Information Technology Services

Employee Guide

Welcome to Harding!  Many Information Technology (IT) resources are available to you. This guide was created to to give you an idea of the electronic resources that are available and how they may be useful to you.

Likely there is someone in your department who will help you get started and show you the normal ways you will be using IT services. In addition to that, our Help Desk people are always happy to help in any way. If you are a faculty member, you might find it helpful to review the Student Guide as well to better understand the services and resources your students will be using.

Your Account

An account will be created for you after you complete the Human Resources orientation process. You will use it to access all online information at Harding.  It is your IS&T identity and also gives access to various resources that are private by law or university policy, so you should change the password regularly. In fact you will be prompted to change your password every 120 days. Do not share your password with anyone. There are many ways people are trying to access your accounts, not the least being schemes (phishing) where you are sent a seemingly legitimate message asking for your your password. Simply do not share your password. IS&T at Harding will not ask you for your password.

You can change your password by going to  If you forget your password, you can call the Help Desk at 501-279-4440 and they can reset it for you after verifying your identity.

Your Computer

Most employees have access to a computer provided and maintained by ITS.  This computer will be connected to the campus network in order to provide email, internet and other services.  As the university provides it, it is intended for work-related purposes.

Hardware Support

Support is provided by the Client Service and Consulting area of ITS.

Computer Support and Purchasing Guidelines

ITS maintains a web page (located on Pipeline in the Administrative block) to be used to purchase computers which we can service most quickly. If you have a task for which the standard computer system is not appropriate, please call the Help Desk at extension 4440 and ask to speak to a technician. We will be glad to consult with you and help you acquire a computer that will meet your needs.

Departments should budget to service or replace any additional equipment which was not purchased together with the computer. We will be happy to assist you in finding service for your equipment, packing it for shipment, etc.

Computing equipment donated to the University should be evaluated by ITS employees to ensure that it is compatible with our current software standards.

Please understand that we are not able to service equipment which is not owned by the University.

Software Support

The ITS supports the software that is pre-installed on your computer in addition to many other packages.


Harding University's Supported Software identifies specific computer applications that are used by a significant portion of the Harding community. Currently supported software includes:

Operating Systems 
Mac OS XApple
Productivity software 
Google Apps
Email, Calendar, Docs, Chat and Sites
Microsoft Apps
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook
Creative CloudAdobe
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft
Administrative software 
Banner Administration SoftwareEllucian
Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)Cisco
VPN ClientCisco
Unity Voice Messaging / VoIP Call ManagerCisco
Confluence Enterprise WikiAtlassian

ITS is committed to providing the following services in regards to these supported software packages.

  • Installation and maintenance in labs and offices
  • Immediate or timely turnaround for common usage problems
  • University-specific documentation when needed or available
  • On-going training programs provided

Printer Support

Printer Support Guidelines

Harding contracts to provide maintenance for departmental Canon copier/printers. IS&T maintains a web page to be used to purchase smaller, desktop printers which are bundled with extended warranty. We are happy to contact the vendor to arrange service for copiers or desktop printers that are under warranty.  Requests for service may be made through the TecHU service portal or by calling Client Support at extension 4440.

If you have a task for which none of the standard printers is appropriate, please call the Help Desk at extension 4440 and ask to speak to a technician. We will be glad to consult with you and help you acquire a printer that will meet your needs and can also be serviced by our vendor.


All office computers are replaced on a four-year cycle.

Computer Replacement Program

In order to facilitate the exchange of files and expertise among employees it is important that all computers on campus be capable of running the currently supported software. ITS coordinates an obsolescence prevention program for desktop computers with the stated purpose of replacing computers that have become too old and are a liability to productivity. Each summer we will replace the oldest 25% of computers on campus with a new computer. This is strictly a replacement program. In order to receive one of the new computers the old computer must be removed from service. Managers must budget through the traditional approval process in order to increase the number of computers within their department.

Replacement computers will be configured to be appropriate for typical office tasks. However, some tasks will require a more expensive computer, such as a laptop computer. In order for us to provide an upgraded replacement computer we will need to be notified by e-mail of your hardware requirements by May 1st. The department requesting the upgrade will be charged for the additional cost incurred by the upgrade. We will send reminders of this policy during the annual budget process and again before the May 1st deadline.

Specialized Software

Discipline Specific Software

While ITS may not be able to provide troubleshooting or instruction for software not included in the list above, faculty are encouraged to explore discipline-specific software to improve the educational experience. Unsupported does not mean disallowed.

ITS employees will assist you in the installation of your discipline specific software when you provide appropriate licensing, media and documentation. Please ensure that your software is compatible with one of the currently supported operating systems. Users should then make arrangements to obtain training and support for the use of discipline specific software packages.

Having Problems?

Contact the Help Desk at 501-279-4440, see them in the Administration Building basement, or email them at

Basic Tools & Processes

With your account, you have a free email account within the '' domain. Your e-mail address is where username is the Harding username you have been assigned. Harding uses Google Apps for Education to host email, calendars, messaging, document sharing, and personal web site creation.  You can log into your e-mail through the Pipeline portal, or you can go directly to from any internet connection.  With Google, you have unlimited storage from your Harding account.  An introduction tutorial to Google Applications can be found at

The campus uses Google Calendars for most of its calendar needs.  With your Google Apps email account, you also have a calendar.  Within the calendar page, you can set up appointments as well as see limited information about other calendars.

Harding's portal for students, faculty, and staff is at Pipeline.Harding.Edu.  Use it to access your Harding information - Financial Aid, grades, class schedules and much more.

Microsoft Office
Harding adopted Microsoft Office as a standard for campus use some years ago.  As such, Office, Excel, PowerPoint Publisher and Access are installed on all university-owned computers.

Network Storage
Your Harding sponsored Google account provides unimited cloud-based strorage via Google File Stream.  Team folders are also available which allow you to share work with students and team members.  Training on the use of these is available on request.

Other Services

The Client Support and Consulting area provides training for most products used generally on campus.  If you cannot find what you need, please contact the Help Desk at extension 4440 as many resources are added and classes are scheduled based on demand. 

Wireless Access
Wireless access is available in many spots on campus. Most areas provide secured access and guest access. Secured access requires your Harding username and password to connect.  Guest access does not require authentication. It is intended for campus visitors. It is not secure, has limited bandwidth, and can’t be used to print to copiers or printers that are on the Harding network. Guest access is not recommended for conducting Harding business.

Content Management System (CMS)
Percussion CM1 is used for Content Management of the website. This page as well as the rest of Harding's public site are created using it.  Training is available through ITS.

Voice Mail

Voice mail service is provided to faculty and staff at no charge.  Contact Harding Telephone Service at extension 4100 for assistance.

Content Filtering

Harding uses content filtering provided with our Cisco ASA firewalls.  See the Web Filter Review Request link in Pipeline for more information about the categories of material that are restricted and how to appeal a restriction if necessary.

Protecting Your Computer and Your Identity
In these days of internet scams, you need to protect your computer and your identity.

Software for Employee-Owned Computers
Through our license with Microsoft, the Microsoft Office suite of are available for installation on computers owned by employees.  Links to download this software is on the Administrative block in Pipeline.


Harding has several policies and procedures to help keep your identity and your data secure. See more at IS&T

Contact Us

Faculty/Staff IT Help and Training: 501-279-4440

Student IT Help: 501-279-4545

E-Learning Help: 501-279-5201

Telephone Service: 501-279-4100