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Applied Spanish Major (SPAS)


Students who are planning a double major in Spanish and a field that terminates in a degree other than a B.A. should choose the Applied Spanish major. This “second major” may attach to any degree plan and therefore eliminate the need for completing 160 hours in order to double major with a science or business field. This degree emphasizes the language skills needed to function in a competitive job market where bilingual and translation skills are in high demand. This major requires 31 hours in Spanish, including SPAN451 (Senior Seminar, 1 hour) and 18 upper-level hours. Certain other courses are required. See the catalog for more details.

Our students can share a few reasons to add a Spanish major...

Chad Mynatt, Dominican Republic
"God had a plan for me when I went to Harding University. I thought it was to learn Spanish as a secondary thing. It turns out that the best teachers in the world were really being used by God to prepare me to live on the mission field. I am forever grateful to them for allowing God to use them in my preparation for living in the Dominican Republic. I loved Harding University, sometimes I wish that I could go back. God works in amazing ways at this school. For me, it was preparing me to live part of my life discipling kids in the Dominican Republic. It is not the same for everyone but the same God works through and for everyone."



Rachel Dean, Knoxville, Tennessee
"Choosing to major in Spanish as well as in Business was a wonderful decision, because fluency in Spanish has been an incredible asset so far in my career. Speaking a foreign language is a great competitive advantage even in the application process, as it automatically puts you a step ahead of other applicants. On the job, speaking a foreign language as well as having a deep understanding of another culture, allows you to succeed and advance more quickly into leadership roles. On a recent business trip to Chile, I was one of the only members of my group to speak Spanish. Knowing the language and being familiar with the culture, I was able to take on a leadership role despite being younger and having less work experience than many of my colleagues."



Bethany Meserve, Valencia, Spain
"I never imagined I would enjoy teaching my own language as much as I do. After five years of working as an English as a Foreign Language teacher, I have grown to love the profession. The experience I've gained here has allowed me to improve my Spanish; it has opened my eyes to a new culture and people; and has undoubtedly demonstrated the importance of language learning and teaching. It is the most rewarding and enriching experience I could have asked for."


Jessica Medsker,  Guatemala
"Studying Spanish has opened the door for me to live abroad and assimilate to another culture. It has allowed me to volunteer for two years for International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that does work I truly believe in. During this time, I have learned a lot, grown immensely as an individual, and fallen in love with Guatemala and its people. I now have the opportunity to continue my time here in Guatemala as an English teacher at an international school and study a Masters of Science in Social Work online while living here. God definitely knew what He was doing when He led me to study Spanish--knowing the language has been key to providing the opportunities I have today. It has been the perfect complement to my passion for serving others and has introduced me to some wonderful people along the way."


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