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The purpose of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to provide both structure and resources to help Harding faculty develop professionally in pedagogical knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be effective teachers. By providing venues for faculty to stay current in their disciplines while nurturing their own spirit of teaching, the Center for Teaching and Learning seeks to connect the heart of teaching our students with the opportunity to actively contribute to the intellectual rigor of the university as well as to the broader academic community. In keeping with Harding’s mission, the Center seeks to strengthen teaching that will “lead to an understanding and philosophy of life consistent with Christian ideals.”

Upcoming Events: Presentations and Workshops

Following the university example, most of the presentations will be virtual using Zoom.  There will be two physical activities outside – yoga for faculty and walking.

  • August 12 – Dr. Cathy Box, Director CTL, Lubbock Christian University – “Fostering a Growth Mindset in Undergraduate Studies: Design, Delivery & Impact”
  • August 13 – Dr. Cathy Box, Director CTL, Lubbock Christian University – “Equip and Empower Through Metacognition"
  • September 21, 12:00 – 12:50 – Bridget Smith, Director of Disability Services & Educational Access – “Helping Students with Disabilities”
  • September 24, 12:00 – 12:30 – Dr. Carl Williamson, College of Bible and Ministry – “Using FlipGrid in the Classroom"
  • October 6, 11:30 – 12:20 – Dr. Nathan Henton, Director, Writing Center – “Creating Effective Writing Assignments for Student Learning and Success.”
  • October 28, 12:00 – 12:50 – John Boone, Health Service Librarian –The CTL is partnering with HUCOP for a noon presentation, “Successfully Navigating the Medical Information Maze” - John Boone (Health Science Librarian) "How to stay up to date with current evidence-based practice without becoming overwhelmed." There will be a physical presentation in room 217/218 of the Farrar building 12:00-12:50. Masks and distancing are required. Also, please do not bring food.
  • November 4, 4:00 – 4:50 - Allison Parker, Director, Watson Center – How to make a professional poster with ideas centered around what we learned about our teaching with the recent rapid online transition of course content and delivery.  Postponed until Spring 
  • November 17, 12:00 – 12:50 - Citation Metrics: Measuring Scholarly Impact."  John Boone, from the Brackett Library will discuss the metrics such as PLUMX, Altmetrics, and explore what they are, what they mean, and how they can be used to measure the scholarly impact of an article.  Jean Waldrop from the Brackett Library will present about ScholarWorks, Harding's Institutional Repository--why faculty are encouraged to publish there, how to go about publishing their works, and the benefits of ScholarWorks.  PLUMX is used in ScholarWorks to measure scholarly impact.

Yoga and Walking

Schedule and Details

 As a way of getting outside for wellness and camaraderie, the CTL will have an activity each week beginning September 17 and will alternate outdoor yoga and walking for faculty and staff.

 Yoga will be on Thursdays at 4 p.m. behind the Original Rock House.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat or blanket. This is not an exercise session but rather gentle stretching and centering our minds and is appropriate for beginners as well as regulars. Dr. Amy Qualls, Associate Professor of English and certified yoga teacher, will lead the sessions. In case of inclement weather, we will not meet, since it is outdoors. The sessions will last about 45 minutes. If you have never been on a yoga mat but want to try, please come and feel welcome to do whatever feels comfortable to you. This is a no-judgment zone—practice, not performance J. We will begin behind the Rock House, but if we find a location we prefer, we may move, so check back if you are joining us after the first session.

 There will be a walking session on alternating weeks from yoga, and these will be at 12:15 on Fridays, starting at the outdoor classroom. The CTL will email a reminder with some research on the benefits of walking beforehand. Just wear comfortable shoes, and bring an umbrella if it looks rainy. The plan is to start as a group but to keep distance between walkers and to wear masks unless you walk alone with 12 feet between. For those who have limited time, you can take a short route from the outdoor classroom, down the bike trail, through the cutoff beside the tennis courts, and back to campus.  Even ten minutes outside may be enough to reset your mood for the day. Those who want a longer walk will walk behind the campus on the bike trail on the longer route. To get CTL points, just show up and check in at the outdoor classroom, and then go the way that suits you, either alone, with the group of colleagues paired off, or with a student you’d like to invite. For more information or answers to questions, please email Kathy Dillion at


Thursday 17    Yoga 4:00

Friday  25        Walking 12:15



Thursday 1      Yoga 4:00

Friday 9           Walking 12:15

Thursday 15    Yoga 4:00

Friday 23         Walking 12:15

Thursday 29    Yoga 4:00



Friday 6           Walking 12:15

Thursday 12    Yoga 4:00

Friday 20         Walking 12:15



CTL: A List of Resources for the 2020 Online Transition


 Harding has recently partnered with ACUE, Association of College and University Educators, and has a current cohort working together for certification in the excellence in teaching course recognized by the American Council on Education. ACUE graciously shared the following resource list for any faculty to utilize.

Chronicle of Higher Education

This collection includes short articles and advice from a respected source that helps faculty support students during the trauma of Covid-19.

Magna Commons and Monday Morning Mentor

 The CTL provides a subscription to the Monday Morning Mentor, and through this time of Covid-19 most of the programs are carrying a bonus program tailored to online needs. These come out each Monday morning, but all of the programs in this series and many more helpful titles for transitioning to online teaching and learning can be found in Magna Commons. This is a digital library of videos to help with all areas of teaching, but you can easily search for sessions particularly on the online transition.

 You can find the CTL subscription to the Mentor Commons along with many helpful resources in the Libguide under “Resources” on the CTL page,

 You can also get to the Commons with the following link and your Harding login.

Keeping a Healthy Balance

 The above resources are helpful for pedagogy and course development, but more and more educators are recognizing a pedagogy of the inner life as they attend to the mental and emotional needs of themselves and their students. Below are some suggested resources:

Prayer and meditation apps can be helpful guides and reminders throughout the day to stop and pray or take 5 minutes of gratitude. Many of these are available in the app store.

HU Canvas module for chair yoga

This short video features Kelly James, a local yoga instructor who has come to Harding to work with faculty and staff on ways to stretch and center as we work daily, often sitting for long periods of time behind a desk. Her video is in a Canvas module for the CTL or on the link below.

 Contemplative Practice:

C-Mind is the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

They offer webinars and archive them for any who want to include more mindfulness practice in the classroom, either face to face or virtual.

From their website:

 We envision higher education as an opportunity to cultivate deep personal and social awareness: an exploration of meaning, purpose, and values in service to our common future.

More Mindfulness:

Harding alum, Laurie Swain, a licensed counselor and certified Mindfulness instructor in Searcy, has presented for the CTL before and has been helpful in sharing ways of staying healthy. She is opening a new studio across from the public library, Mindful State Yoga, and she shares the following list.

 Mindful State Yoga (MSY) YouTube channel has guided breath and yoga practices offered freely. We are consistently adding content, so stay tuned with us. I will be recording and offering a few breath and meditation practices this week. Here is the link to YouTube Mindful State Yoga  You are welcome to subscribe to this channel and to like MSY on Facebook and Instagram.

 Tara Brach meditation for calming and inner peace:

 Here is a Mindful article “Self Compassion practices to deepen your resilience:” Mindful article

 All things self-compassion: Center For Mindful Self-Compassion

 Ten Percent Happier Coronavirus Sanity Guide

 Mindful has created a 30 day program to support you. Check it out here:  Find Calm and Nourish Resilience course

 Dr. Judson Brewer is a psychiatrist, mindfulness and habit-change expert. On his YouTube channel, he is offering short videos that help us understand the science of our emotional experiences and simple tips for creating habits that will help us through. Here is a link: Dr. Jud's YouTube Channel

 The Center For Healthy Minds has created a site filled with practices, resources, and articles for kids, parents, healthcare professionals and educators which is updated daily. Here is a link: Wellbeing Toolkit and Resources

 Sounds True has created a Resilience in Challenging Times Care Package, regularly updated. To check it out, click here: Care Package

International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. While ISSOTL requires membership for some of its resources, their journal is free and has many research-based ideas about the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Harding’s Brackett Library Libguide
The library has a libguide page with resources including journals and books to help teachers with questions about better teaching, mentoring, adjunct teaching, teaching in science classes, and many other general and specialty resources. The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Teaching Professor are both particularly helpful to get ideas for improving teaching.

The Watson Center
The Watson Center was formerly the ERC and is located on the third floor of the Thornton Building. It has an array of physical supplies for teachers, and its book resources are linked to the Brackett catalogue.

The United States Air Force
An excellent site that has many good resources including the following: Learning Theory, Learning Approaches, Curriculum Design, Teaching Methods and a collection of Resources for Teaching.


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