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Returning Students

Welcome back to Harding! Whether you are returning to finish your undergraduate degree or you’d like to take undergraduate courses as a post-baccalaureate student, we want to support you. Below are the steps you need to take to re-enroll at Harding.

Undergraduate Majors

Are you unsure about what you want to study? No problem! You can explore more than 100 academic majors and degree programs to find the area that best fits you and your interests. We also offer accelerated majors to earn your undergraduate degree and master's degree simultaneously.

Academic Resource Center

The mission of the Academic Resource Center is to promote the success of all students by providing comprehensive programs and services that advance academic achievement and personal development.

Student Services

The Office of Student Life is responsible for the overview of student activities which includes residential life, personal and social wellness, academic efforts, and emotional and spiritual wellness. Other student needs are met through programs designed to assist students in choosing majors and planning careers, individual counseling and specific health issues.

Step 1: Submit the Undergraduate Readmission Application

Step 2: Complete the FASFA and apply for financial aid

Step 3: Log in to Pipeline

Step 4: Meet with your advisor

  • If you have chosen a different major or don’t know your advisor, please refer the list of contacts for each major below.
  • The advisor you meet with must submit a form to the registrar’s office before you can register.
  • If your institutional or cumulative GPA is lower than 2.0, you will need to meet with someone from the University College. Call 501-279-4531 for assistance to remove your hold.

Advisors by Major

Learn more about all undergraduate majors at harding.edu/majors.

Accounting Phil Brown pbrown@harding.edu 501-279-4301
Karen Corker kcorker@harding.edu 501-279-4111
Acting Steven Frye sfrye@harding.edu 501-279-4147
Advertising Jack Shock jshock@harding.edu 501-279-4196
Applied Studies Tannon Davis tdavis3@harding.edu 501-279-4594
Architecture Mike Steelman msteelman@harding.edu 501-279-5279
Art / Fine Arts / Art Education / General Art Tessa Davidson tdavidson@harding.edu 501-593-9532
Bible Monte Cox mcox@harding.edu 501-279-4808
Jesse Robertson jesserobertson@harding.edu 501-279-4554
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Cindy White clwhite@harding.edu 501-279-4951
Biology Rebekah Rampey rrampey@harding.edu 501-279-5497
Biomedical Engineering Zane Gastineau zgastineau@harding.edu 501-279-4365
Business Allen Frazier afrazier@harding.edu 501-279-4240
Chemistry & Biochemistry Cindy White clwhite@harding.edu 501-279-4951
Child Development Shanna Jones sdjones@harding.edu 501-279-4676
Child Life Brittany Cumbie bcumbie@harding.edu 501-279-4680
Civil Engineering Zane Gastineau zgastineau@harding.edu 501-279-4365
Cognitive Neuroscience Jeremiah Sullins jsullins@harding.edu 501-279-4564
Communication Sciences & Disorders Melanie Meeker mmeeker@harding.edu 501-279-4633
Communication Studies Jack Shock jshock@harding.edu 501-279-4196
Community Engagement Shanna Jones sdjones@harding.edu 501-279-4676
Computer Engineering Zane Gastineau zgastineau@harding.edu 501-279-4365
Computer Science Tim Baird tbaird@harding.edu 501-279-4570
Construction Science Joey Parker jparker6@harding.edu 501-279-5714
Criminal Justice Sam Jeffrey sjeffrey@harding.edu 501-279-5071
Cybersecurity John Stone jstone@harding.edu 501-279-4430
Early Childhood / Special Education Integrated Matthew Perring mperring@harding.edu 501-279-4050
Education Studies Matthew Perring mperring@harding.edu 501-279-4050
Electrical Engineering Zane Gastineau zgastineau@harding.edu 501-279-4365
Elementary Education Matthew Perring mperring@harding.edu 501-279-4050
English / Creative Writing / Licensure Jon Singleton jsingleton@harding.edu 501-279-4421
Environmental Science Rebekah Rampey rrampey@harding.edu 501-279-5497
Event Management Shanna Jones sdjones@harding.edu 501-279-4676
Exercise Science Justin Bland jrbland@harding.edu 501-279-5963
Exploratory Studies Tannon Davis tdavis3@harding.edu 501-279-4594
Family & Consumer Sciences Education / Family Life Education Brittany Cumbie bcumbie@harding.edu 501-279-4680
Film Charles Bane cbane@harding.edu 501-279-4196 / 501-279-4925
Finance David Johnson djohnson@harding.edu 501-279-4201
Al Frazier afrazier@harding.edu 501-279-4240
Foreign Language and Missions Kristi Bond knbond@harding.edu 501-278-4645
Forensic Science Cindy White clwhite@harding.edu 501-279-4951
French / Applied French / French Licensure Robert McCready rmccready@harding.edu 501-279-4643
Kristi Bond knbond@harding.edu 501-279-4645
Graphic Design Stacy Gibson stacygibson@harding.edu 501-207-1431
History Shawn Fisher sfisher@harding.edu 501-279-4427
Humanities Warren Casey casey@harding.edu 501-279-4334
Information Systems Jake Stewart jstewart@harding.edu 501-279-4368
Integrated Marketing Communication Lori Sloan lsloan@harding.edu 501-279-4593
Interdisciplinary Studies Heath Carpenter hcarpent@harding.edu 501-278-0721
Interior Architecture and Design Sarah Wilhoit swilhoit@harding.edu 501-279-4831
International Business Mike Allen mallen7@harding.edu 501-279-5701
International Studies Whitaker Jordan wrjordan@harding.edu 501-279-4087
Kristi Bond knbond@harding.edu 501-279-4645
Kinesiology Stephen Burks sburks@harding.edu 501-279-4761
Management Mike Allen mallen7@harding.edu 501-279-5701
Al Frazier afrazier@harding.edu 501-279-4240
Marketing Rich Brown richbrown@harding.edu 501-279-4827
Mathematics Ron Smith rgsmith@harding.edu 501-279-5597
Laurie Walker lwalker3@harding.edu 501-279-5283
Mechanical Engineering Zane Gastineau zgastineau@harding.edu 501-279-4365
Media Production Jack Shock jshock@harding.edu 501-279-4196
Dutch Hoggatt dhoggatt@harding.edu 501-279-4886
Medical Humanities Debbie Duke dduke@harding.edu 501-279-4507
Kathy Dillion kdillion@harding.edu 501-279-5122
Middle Level Education Matthew Perring mperring@harding.edu 501-279-4050
Multimedia Journalism Jack Shock jshock@harding.edu 501-279-4196
Instrumental Music Eric Colgrove elcolgrove@harding.edu 501-279-4343
Choral Music Susan Shirel sshirel@harding.edu 501-279-4343
Nursing Jeanne Castleberry jcastleberry@harding.edu 501-279-4682
Nutrition & Food Management Megan Jones mjones41@harding.edu 501-279-5027
Physics Steven Barber sbarber@harding.edu 501-279-4512
Will Waldron wwaldron@harding.edu 501-279-5099
Piano Performance Scott Carrell scarrell@harding.edu 501-279-4550
Political Science Steven Breezeel sbreezeel@harding.edu 501-279-5704
Pre-Vet Steven Cooper scooper@harding.edu 501-279-5281
Pre-Med Debbie Duke dduke@harding.edu 501-279-4507
Pre-PT Bryan Phillips bphillips@harding.edu 501-279-4014
Pre-Dentistry Kevin Stewart kstewart@harding.edu 501-279-5617
Pre-Law Dr. Steven Breezeel sbreezeel@harding.edu 501-279-5704
Pre-Optometry Laurie Walker lwalker3@harding.edu 501-279-5283
Pre-Pharmacy Cindy White clwhite@harding.edu 501-279-4951
Pre-OT Tia Stone tstone@harding.edu 501-279-4980
Pre-PA Debbie Duke dduke@harding.edu 501-279-4507
Justin Bland jrbland@harding.edu 501-279-5963
Psychology Travis McNeal tmcneal@harding.edu 501-279-4564
Deb Plybon dplybon@harding.edu 501-279-4425
Jeremiah Sullins jsullings@harding.edu
Public Administration Shawn Fisher sfisher@harding.edu 501-279-4427
Public Relations Jack Shock jshock@harding.edu 501-279-4196
Social Science Shawn Fisher sfisher@harding.edu 501-279-4427
Social Work Kim Baker-Abrams kbaker@harding.edu 501-279-4356
Software Development Tim Baird tbaird@harding.edu 501-279-0477
Spanish / Applied Spanish / Spanish Licensure Kristi Bond knbond@harding.edu 501-279-4645
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Melanie Meeker mmeeker@harding.edu 501-279-4633
Sport & Recreation Management Tom Ritchie tritchie@harding.edu 501-279-4972
Sports Analytics Jake Stewart jstewart@harding.edu 501-279-4368
Strength & Conditioning Bryan Phillips bphillips@harding.edu 501-279-4014
Theatre Steven Frye


Theological Studies Mac Sandlin


Vocal Performance Laura Looney lblooney@harding.edu 501-279-4343

Step 5: Register for classes in Pipeline

Registration opens to returning students on the following dates:

  • Nov. 14, 2022 for Spring
  • March 20, 2023 for Summer
  • April 17, 2023 for Fall

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