Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Does the library have movies or audio books I could check out?

The library has a small collection of movies and audio books that may be checked out.  To see a list of titles in each category, select from the following options:


Audio books (on CD)

Audio books (on tape)

What can I do if I am having trouble accessing library resources?

Please consult our off-campus access guide for specifics on error messages and what to do about them.

Student FAQs

Can I use a laptop in the library and get wireless internet service?

Yes, the library has wireless internet access throughout the building.

How do I find articles for my research paper?

There are a variety of ways to locate articles to aid you in your research.

There are some online tutorials available that cover the basics of searching some of our more popular resources.  Please contact the library with any questions you may have regarding these resources.

How do I find books?

Use the Power Search tool to find both books within the library building and electronic books the library owns.

How do I find what my professor has put on reserve at the library?

Choose Course Reserves from the menu options on the left hand side of this web site.  Select your teacher's name from the list of instructors, or select the course's name and then click the Search button.  A list of items on reserve for that instructor or course will then display.  There may be both a physical copy and an electronic copy of the item.   To obtain the physical copy, you will need to know the call number of the item and will ask for it at the Circulation Desk.   Follow the link within the record to obtain the electronic copy of the item.

I'm a distance education student. What's different for me?

Although access and services are the same for all students, there are a few exceptions for Distance Ed students.  Please consult our Distance Ed FAQ for more detailed information.  If you have questions, please contact our Student Success Librarian

How can I obtain a book or article that is not in our library?

Our Interlibrary Loan department can borrow books and obtain copies of articles from other libraries.  You will need to submit an online request to start the process.

How long does it usually take to receive an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) book or article once I've submitted my ILL request?

Most photocopies are received within 4 days but can take up to 2 weeks. Most books, or other loaned items, are received within a week but can take up to a month, depending on how far away the lending library is and how responsive they are.

How do I go about renewing my Interlibrary Loan (ILL) books?

You must complete a renewal request form BEFORE the item is due. If possible, please submit this form online at least five days before the item's due date to allow staff time to contact the lending library and get approval. All requests for renewal are subject to the approval of the lending library. If the item is renewed, you will receive a notice by email and the new due date will also display in your library account page. If you do NOT receive a renewal by the item's due date, please contact the Interlibrary Services office at 501-279-4238 to avoid overdue fees.

Can I renew my books without bringing them to the library?

Log on to your Library account and select the items you would like to renew and use the "Request Renewal" button. If your items are eligible for renewal, they will be renewed and your new due date will display on the screen. If for some reason, your items are not eligible for renewal, you will see a message displayed at the top of the page that the renewal failed. If the renewal failed, you will need to contact the Circulation Department for more information. Items may only be renewed one time before they have to be returned to the library.

How do I request extended check-out privileges if I'm taking my capstone/senior seminar course?

Students enrolled in a capstone or senior seminar course qualify for extended check-out privileges which include 4-week check-out plus one renewal of most books located on the second floor of the library, with the exception of Juvenile, Best Sellers and Christian Fiction. Please note that items requested through InterLibrary Loan (ILL) are not included in this agreement.

Students who wish to be awarded the extended check-out privileges must complete the Extended Check-out Privileges form, obtain their capstone/senior seminar professor’s signature, and return the completed form to Brackett Library.

Completed forms can be sent via campus mail (HU Box 12267) or returned in person at the Brackett Library Circulation Desk.

What if I still need help?

You can stop by the Information Desk beside the stairwell,
Send us an email,
Send us an Instant Message (available in various locations such as PowerSearch, EBSCO databases and our "Ask us" page)

chat loading...

Send us a text message at 501-203-9611,
or Call the information desk at 501-279-4775 any time the library is open.  Our hours are listed on the Brackett Library home page under the "About the Library" section.



Faculty FAQs

What resources and services does the library offer for faculty members?

We offer a wide variety of resources and services to faculty.  Click here for a more complete list and description of those services.

What are my library checkout privileges?

With your Harding University faculty ID, you may check out items from Brackett Library until the end of each semester. Exceptions to this rule include software and multimedia (videos, cassettes, CDs, etc.), which have a checkout period of 3 days, juvenile books, which have a checkout period of 7 days, and reserve items, which have varying checkout periods.

With permission from the Reference Librarian, faculty may borrow reference materials for a limited period of time.

While we are more than happy to offer an extended checkout period to faculty members, this privilege can on occasion prevent other patrons from being able to find the resources they need. In order to ensure that all patrons have access to research resources, the library reserves the right to recall items that have been requested by another patron. Please help us serve our students and maintain special faculty privileges by returning recalled items as soon as possible!

If an item you need is checked out, you may place it on hold by logging in to "My Library Account" from the library website, searching the catalog for the item you need, clicking on "Loan/Hold Requests", and placing your request. You will be informed by email or a written notice when this item is returned.

What is the fine policy for faculty members?

Faculty members are exempt from paying library fines.

How do I place items on reserve for my students?

Please follow the steps outlined here to place items on reserve.

How do I obtain items not held at Brackett Library?

If Brackett Library does not hold items you need, we offer two services that will help you obtain items held in libraries throughout the world:

Interlibrary Loan - Through the library's Interlibrary Loan service, you can place requests online for books, articles, videos, DVDs, etc. Most items are received within 1 week to 10 days, and there is no Interlibrary Loan charge for faculty members. To place your request, choose the proper request form. Fill in as much information on the form as you can. You will be informed by email or paper notice when your item arrives.

ARKLink - 47 Arkansas libraries participate in the ARKLink borrowing card program, which allows students, faculty, and staff to have access to the resources at other ARKLink libraries. To request an ARKLink card, fill out the Online ARKLink Card Application Form accessible from the ARKLink page. Submit your application electronically and you should receive your card within 3-5 days in the mail. Library policies vary, so please inquire about specific library privileges at the library you visit.

How long does it usually take to receive an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) book or article once I've submitted my ILL request?

Most photocopies are received within 4 days but can take up to 2 weeks. Most books, or other loaned items, are received within a week but can take up to a month, depending on how far away the lending library is and how responsive they are.

How do I schedule my class for a Library Instruction session?

Information about scheduling a library instructions session can be found here.

How do I give permission for my capstone/senior seminar students to have extended check out privileges?

Students enrolled in a capstone or senior seminar course qualify for extended check-out privileges which include 4-week check-out plus one renewal of most books located on the second floor of the library, with the exception of Juvenile, Best Sellers and Christian Fiction. Please note that items requested through InterLibrary Loan (ILL) are not included in this agreement.

Please have your student(s) complete the Extended Check-out Privileges form to request extended privileges. Your signature is required on the form to confirm the student is currently in your capstone/senior seminar class.  Completed forms are then returned to the library.

Can I have a student check out library materials for me?

Faculty members can request a student be made their Proxy Patron. Simply email our Public Services Librarian with the student's name and H-number and your permission for them to check out items for you.

The student will be given the Proxy Patron designation for the duration of the current semester unless you request otherwise. Please give us at least 24 hours (or one business day) to get the Proxy Patron designation set up in our system before sending the student to the library.

The student will not need your Harding ID. They only need to bring their Harding ID to the Circulation Desk and state they are checking items out for you. We will take care of the rest.

Can you help me with copyright?

Information to assist with copyright questions can be found on the library's copyright page.

How do I access Turnitin?

The URL for Turnitin is Brackett Library has purchased access to this service, however, you must set up a personal account before you can begin using Turnitin. Once you are on the Turnitin website, choose the "Create account" option. Please contact the library Information Desk (501-279-4775) for the library's account ID and password. Turnitin provides various online tutorials for additional help setting up an account and using this service.

How can I request new materials for the library?

This can be accomplished via Pipeline under the Faculty tab. Look for "Library Materials Request".



Distance Education FAQs

Why do I need a Harding username and password?

Your Harding username and password give you access to online resources that are only for Harding students and faculty. This is the same username and password you will use for Pipeline and Canvas.

When you are officially enrolled as a Harding student, you should receive your username by email. If you do not, contact DormNet at 501-279-4545.

Do I need a Harding ID to use the library?

As a distance education student, you will not need an ID card unless you are on campus and checking out materials in person. If you would like a Harding ID, please visit the Office of Student Life during regular business hours.

If you are off-campus and need to request items from the Brackett Library, use this form provided by our Interlibrary Loan Department. You will be required to provide your barcode number as identification.

How do I know what my barcode number is if I don't have a Harding ID card?

The 8 digits of your H number are shown on all correspondence from the business office. If you have never had a Harding ID before, the last digit will be a 1. For example, if your H number is H12345678, your barcode number will be 123456781. If this combination does not work, contact the Library's Circulation Department at 501-279-4279.

What is an ARKLink card and how will it help me?

An ARKLink card allows you to borrow items from other academic libraries across the state of Arkansas.  For more information and an online application, visit the ARKLink page.

Can you show me how to use the library's resources?

The library's tutorial page provides several interactive, web-based tutorials designed by database companies to help students use their research tools effectively. The library home page will also feature specific resources or research tools each month.

How do I find articles on a specific subject?

There are a variety of ways to locate articles to aid you in your research:

How do I find books on a particular topic?

The Power Search tool on library's home page allows you to search our local collection along with our e-book collection. There is also a link to the library's Power Search tool within each Canvas course via the library tab.  Another option is to use to search libraries worldwide and request interlibrary loans.

If you have additional questions, please contact the information desk at 501-279-4775. If you have questions regarding Interlibrary Loan, please contact that department at 501-279-4238.

What if I need help finding what I need?

You can ask a librarian by sending an email to or text (501-203-9611), or calling the information desk at 501-279-4775 when the library is open. For brief questions, an instant message box is available on every page of the library site. 

Can you send books and articles to me?

Although we are glad to serve you, you will be able to access items sooner if you find them in a library near you. If you are unable to find materials that you need in a library near your home, you may use this form designed for distance education students. You will need your 10-digit H number and the complete citation for the materials you are requesting.

You will be charged 10 cents per page for articles; books and other items are $1.00 per title. This fee is charged to your business office account when the item is sent to you. Return labels and postage are provided by Brackett Library. Please contact the interlibrary loan office (501-279-4238) if you have any questions about interlibrary loan.

Who can I contact at the library for further assistance?

Please contact the Student Success Librarian, Lisa Fuller, if you need assistance. Her phone number is 501-279-4185 and her email is



Student Jobs in the Library FAQ

How do I apply to work in the library?

Applications will only be taken during posted hiring times. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

You must complete the following two forms in order to apply. Submit the forms to the Circulation Assistant at the Circulation Desk.

Harding Application for Student Employment
Supplemental library form 


Applications for Spring 2018 job openings will be accepted October 23 - November 1  .

How many student workers do you have?

The library employs about forty student workers during the fall and spring semesters. Students work an average of about ten hours a week.

When can I apply for a job?

Applications are typically taken near the end of the fall semester for the following spring semester and toward the end of spring semester for summer and/or fall. Incoming freshmen are typically not considered for employment, but they may apply at the end of their first semester for employment during their second semester.

What kind of jobs do students have?

The Brackett Library could not function without the help of our wonderful student workers. Although positions and responsibilities vary with each department, student jobs fall into two major categories:

Public Service -- these students work at either the Circulation Desk or Information Desk, helping students find materials and check them out.

Behind-the-Scenes -- these students assist in the Interlibrary Loan Department, Serials Department, and Technical Services Department. They do not interact with the public as much, but their work is what makes the library run.

All of our workers receive extensive training and become very knowledgeable in the areas assigned to them.

Do I need previous library experience?

No. Although previous library work experience is helpful, it is not necessary. You will be fully trained if you are hired.

Will I really just be paid to study?

No. The daily operation of the library would not be possible without the work done by our student workers. However, we also treat our student workers very well, with annual reviews, possible raises, and lots of treats throughout the year. We seek to maintain a positive Christian family atmosphere while preparing you for the responsibilities of the working world.



Off Campus Access FAQs

Have questions about connecting to library resources from home?



Printing FAQs

Are there printing limitations in the library?

Yes, there are limits for each print job.  There is a maximum of 3 copies per print job.  There is also a maximum of 30 pages per print job.     Large print jobs and printing for Social Clubs should be taken to the Media Center and printed there.

Can I print from my laptop computer?

Currently the library does not allow printing from laptop computers.  

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