bison

"We Rock"

Good morning Harding
And welcome to chapel
We’re friends with the monsters
So they know
They belong
I guess it turned out
They weren't really that scary
Now there's no doubt
That these monsters are friendly
It’s great, to be, at Harding
We are the bison’s
We wear black and gold
We go to school here
And everyone knows
It’s great, to be, at Harding

"Harding Alma Mater"

Near the foothills of the Ozarks,
Midst of the hill and plain;
Stands our glorious Alma Mater;
Harding is her name.
Sing the Chorus! Shout it Loudly!
Echoing through the vale.
Hail to thee, beloved Harding!
Alma Mater Hail!

Through the Pages (Gamma Sigma Phi, Pi Theta Phi, Theta & Friends)

“Good Morning Baltimore”

Spoken: Have you ever had a moment where you felt invisible? Well… here’s my story

Oh oh oh turning the page
Hiding the way we always do
Where’s waldo
Looking for someone that you can’t see
So try to find me
I’m Odlaw
He’s bad
I’m White-Beard
He’s wise
I’m Wenda
She’s wanting a ring by spring
Anyway, lets get back to introducing our home
Welcome to Waldo World
Every page has so much to explore
Every picture has much to see
Every setting is quite unique
Welcome to Waldo World
Even though I am feeling ignored
This book isn’t gonna miss me
Maybe I should leave (waldo)

“You Will Be Found”

Hiding in the dark its time I grew
invisible and feeling blue
nobody cares when I’m around to I’m heading out


Wenda: Guys! Waldo's gone! How am I gonna get my ring?
What are we gonna do?
Whitebeard: Well he has to leave through the book, so I can lead the search!
Odlaw: Well if he doesn't come back I'm taking over!

“Take On Me”

“Surfin’ USA”

Hey everybody it’s the ocean
Welcome to our page
Waldo might be surfin or soaking up the rays
Come search around the castles and among the waves
So kick off your sandals and enjoy the day
Theres a commotion in the ocean (Help him he can’t swim)
Splashing in the waves
Help him help him
Someone help he’s drowning
Life guard dave the day


Santa: Ho Ho Ho
All: YAY
Solo: Wait...Santa?

“Surf’s Up”

Waldo’s out of sight
Hey, where did he go
Lookin left and right
Maybe he hit the road
Hey guys
He’s red and white
We’ll search high and low to the circus we go
Blending in all over again
Lets go (Waldo!)


Welcome to our show
There is so much to see
But to Waldo this is his one place to be free
And he could be playing hide and seek now
We will never know
Red and white you see
Blending in within the scene
He has not been found
Has he moved on?


Kool-Aid Man: OH YEAH! Have you found Waldo?


No one sneaks like Waldo
Has techniques like Waldo
The hide and seek champion still is Waldo
The main character, no I’m invisible
Hey where’s waldo? He is gone

“Mr. Blue Sky”

Sun is up it’s time to go
We’ve got to find Waldo
The train is heading to the last page of the book
We can’t be late
We just have to catch the train


*dog bark*

“Another Day of Sun”

Where’s Waldo, we’re getting worried now
We’re thinking that he might be gone (That he might be gone)
Where oh where could he be
Waldo why’d you leave us?
Maybe we’ll look and see
Waldo please don’t leave us
There’s a possibility
We think he’s probly gone for good


Odlaw: That's it! He's never coming back! I'm taking over!
Wenda: No way! He'll come back for me!
Whitebeard: Stop this nonsense! We will figure this out!

“Welcome to the Jungle”

Welcome to the where’s odlaw
Waldo’s spot is mine
Now that waldo’s gone, I’ll make this my time to shine
No, you have crossed the line
How will I get my ring?
Hey Odlaw you have my staff now
Give it back to me
Feel the rumble
The books starting to crumble
Got us falling to our knees

“Listen to Your Heart”

Did I listen to my heart?
I left but you took the fall
We tore this book apart
Now we have nothing at all
We’ve got to come together and admit all our wrongs
We listened to our hearts
Together we know we belong

“High School Musical”

We’re so happy that you came back
We really needed that
It’s time to get the future started
We’re sorry that we looked past you
That was so rude
Its something you’re a part of
We see you now
In front of this big crowd
We know this book is our home
And we’re so happy
Waldo’s here to stay
Let’s all dance and celebrate
It’s the best time to show our red and white
Time to turn the page
The future is what we create
Stayin’ together where we all belong
Waldo’s here to stay
Let’s all dance and celebrate
The story’s done on this big stage
We’ll see you in the next book
Can you find him?
Where is Waldo?

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