Harding University

October 4, 2012

Brackett Library launches new digital archives

The Harding University Brackett Library launched a new edition of its digital archives Oct. 1. The collection includes sermons and outlines of the former alumnus, board member and preacher Jim Bill McInteer.

McInteer was a 1942 graduate of Harding and preached from the age of 18 until his death at 88. He spoke at the West End Church of Christ in Nashville, Tenn., for 30 years and was well known for never once repeating a sermon during his tenure at the congregation.

Meticulously organized with his sermons and outlines, McInteer recorded all of his work. Following his death in 2010, his family donated these irreplaceable documents. The Brackett Library continues to digitize this material, making it available to a broad audience.

The online exhibit honoring McInteer can be found at http://brackettarchives.omeka.net/exhibits.