• Much thanks goes to Ms. Winnie Bell for her hard work and dedication to the creation of the Bison Index.

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A tribute to Ms. Winnie Bell

Ms. Winnie Bell

Ms. Winnie Bell graduated from Harding College in 1949 and began her tenure as Librarian for the school in 1959.  She served as Director from 1975-1990 and retains the title of Professor Emeritus for her many years of service to the Harding community.  During her retirement years, Ms. Bell has continued to serve the library by inventorying and indexing The Bison, and the thousands of slides available in Brackett Library's Archives and Special Collections area.  She currently lives in Tennessee with her daughter and serves as a volunteer teacher for the World Bible School and the World English Institute.

Bison Index FAQ

Who created the Bison Index?

Ms. Winnie Bell, Brackett Library's Director from 1975-1990, spent many of her retirement years compiling the data to create this index.

Why does the index stop in 2007 but I can see issues from the current year?

In 2004, the newspaper began its online presence.  We had hoped that the index and the digital site could be merged but this has not yet been possible.  As time allows, library staff plans to index the more recent years.  

As of September 2017, we have included title and author information in the index for most issues and are working to add tags to each of these articles.  

How can I get a hard copy of an article?

After you have conducted a search, the article titles will show up as a link.  If you click on the link, the full Adobe PDF version of the newspaper will download.  Most browsers will even open to the page in which the article appears.  

Can I just look at a particular issue of The Bison?

Yes. There are tabs just above the search box that represent different decades. Just click on a decade and a list of years will display. Then click on a year and the issues from that year will display. If a particular issue, year or decade is not present in this list, then those have not yet been digitized because we are missing those issues in our collection.

What years of the newspaper have been scanned?

As of May 2014, we have finished scanning all the back issues. There are unfortunately some gaps in our collection from the early years. 

If I wanted to find more about The Bison, where should I look?

The Link website, maintained by the Department of Communications, contains information and many extra articles written for recent issues of The Bison.