Harding Magazine Fall 2010

A Stimulating Sojourn

Introduction by Tom Buterbaugh, photography and captions by Noah Darnell

"Stay tuned. I’m in Ethiopia; there is much to see…” is the closing line of photographer Noah Darnell’s May 10 post on his blog, “The Fledgling Photographer,”as he joins seven students, professors Pat Garner and Jeff Hopper, and two others on a three-week adventure exploring the world of coffee.

And there was much to see and experience during the study abroad program designed exclusively for students in the Honors College, as they explored regions in Ethiopia, Oman, Istanbul and European capital cities where the sale and consumption of coffee has impacted the world forever.

“I simply want to present these images as a record of the places I’ve been and the people I see in the situations in which they exist,” Darnell posts. “And whatever happens, it’s gonna be good…” Exactly how good can be seen through this sampling of his images. There’s much more at www.haonavy.com.

Tea will be the topic as the tour heads to India, Japan, London and Boston next summer. “Stay tuned.”

Simien Mountains
Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains, a place that seems untouched since the dawn of creation, serves as a dramatic backdrop for the coffee group’s morning hike May 14 after spending the night at 10,000 feet above sea level.


Thatch hut After a fresh rain in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia May 19, a family’s cooking fire permeates the thatch roof of a hut.


Emily Dollens Junior Emily Dollens plays with a few of the children in Axum, Ethiopia.


Ethiopian woman An elderly woman carries a load of sticks to be used for firewood in Lalibela, Ethiopia.


Axumite locals Axumite locals carry baskets full of Ethiopian injera bread as traditional gifts on the way to a wedding.


Church of Saint George The Church of St. George — one of the imposing rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia — dwarfs a worshiper as he approaches the oversized steps seemingly made for a giant.


Oxen plowing Oxen used to plow a patch of land is still a common sight in Ethiopia.


Ethiopian shop A child proprietor of this basket shop in Axum, Ethiopia, waits for customers.


Oman market goers Market goers sample the variety of dates, grapes and raisins for sale in a Muscat, Oman, market.


  While a mother begs at the windows of slow moving vehicles in Addis Ababa’s downtown traffic, her child reaches for nothing more than a stranger’s touch.


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