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Program (36 hour non-thesis)

I. Orientation/Capstone (3 hours)

MMIN 601: Orientation; Portfolio Planning (1 hour)
MMIN 698: Integrative Capstone Proposal (1 hour)                                                                                                   MMIN 699: Integrative Capstone Project (1 hour)

II. Bible Interpretation, Theology, and Ministry Context (9-15 hours)

The following two courses must be taken by those who do not have an undergraduate degree in Bible:
MMIN 602: Research and Resources for Advanced Bible Study (3 hours)
MMIN 603: Biblical Interpretation for Ministers (3 hours)

Core Classes:
MMIN 611: Theological Foundations of Ministry (3 hours)
MMIN 621: Christian Ministry in Contemporary Culture (3 hours)
One of the following three courses:
MMIN 612: Old Testament Theology for Ministry (3 hours)
MMIN 613: New Testament Theology for Ministry (3 hours)
MMIN 614: Moral Theology (Ethics in Ministry) (3 hours)

III.Select from the following to complete a 36-hour program (18-24 hours).

NOTE: All three-hour courses listed below may be accompanied by a one-hour practicum. The optional practicum represents an additional practical component that is individualized and completed in the congregational context. Each student must take a minimum of three practicums concurrent with the three-hour course which it accompanies. A minimum of 18 hours in ministry courses is required.

Ministry Courses:

MMIN 631: Christian Communication (3 hours)
MMIN 632: Christian Communication Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 633: Evangelism Strategies (3 hours)
MMIN 634: Evangelism Strategies Practicum(1 hour)
MMIN 635: Christian Religious Education (3 hours)
MMIN 636: Christian Religious Education Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 637: Art of Preaching (3 hours)
MMIN 638: Art of Preaching Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 641: People Helping (3 hours)
MMIN 642: People Helping Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 643: Conflict Management (3 hours)
MMIN 644: Conflict Management Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 651: Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (3 hours)
MMIN 652: Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 653: Servant Leadership (3 hours)
MMIN 654: Servant Leadership Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 655: Small Group Ministries (3 hours)
MMIN 656: Small Group Ministries Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 657: Family Ministry (3 hours)
MMIN 658: Family Ministry Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 661: Congregational Ministries (3 hours)
MMIN 662: CongregationL Ministries Practicum (1 hour)
MMIN 663: Women's Ministries (3 hours)
MMIN 664: Women's Ministries Practicum (1 hour)         


Other Courses (no more than one course in this category allowed):
Approved interdisciplinary courses accompanied by either MMIN 672: Interdisciplinary Ministry Practicum or MMIN 650: Guided Studies (3 hours)

Accreditation and Transferability of Course Work:
The graduate program on the Searcy Campus is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The transfer of course work is determined by the receiving institution. Students who later wish to transfer to a graduate theological school accredited by A.T.S. would have to meet entrance requirements of those institutes who would determine the amount of credit to grant to work done in this program.

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