Harding Students

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Public administration is a great option for being practical and pragmatic,

Mary O'Briant,
College of Arts & Humanities

Mary's Story

Harding trains people really well for the workforce,

Sam Tripp,
College of Sciences

Sam's Story

So many students don’t have a positive role model in their life, and I want to be able to help,

Ann Stewart,
College of Education

Ann's Story

I want to make a good impression on youth in my community.

Davon Morgan,
College of Sciences

Davon's story

I really appreciate the feedback I get from my teachers,

Sara Harvey,
College of Business Administration

Sara's story

Harding is a staging ground for the future — you refine your faith here.

Gehrig Haberstock,
College of Sciences

Gehrig's Story

The challenges are trying to understand the abstract things that we have never had to face before,

Laura Beth McKinley,
College of Sciences

Laura Beth's Story

My favorite overall thing about the department is how approachable the professors are,

Brennan Thomason,
College of Sciences

Brennan's Story

In all aspects, they are developing nurses as Christian servants, and I really love it.

Kayla Rogers,
College of Nursing

Kayla's Story

In the winter farming slows down quite a bit, so I take more classes,

Jacob Feather,
College of Business Administration

Jacob's Story

I'm very glad that I chose to attend Harding because I am continually impressed and learning,

Shawnetta Duncan,
College of Business Administration

Shawnetta's Story

Harding has prepared me to go out into my field with a stable worldview of my beliefs,

Sam Acuff,
College of Sciences

Sam's Story

Harding has encouraged me to get diverse experiences outside of the classroom,

JP Baker,
College of Arts & Humanities

JP's Story

My education is going toward a higher purpose to make our community better.

Alyssa Anderson,
College of Sciences

Alyssa's Story

We're taking our field internationally and reaching out to as many individuals as possible,

Emily West,
College of Allied Health

Emily's Story

It is very much an experience, and you get experience doing real therapy,

Chad Barron,
College of Bible & Ministry

Chad's Story

They’re very supportive and encouraging of whatever you want to pursue.

Thomas Coffey,
College of Arts & Humanities

Thomas' Story

I would not be who I am without the teachers I’ve had,

Sarah Marshall,
College of Sciences

Sarah's Story

Ensemble groups helped me to become a better musician.

Carly Taylor,
College of Arts & Humanities

Carly's story

I will never know everything that God did for us with our body, but it’s fun trying to learn everything.

Jared Knappe,
College of Sciences

Jared's story

I’m a visual thinker.

Jewelya Williams,
College of Arts & Humanities

Jewelya's story

The teachers are good about meeting with students and having open office doors to come and talk to them.

Wesley Bland,
Carr College of Nursing

Wesley's story

There really is an opportunity to serve and to be a leader.

Brady Clark,
College of Pharmacy

Brady's story

The teachers want to help you grow as a designer and artist.

Jennifer Allen,
College of Arts & Humanities

Jennifer's story

I love jazz music culture, art history and graphic design, and I wanted to find a way to put all three of those things together.

Jake McCoy,
Graphic Design

Jake's story

The program here has given me a lot of experience.

Davis Richardson,
College of Arts & Humanities

Davis' story

My goal is to own a recreation center specifically for inner-city kids.

Vanessa Lewis,
College of Sciences

Vanessa's story

When I met the group from BSA, they just became my family immediately.

Makayla Twigg,
Broadcast Journalism

Makayla's story

They really work to get us connections in great companies.

Austin White,
College of Business Administration

Austin's story

I feel like family and consumer science is a good mission platform.

Rachel Perry,
College of Sciences

Rachel's story

There's been several times where math teachers show us how math even exists in the Bible.

Aris Ortiz,
College of Sciences

Aris' story

Math is applicable to so many things, and I’ve seen that in my classes.

Kelly Spangler,
College of Sciences

Kelly's story

Our motivation was to not leave anyone feeling alone in their struggle.

Haley Ford,
Cognitive Neuroscience

Haley's Story

A lot of my inspiration comes from interacting with people on campus.

John David Stewart,
Integrated Marketing Communications

John David's story

Harding helps you continue to pursue your identity and your purpose.

Dallas Herrmann,
College of Sciences

Dallas' Story

I really learn from being in my professors’ classes and hearing their personal stories of their travels and experiences.

Jill Jennings,
College of Arts & Humanities

Jill's story

I love getting to study what it means to be a human and, in a lot of ways, what it means to be a Christian.

Melissa Hite,
College of Arts & Humanities

Melissa's Story

I think what really sets the department apart from other schools is how approachable the faculty are,

Jacob Stevens,
College of Sciences

Jacob's story