Nick Craig

Nick Craig

Paul R. Carter College of Business Administration

“The teachers work to get us where we want to go..."

Junior Nick Craig knew he was coming to Harding even before stepping foot on campus, but it was not until he met with a professor that Craig decided accounting was what he wanted to major in.

“Accounting is a very technical skill set in a sense that you learn business as a whole throughout all of your different classes,” Craig said. “You learn business, but through accounting you learn a very specific kind of skill set that you don’t get anywhere else.”

Craig said that one of the biggest decisions students in his major face is the decision between pursuing either public or private accounting. However, he feels that his teachers really help in offering as much information to their students as possible to help them choose the best fit.

“The teachers work to get us where we want to go,” Craig said. “A lot of accounting professors started out in public accounting, and they moved into private, so they can tell you the pros and cons of both. They give you a lot of insight to what you want to do. I also appreciate that they don’t push one or the other.”

Craig’s teachers have not only offered him professional advice but also a personal relationship.

“In every class you have you have the professor, not a teacher’s assistant or a graduate student teacher,” Craig said. “You see them on a daily basis, and you really get to have that personal relationship. You can look at them as mentors and even as friends. That is one of my favorite parts of Harding: forming the relationships you have not only with your fellow classmates but also with your professors.”

After graduation, Craig would like to work as a public accountant for a corporation in hopes to one day hold a managerial position.