Information Technology Services

DormNet Agreement

As a DormNet participant, I will comply with all rules and regulations in the Policy for Responsible Use of Information Systems & Technology at Harding University and this Agreement.

I understand that any violations of this agreement may, without prior notification, result in the loss of my network connection and e-mail account. Violations may also be referred to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary action.

I am expected to monitor my e-mail address on a regular basis because campus offices use addresses to contact students with important information. I may forward my Harding e-mail to an off-campus e-mail address.

I will run effective anti-virus software, and will keep it up-to-date with the latest definition files.  Failure to do so could result in the loss of my connection.

I will keep my operating system up-to-date with regular downloads of security patches. Failure to do so could result in the loss of my connection.

I am responsible for all activity which takes place using my DormNet connection, my computer, or my account, even when someone else uses my computer. I will keep my account password private.

I will not use means to circumvent data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes. This includes creating and/or running programs that are designed to identify security loopholes (typically referred to as port scanning), decrypt intentionally secured data, or use any type of "sniffer" hardware or software.

I will not use an IP address, computer name or port that is not assigned to me. I understand that only one IP address will be assigned to my computer via DHCP. I understand that I may not have multiple IP addresses per computer.

I will not modify any network wiring, hardware or jacks.

I understand that the network extended to my room is the property of Harding University and that the campus network administrators monitor and inspect network traffic for the purposes of assuring both proper operation of the network and fair allocation of its resources.

I understand that Harding reserves the right to restrict the use of any service or network activity which proves detrimental to general network performance.  This includes HTTP, FTP, Telnet, audio, video, and game servers. Upon notification from the Student Support and Communications office, I agree to immediately stop any activity that directly or indirectly creates interference in the operation and administration of the Harding Network.

In this day and time, theft includes sharing music and movies illegally. This would mean that if you download music or movies from sources that do not own the copyright of the music, e.g. KaZaA, Gnutella, Morpheus and others, you are stealing that music or movie. If you copy and share music with other people, that too is theft on your part and on the part of those who copy the music or movies from you. If you are discovered engaged in this while at Harding University, especially if you use Harding IT resources to accomplish this, it will be considered as theft and be dealt with according to the University Code of Conduct. You may also face other consequences from other authorities, e.g. the police.

I understand that DormNet customers may not run server software. Likewise the following services must be turned off on my computer: DHCP, DNS, SMTP, and WINS.

Forgery or other misrepresentation of one's identity via any electronic communication is expressly prohibited regardless of intent.

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