Discipline Specific Software

While ITS may not be able to provide troubleshooting, technical services or instructional training programs for unsupported software, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore discipline-specific software to improve the educational experience. Unsupported does not mean disallowed.

ITS employees will assist you in the installation of your discipline specific software when you provide appropriate licensing, media and documentation. Please ensure that your software is compatible with one of the currently supported operating systems. Users should then make arrangements to obtain training and support for the use of discipline specific software packages.

Occasionally an application requires the installation of a server running the Microsoft Server operating system. These computers and the management of the operating system software will be under the supervision of ITS employees. We will be happy to help you plan for and acquire your server. ITS will install and support your server and the server operating system. The installation and daily operation of the application software and maintenance of the application data will be the responsibility of the office establishing the application together with the vendor of the application software.