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Department of Mathematics

I returned here to teach because like most our faculty, as a student I enjoyed my experience at Harding and how it affected my life. I am thankful especially for Dr. Cliff Ganus and Dr. Joe Pryor. They treated me well as a student and as an athlete. Dealing with men like those two and being inspired by others is something which left a lasting impact on me.

As a young man preparing for college, I liked Harding but had an academic scholarship which would allow me to play basketball at Vanderbilt. However, it was about that time that Harding began several sports programs so I followed my heart and came here instead. I played football, baseball, basketball, ran track for a year, and even competed in bowling. I was playing ball all the time, but Harding did not neglect my spiritual development.

I went to Texas Tech first as a teacher, but in my heart of hearts I was always coming back here because what we do here is to not only teach someone math, or chemistry, or physics, but we realize there is an even higher priority. We are educating for eternity – it is nice to be a part of something like that.

There have been so many good influences in my life from this school. My mom had attended school here for a few years in the late 30’s and 40’s and had fond memories of Harding. I love baseball and grew up a Dodgers fan because of my mother’s stories of Preacher Roe who was a one of her former classmates. Growing up in Newport, the chorus would come sing and Eddie Baggett led singing and worked with the youth program there.

I’d like to be a good influence for our students today just as my professors and mother and others associated with Harding were for me. I can’t speak highly enough about the kind of students we have here and their character as compared to other schools.

Here is what we need; we need you to consider helping us as we prepare today’s student to be a leader and person of character. Would you do this? Would you help us educate for eternity?

To make a gift and sponsor/provide any of the items listed, click here.

Invest Your Resources

Tutor a Student – Our greatest need for our budget is paying student workers. The Math Department hires two math majors to help fellow students in our tutoring lab. They come in for two hours every night, for a total of ten hours per week. This is increasingly important as the enrollment swells in our classes with recently added departments such as Engineering, Physician’s Assistant, and the College of Pharmacy. On the very first evening of our tutoring last fall, we had twenty students show up in need of help.  We would like to offer them the necessary help. The added benefit for the school, aside from accomplishing our mission, is by hiring the students to tutor, we offer them an opportunity to truly master their subject area. When they take their studies to graduate levels or the job market, they are more than prepared and can even work with others to explain difficult concepts. Minimum wage is rising, but our current range of pay for student tutors averages $6 per hour.

  • Sponsor a tutor for a week - $60
  • Sponsor a tutor for a month - $1020
  • Sponsor a tutor for a semester (17 weeks) - $1020
  • Sponsor a tutor for an academic year - $2040


Equip a Student or Teacher – We need to send our faculty and students to professional meetings. For our faculty, the benefits are multiple. (1) They are energized with new information and creative methods to deliver it effectively to students. (2) They are better able to keep their skills honed. (3) They see and hear the latest trends in math and therefore better educate students for the job force and/or graduate school.  From a student perspective, these conferences also provide benefits. (1) They see first hand applications for math which they might never have considered. (2)  Like a sponge, they soak up knowledge and can apply it not just for a semester but for a lifetime. (3)  It is tremendously helpful for them to be seen as active in their field when they apply for graduate schools or enter the work force.

  • Sponsor registration for a regional meeting – $20
  • Sponsor travel costs for a regional meeting – $100
  • Sponsor registration for a national meeting – $150
  • Sponsor travel costs for a national meeting – $400


Donate the Difference – When we say donate the difference, we mean it in two distinctly different ways. You are making a difference in the lives of faculty and students, and you are making up the difference between a normal computer and a laptop. We are slowly changing out our computers and as we do, our intent is to allow the faculty who are interested to be issued a laptop with an external port. This provides them an opportunity to take any unfinished work home as well as use the technology available in their classrooms. When they have a laptop, they have the opportunity to prepare slides for students, install software which may be used in a class environment, etc. We currently have eight teachers who will be changing out their computers at some point in the not too distant future. It would be great for all of them to have the best tools for inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Donate the difference for one laptop – $150
  • Donate the difference for two laptops – $300
  • Donate the difference for five laptops – $750
  • Donate the difference for eight laptops – $1,200


Workroom 2.0 – Each year our senior students complete their seminar course by presenting findings and/or researching a project before they graduate. We try, as much as possible, to help them with this educational endeavor, but we are not always able to do so, and they are often forced to purchase materials instead of being able to find them in our work room. Additionally, faculty, especially Dean Priest, strive to improve their information and methodology and need new teaching tools, new books, or new software packages. The added benefit for a gift in this area is whatever is purchased will be used for current and future students.

  • Sponsor a new book for student/faculty use – $25
  • Sponsor extra calculators or math equipment - $100
  • Sponsor a new software package to benefit an entire class - $250

To make a gift and sponsor/provide any of the items listed, click here.

Invest Your Time

Grade Papers – We could use multiple volunteers who are interested in grading papers.  The professors and teachers at Harding are here to serve; and their primary concern is the students. The more attention we can give to the student, the better their educational and spiritual experiences will be in Searcy. By grading papers you allow our faculty to check homework more often – which means if a student is struggling they are caught and helped before they receive a poor grade on an exam. You also allow the teacher more time for preparation; it goes without saying a teacher who is prepared is likely to give a better lecture and better equip students. Finally, you free up large blocks of time for faculty to spend time with students who are in need of personal tutoring or even just need someone to listen as they seek advice in their personal, educational, and spiritual growth. If you have an interest in this area and would like to volunteer please contact us at 501-279-4361 or math@harding.edu

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