Allen Frazier, Ph. D.

Paul R. Carter College of Business Administration


Al Frazier, associate dean and chair of the international business management programs, believes that business is a talent and calling. With a background in banking, investment and financial services, Frazier enjoys teaching entrepreneurship and organizational behavior classes.

Just like Frazier was taught when he was a student, he believes students are called to every vocation.

“Whether it’s someone who’s going to be a doctor, a teacher, psychologist, minister, or whatever it might be, it’s important that people follow where they think God is going to use them the most.”

According to Frazier, a common challenge in teaching business is how often working with money is not viewed as a noble purpose, but whether it’s supporting a mission trip or charitable cause, he tries to emphasize how those in business can make a difference.

“With every good work, there’s money. Every bit requires people to give, so I think there’s also a talent and calling to give.”

To Frazier, the most rewarding part of his job is not only seeing students graduate and successfully find work but also seeing them succeed in all areas of life.

“What matters is when people have been out four or five years, come back and are married, have kids, are plugged into a church and their lives as a whole serving God is going well. It’s more than what they got from one single class; it’s that they caught everything and they’re using it and maturing.”

Frazier is always interested to see where his students go with a management degree because of the versatility of the major.

“It’s one of those careers that deals with all elements of people whether it’s sales or service or building relationships. That’s all part of management degree,” Frazier said. “Learn who you are and what motivates and drives you. The management degree is a springboard to almost any area whether it’s banking, investment, retail, manufacturing, logistics or health care. It really is a part of every industry.”

Frazier encourages those interested in the management major to explore opportunities within the department including the trip to London to gain international business experience, being part of the Society of Advanced Management club, or participating in the annual case studies and competitions.