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Social Clubs Handbook

"Social Clubs have been a significant part of the Harding experience for decades, providing students with opportunities to enjoy a host of activities while fostering lifelong relationships and developing servant-leadership qualities. I encourage you to take a close look at all that Social Clubs have to offer you and explore how you can make a difference in the lives of others by being a part of a Social Club."

— Zachary Neal, Vice President Student Life/Dean of Students

Spring 2022 Social Club Calendar

Important Dates


Jan. 10Women's Social Club Meetings
Jan. 24Men's Social Club Meetings
Jan. 31Women's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 7Men's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 14Women's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 21Men's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 28Men's and Women's Social Club Meetings
March 14Women's Social Club Meetings
March 21Men's Social Club Meetings
March 28Women's Social Club Meetings
April 4Men's and Women's Social Club Meetings
April 18Men's and Women's Social Club Meetings

Women's Social Clubs

Chi Omega Pi

Caroline Adams - Box 12156 -

Chi Omega Pi club

Delta Gamma Rho

Gracie Hamlett - Box 11638 -

Delta Gamma Rho club

Delta Nu

Emma Weber - Box 10292 -

Delta Nu club


Amalie Harvey -

GATA club

Iota Chi

Kinley Corley - Box 13618 -

Iota Chi club

Ju Go Ju

Emma Brantley - Box 11832 -

Ju Go Ju club

Ko Jo Kai

Ellery Gardner - Box 12104 -

Ko Jo Kai club

Phi Kappa Delta

Lydia Davis - Box 12017 -

Phi Kappa Delta club

Pi Theta Phi

Natalie Denham - Box 12403 -

Pi Theta Phi club


Cynthia Turner - Box 11547 -

Regina club


Hannah Traylor - Box 13874 -

Shantih club

Sigma Phi Mu

Marissa Bennett - Box 13576 -

Sigma Phi Mu club

Tri Sigma Delta

Emma Curry - Box 10574 -

(image coming soon)


Zeta Rho

Allie Nesbitt - Box 10824 -

Zeta Rho club

Men's Social Clubs

Beta Omega Chi

David Perkins - Box 11051 -

Beta Omega Chi club

Chi Sigma Alpha

Lucas Mirante - Box 11851 -

Chi Sigma Alpha club

Delta Chi Delta

Elijah Boone - Box 10505 -

Delta Chi Delta club


Koby Keen -

Galaxy club

Gamma Sigma Phi

Chase Preston - Box 10992 -

Gamma Sigma Phi club
King's Men

Joseph McKinley - Box 10628 -

King's Men club


Malachi Brown -

Knights club

Lambda Chi Theta

Dylan Holland -

Lambda Chi Theta club

Omega Phi

Grant Bartley - Box 11363 -

Omega Phi club


Conner White - Box 12497 -

Rome club

Sub T-16

Grayson Smith -

Sub T-16 club


Clayton Roach - Box 10236 -

Theta club


Brandon Bass -

Titans club


Drake Bass -

TNT club

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Social Clubs are overseen by Student Life