Same Sex Attraction

Same-sex attraction is an identified interest in a person(s) of the same gender. The attraction may be intense and involve recurring thoughts/feelings, at times, which can be pervasive. However, intense attraction may or may not include sexual behavior. Same-sex attraction usually develops over time and is not initially a process of conscious awareness. At some point interaction with others involves more awareness of self and a formative interest that is more focused on same gender. At times these inner thoughts and perceptions can become highly sensitized and preoccupying. An expressed reason for seeking counseling is to understand the attraction in context of significant emotional, relational, physical and spiritual aspects of life.

The Counseling Center is committed to providing an environment for sharing life concerns and experiences that is safe and trusting. Providing counseling for individuals discussing same-sex attraction deserves and requires attentiveness to thoughts and feelings often very difficult to share with others.

The Christian counseling platform for providing help with same-sex attraction or unwanted attraction consists of a non-judgmental disposition along with a willingness to help with the struggle while caring deeply for the person. While training can provide skills, the centerpiece for helping will be devotion to confidentiality and affirming an individual's courage in being vulnerable and seeking help. Ultimately, the Counseling Center goal is to extend a Christ-like spirit while utilizing professional skills of men and women who exhibit faith and service.

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Gender Identity/Same Sex Attraction


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The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction: A Comprehensive

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