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Harding University has a rich history of theatre. In an effort to document this history, an archive of past productions has been initiated. This archive currently begins at 1925 which is just one year after Harding became a senior college. The archive lists information about the production including title, playwright, location, director, and date. Documenting all of this information is a difficult undertaking.  If you have information about any corrections or additions that should be made to this file, please contact the Department of Theatre with your comments at theatre@harding.edu

Archive Drama List pdf


25-26A Pageant of the History of ArkansasWoodson ArmstorngMatthewsAudWoodson Armstrong20-23 Oct.  
 Engaged by WednesdayUnknown  28 Oct.  
 The Importance of Being EarnestOscar WildeMathewsAudMiss Ehresman10-11 Dec.  
 Sing a Song of SeniorsBarbee Lindsey  22 Dec.  
 The Dream Came TrueBarbee Lindsey  22 Dec.  
 Getting Aquainted with MaudeUnknown  22 Dec.  
 Three Merry MilkmaidsMendelsohn/Sullivan   3 Act Operetta 
26-27“ Japanese Play”UnknownMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 Judge LynchGeorgia D. JohnsonMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong25 Dec.  
 The NativityUnknownMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong Pantomime 
 The Land of NightUnknown  Spring  
 The Dream of Queen ElsinorUnknown     
 The SpyAdpt. F. Cooper     
27-28A Page from LifeL. C. SearsMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 The Bear (Boor)Anton ChekhovMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 The Littlest GirlRobert HilliardMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 Three Fools Well MetAgnes StricklandMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
28-29Preserving SmithJean WebsterMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong4 Dec.  
 CabbagesO. HenryMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
   MathewsAudWoodson Armstrong Workshop 
 Her Honor the MayorArline Van Ness HinesMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 Daddy Long LegsJean Webster  12 Apr.  
 The WrenchUnknown  18 Apr.  
29-302nd ChildhoodThorton WilderMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 The Queen’s HusbandRobert SherwoodMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong14 Jan.  
 The SpyJames Filimore CooperMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong14 Jan.  
 Daddy Long LegsJean WebsterMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong14 Jan.  
30-31As a Woman ThinkethHurst and AllenMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 RadioUnknownMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 Judge LynchGeorgia D. JohnsonMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong9 Mar.  
 The Mayor and the ManicureGeorge AdesMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong9 Mar.  
 Seven Keys to BaldpateGeorge M. CohenMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong9 Mar.  
31-32The WeddingJames ShirleyMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 TommyUnknownMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 The Goose Hangs HighLewis BeachMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong   
 MansionsUnknownMathewsAudMartha Walker12 Nov.Workshop Plays 
 CursedUnknownMathewsAudMaurice Rhodes Workshop Plays 
 The Other RoomAriadne BlaydMathewsAudRheba Stout Workshop Plays 
 The Mandrin CoatAlice RileyMathewsAudMcKinly Workshop Plays 
 Beaded BuckleFrancis GrayMathewsAudMaiurine Rhodes Workshop Plays 
 Their AnniversaryUnknownMathewsAudGeraldine Robert Neil Workshop Plays 
31-32CloudburstUnknownMathewsAudErmine Coleman Workshop Plays 
 Wednesday PastUnknownMathewsAudAlbert Hawkins Workshop Plays 
 Good MedicineUnknownMathewsAudRay Stapleton Workshop Plays 
 The Kettle SingingUnknownMathewsAudJean Dart`12 Nov.Workshop Plays
32-33At 9:45UnknownMathewsAudWoodson ArmstrongOct.  
 Turn to the RightJack E. HazzardMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong15 Nov.  
 The Great DivideWilliam Vaughn MoodyMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong30 Mar.  
 The Treasure ChestUnknown     
 1-ActUnknownMathewsAudHerbert McReynoldsOct.Workshop Plays 
 1-ActUnknownMathewsAudAlbert HawkinsOct.Workshop Plays 
 1-ActUnknownMathewsAudMartha StarnesOct.Workshop Plays 
 1-ActUnknownMathewsAudBernard Lemmons1 Nov.Workshop Plays 
 1-ActUnknownMathewsAudSamuel A. Bell1 Nov.Workshop Plays 
 1-ActUnknownMathewsAudHomer Reeves1 Nov.Workshop Plays 
33-34Below Par MathewsAudWoodson Armstrong14 Dec.  
 The AnniversaryAnton ChekhovMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong14 Dec.  
 Green StockingsA.E.W. MasonMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong4-6 Feb.  
 The Melting PotIsrael ZangwillMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong4-6 Feb.  
 Once in a LifetimeHart and KaufmanMathewsAudWoodson Armstrong13 Mar.  
 Moonshine and HoneysuckleLula VollmerMathewsAudW.Armstrong/E.Coleman29 Mar.  
 HMS PinaforeGilbert and SullivanMathewsAudRobert Close   
 The McMurray ChinEdna Higgins StrachanMathewsAudM.Starnes/Mrs.L.C Sears28-29 May  
 The Suicide SpecialistUnknownMathewsAudAddie D. Tankersley16 Mar.Workshop Plays 
 The Mysterious Mrs. UpdikeUnknownMathewsAudAddie D. Tankersley17 Apr.Workshop Plays 
 “Unnamed 1-act”UnknownMathewsAudMabel Dykes17 Apr.Workshop Plays 
34-35Moonshine and HoneysuckleLula VollmerCollege HallErmine Coleman21 Jan.  
 The McMurray ChinEdna Higgins StrachanCollege HallWoodson Armstrong14 Feb.  
 Mandarin CoatAlice RileyGodden HallWoodson Armstrong4 Apr.  
 A Page From LifeFrank LloydGodden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 As A Woman ThinkethHurst and AllenGodden HallWoodson Armstrong2 May.  
 Billy’s BungalowEleanor Maude CraneGodden HallWoodson Armstrong4 Jun.  
 The QuestUnknown M.Dykes/Robert Coleman4-5 Mar.  
 The Rank OutsidersRichard Cary Albert Hawkins4-5 Mar.Workshop Play 
 The Redheaded UpdikesUnknown Elizabeth Dykes4-5 Mar.Workshop Play 
 Marrying Martin  Mabel Dykes30 May.Workshop Play 
 The Rebellion of Mrs. Barkley      
 Katy DidSusan Coolidge Edwin Hughes1 Jun.Workshop Play 
 “Study Play”  Edwin Hughes1 Jun.Workshop Play 
 The Mayor of Tennessee      
35-36Sun-up Godden HallWoodson Armstrong7-8 Nov.  
 Woman of Mystery Godden HallWoodson Armstrong6 Feb.  
 New Fires Godden HallWoodson ArmstrongMar.  
 In The Secret Places Godden HallWoodson Armstrong26 Mar.  
 SkiddingAurania RouverolGodden HallWoodson Armstrong15 May.  
 The Great Divide Godden HallWoodson Armstrong2 Jun.  
 The Chinese Chest  Gertrude Paine12 Dec.Workshop Play 
 Sure Cure  O. P. Baird9 Apr.Workshop Play 
 Shirt Sleeves  Dona Pursley2 Jun.Workshop Play 
 The Suicide Specialist      
 Piper's Play      
36-37Young America Godden HallWoodson Armstrong20 Oct.  
 The Spy Godden HallWoodson Armstrong19 Nov.  
 Trial By JuryGilbert and SullivanGodden HallAvon Blakely/15 Dec.  
    Elesworth Shank   
 The Bird’s Christmas Carol Godden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 The StowawayJudy MillarGodden HallWoodson Armstrong22 Apr.  
 Dying to LiveKeith Slater Erwin Hughes27 Apr.Workshop Play 
 No Father to Guide Them  J. W. Sears / Oral Cone Workshop Play 
 Cappy Rickes      
 Getting Acquainted with MadgeJ. C. McMullen Erwin Hughes Workshop Play 
36-37CabbagesO. HenryGodden HallErmine Coleman11 May.  
 Poor Old Jim  J. W. Sears11 May.Workshop Play 
 Call Me Mike Godden HallErmine Coleman27 May.  
37-38The Wedding Present Godden HallErmine Coleman   
 Seventeen Godden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 The Genius Business Godden HallErmine Coleman   
 Debt Takes A Holiday Godden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 The Wedding PresentCarolyn WestGodden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 Getting Acquainted With MadgeJ. C. McMullenGodden HallVirginia O’Neal   
 Big Hearted Herbert      
 CabbagesO. Henry     
 White Collar      
 Moonshine and Honeysuckle      
 Here Comes Three Knights      
 The Ryerson Mystery      
38-39The Bat Mary Roberts Rinehart / Avery HopwoodGodden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 No Father To Guide Them Godden HallOral Cone   
 When the Bow Breaks  Woodson Armstrong   
 Without Benefit of RenoErmine ColemanGodden HallErmine Coleman3 Mar.  
 Parents and Pigtails Godden HallErmine Coleman6 Apr.  
 Cured Godden HallErmine Coleman   
 Adam and Eve Godden HallErmine Coleman23 May.  
 The Eternal Youth Godden HallErmine Coleman21 Oct./17 Nov.Workshop Play 
 The Burglar Godden HallRose Terry22 Apr.Worksop Play 
39-40Prose Preferred Godden HallWoodson Armstrong18 Oct.  
 Cured Godden HallWoodson Armstrong28 Oct.  
 The Ghost TrainArnold RidleyGodden HallErmine Coleman9 Nov.  
 The Beaded Buckle Godden HallVirginia O’Neal25 Nov.  
 The Return of Pepper Grimm Godden HallErmine Coleman12 dec.  
 To Mother with Love Godden HallErmine Coleman   
 The Rank Outsiders(Adaptation)Godden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 The Hill Between? Godden HallWoodson Armstrong   
 Below Par Godden HallWoodson Armstrong21 May.  
 CabbagesO. HenryGodden HallWoodson Armstrong21 May.  
39-40Living WaterErmine ColemanGodden HallErmine Coleman28 May.  
 His Ozark Cousin  Virginia O’Neal6 Feb.Workshop Play 
 They’re None of Them Perfect  Sophie Kerr15 Feb.Workshop Play 
 Elizabeth and Essex   20 Feb.Workshop Play 
 Take No Chances  Virginia O’Neal25 Apr.Workshop Play 
40-41Ten Room Cottage Godden HallErmine Coleman16 Oct.Chapel 
 100% American Godden HallErmine Coleman25 Oct.  
 TommyKen MitchellGodden HallErmine Coleman12 Dec.  
 Death takes a HolidayAlberto CassellaGodden HallErmine Coleman14 Mar.  
 The Minister’s Wife Godden HallWoodson Armstrong15 Apr.Chapel 
 Romance in Reverse Godden HallErmine Coleman23 May.  
 There’s Always Tomorrow  Milton Poole17 Oct.Workshop Play 
 Little Prisoner  Keith Swim17 Oct.Workshop Play 
 The Unicorn and the Fish  Keith Swim12 Nov.Workshop Play 
 Ghost Town  Milton Poole7 Feb.Workshop Play 
 A Ready-Made Family  Jane Gately22 Apr.Workshop Play 
41-42Kempy Godden HallErmine Coleman12 Dec.  
 Post Road Wilbur Daniel Steele & Norma MitchelGodden HallErmine Coleman3 Mar.  
 The Maid and the Golden Slipper Godden Hall 28 Apr.Operetta 
 Wild Hobby Horses Godden HallWoodson Armstrong30 May.  
 Farewell Cruel WorldWarren Graves Virginia Scotts16 Oct.  
 The WinnerElmer Rice  17 Oct.  
 They’er None of Them PerfectSophie Kerr  21 Jan.Workshop Play 
 Happy Journey to Camden and TrentonThornton Wilder   Workshop Play 
 A Bit Off Tune    Workshop Play 
 The Purple Rim   14 Apr.State Festival 
 China Boy SHS AudVirginia Scotts5 May.Workshop Play 
42-43The Same Old Thing Godden HallEdithlyn Thompson22 Oct.  
 A Reunion of Crows Godden HallEdithlyn Thompson22 Oct.  
 Magnificent Obsession Godden HallEdithlyn Thompson22 Jan.  
 Arsenic and Old LaceJoseph KesselringGodden HallEdithlyn Thompson25 Feb.  
 Time Shall Surely Reap SHS AudEdithlyn Thompson2 Apr.(State Festival) 
 Jane EyreRobert JohansonGodden HallEdithlyn Thompson14 Apr.  
 Craig’s WifeGeorge KellyGodden HallEdithlyn Thompson26 May.  
 The Cloak of Evil  Everette Maxwell Workshop Play 
 Time Shall Surely Reap  June Sellen24 Nov.Workshop Play 
 The WeddingMichael Black Margaret Ridley/Joyce BlackburnWorkshop Play 
 Ladies In Retirement Edward Percy and Reginald Denham   Workshop Play 
 Mansions    Workshop Play 
 Four 1-Acts  Everette MaxwellSummer  
43-44Second Childhood Godden HallVivian Robbins28 Nov.  
 Family Portrait Lenore Coffee and William Joyce CowenGodden HallVivian Robbins11 Feb.  
 Lyceum Godden HallWoodson Armstrong3 Mar.  
 Thank You Doctor Godden HallFanego Douthitt   
 We Call It Freedom Godden HallEverette Maxwell   
 This Night Shall Pass Godden HallVivian Robbins   
 Wings Over Washington Godden HallVivian Robbins14 Apr.  
 Four Daughters Godden HallVivian RobbinsMay  
 Ghost StoryJohn Pielmeier Joyce Blackburn Workshop Play 
 1-Act   2 Nov.Workshop Play 
 Better Behave  Martha Wilbourn22 Feb.Workshop Play 
 Nobody SleepsGuernsey Le Pelley Derrel Starling11 Apr.State Festival 
 The Bad PennyRachel Field Fanego Douthitt28 Apr.Workshop Play 
 The Purple Doorknob  Dorthy O’Neal28 Apr.Workshop Play 
44-45Mrs. Miniver Godden HallVivian Robbins26 Nov.  
 SpooksRobert J. ShermanGodden HallVivian Robbins9 Feb.  
 Our TownThorton WildertGodden HallVivian Robbins16 Mar.  
 The Barrett’s of Winpole Street Godden HallVivian Robbins27 Mar.  
 TishAlice ChadwickeGodden HallVivian Robbins13 Apr.  
 Margarie Carlton Godden HallVivian Robbins30 May.  
 Good Night Please  Mary Hardgrave7 Nov.Workshop Play 
 Show Up  Dorthy O’Neal14 Nov.Workshop Play 
 Ghost StoryJohn Pielmeier Warren Whitelaw20 Feb.Workshop Play 
 High Head  Evan Ulrey3 Mar.Workshop Play 
 Lily  Ruth Benson28 Mar.Workshop Play 
 The Forgotten ManSally Nemeth J. Woody Stovall28 Mar.Workshop Play 
 Women Who Wait  Evan Ulrey1 May.Workshop Play 
 Nine Lives of Emily  Dorothy O’Neal8 May.Workshop Play 
45-46Smilin’ ThroughMartinGodden HallVivian Robbins29-30 Nov.  
 Kind Lady Edward Chodorov and Hugh WalpoleGodden HallVivian Robbins1 Feb.  
 The Man Who Came to DinnerKaufman/ HartGodden HallVivian Robbins28 Mar.  
 Hearts and BlossomsHughesGodden HallRobbins/Florence Jewell12 Apr.Operetta 
 Spring Fever Godden HallVivian Robbins29 May.  
 Kidnapping Betty  Pat Robinson12 Nov.Workshop Play 
 Nobody SleepsGuernsey Le Pelley Mildred Lanier17 Dec.Workshop Play 
 Cabbage  Ruth Benson21 Jan.Workshop Play 
 Wedding Knell  Dorothy King25 Feb.Workshop Play 
 Grey Bread  Gwedolynn Farmer21 Mar.Workshop Play 
 The Open Door  Pat Farmer21 Mar.Workshop Play 
 The High Heart  Vivian Robbins15 Apr.Workshop Play 
 The Bad PennyRachel Field Betty Lou Spruell27 Apr.Workshop Play 
 Pierrot-His Play  Mildred Lanier2 May.Workshop Play 
46-47Night of January Sixteenth Godden HallMargarett Shannon22 Nov.  
 A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s CourtTwain/ Jonny SimonsGodden HallJohn Fuller/Dorothy King7 Feb.  
 Creatures of Impulse Godden HallFlorence Jewell17 Apr.  
 The SpyWoodson ArmstrongGodden HallMs. J.T. Cone/J W.Sears28 May.  
 If Men Played Cards As Women DoGeorge S. Kaufman Jerry Young17 Oct.Workshop play 
 At The Inn      
 The Blue Tea Pot  Forest Mayer5 Dec.Workshop play 
 No Room At The InnDorothy Yost Mildred Lanier14 Dec.Workshop play 
 Escape By Moonlight  Evert Pickatz16 Jan.Workshop play 
 The Other Kitty  Evert Pickatz16 Jan.Workshop play 
 Sauce for Goslings  Sammie Swim6 Feb.Workshop play 
 Poor Old Jim  Jack Wood Sears3 Apr.Festival 
 The Finger of God  Therman Healy10 Apr.Workshop play 
 Good Night Please  Josephine Connell10 Apr.Workshop play 
 This Night Shall Pass  Vivian Rogers17 Apr.Workshop play 
 Too Many Crooks  Edna Hodges15 May.Workshop play 
 MacbethWm. Shakespeare Thelda Healy15 May.Scenes 
 They Call it Freedom  Miss Young22 May.Workshop play 
 The Doctor Decides  James Willet22 May.Workshop play 
47-48January ThawWilliam Roos Judy Miller/Morgan Buffington9 Feb.  
 The Devil and Daniel WebsterBenetGodden HallEd Ransom13 Apr.  
 Seven Keys to BaldpateGeorge M. CohenGodden HallJack Wood Sears2 Jun.  
 Wild Hobby Horses  Gladys O’Neal23 Oct.Workshop play 
 Pierotte  Betty Spruell16 Jan.Workshop play 
 The Last Wife  Virginia Terry Workshop play 
 The Perfect Gentleman  Edna Hodge10 Apr.Workshop play 
 Sparkin’E.P. Conkle Edith Reeves10 Apr.Workshop play 
 Dear Lady Be Brave  Al Goldman Workshop play 
48-49Junior Miss  Eileen Snure19-20 Feb.  
 Glass MenagerieTennesseeWilliams Bill Skillman4-5 Feb.  
 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Jean Kerr from Cornelia Otis Skinner / Emily Kimbrough    
 Magnificent Obsession      
 Creatures of Impulse    musical comedy 
 Prometheus Bound      
 The Princess and the Swineherd      
49-50You Can’t Take It With YouHart/Kaufman Eileen Snure18-19 Nov.  
 Ladies in Retirement Edward Percy and Reginald DenhamGodden HallNelda Holton20-21 Jan.  
 Hearts and Blossoms Godden Hall 31 Mar.-1 Apr.musical 
 OthelloShakespeareGodden HallBill Skillman21-22 Apr.  
 Blythe SpiritNoel CowardGodden HallEileen Snure30 May -1 Apr.Homecoming 
 Dear Lady Be Brave Godden HallDon GarnerFall TermWorkshop play 
 What’s in a Name Godden HallRay UsseryWinter TermWorkshop play 
 Killing Two Birds with One Stone Godden HallRayUsseryWinter TermWorkshop play 
 Shameless Sarah Godden HallVictor Broadus26 Jan.Workshop play 
 What Price America Godden HallVictor BroadusApr.Workshop play 
 End of the Rainbow Godden HallRay UsseryApr.Workshop play 
 For All EternityAdpt E. B. BrowningGodden HallVictor BroadusAprState 1-Act 
 Her Highness the Cook Godden HallCliff Alexander18May.Workshop play 
 When Shakespeare’s Ladies MeetCharles GeorgeGodden HallBetty Thornton18 May.Workshop play 
 Lincoln’s Whiskers Godden HallRichard Walker Workshop play 
 Nobody SleepsGuernsey Le PelleyGodden HallDick Smith Workshop play 
 A Sense of Values Godden HallAudrey McGuire Workshop play 
 Stand Up for Jesus Godden HallVictor Broadus Workshop play 
 “Original play”RayUsseryGodden HallRayUssery Workshop play 
 “Original play”Grover SexsonGodden HallGrover Sexson Workshop play 
 Little Women    Academy play 
50-51The HeiressRuth & Augustus GoetzGodden HallEvan Ulrey   
 Enchanted Cottage Godden HallEileen Snure1st Lyceum of year 
 The Bonds of Interest Godden HallBill Skillman8-9 Dec.  
 Tomorrow the World James Gow/Arnard d'UsseauJames Gow/Arnard d'UsseauGodden HallEileen Snure20-21 Apr.  
 Special GuestDonald ElserGodden HallDon Garner   
 The HeroesKen MitchellGodden Hall    
 Trial By JuryGilbert and SullivanGodden HallErle Moore/ E.Snure4-5 MayOperetta 
 Yellow Wall Paper Godden HallBob Roe25 Jan.Workshop play 
 Submerged Godden HallMary Lou Johnson Workshop play 
 Quimby Comes AcrossDon PerrisGodden HallWilma Rogers Workshop play 
 Sisters Under the SkinMae Howley Barry.Godden HallWanda Farris Workshop play 
 TriflesSusan GlaspelGodden HallPatti Mattox10 May.Workshop play 
 Be Home by Midnight Godden HallBen HollandSpringWorkshop play 
 SarielMagdalene Kessie Ben HollandSummerWorkshop play 
 The Forgotten Man      
51-52Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s CourtTwain/ J. SimmonsAcad. Aud.Eileen Snure   
 We Shall Never Forget  Ben Holland   
 The Silver WhistlePatrick B. MaceAcad. Aud.Nelda Holton20 Apr.  
 A Night in the Country  Eileen Snure Workshop play 
 Balcony SceneDonald ElserAcad. Aud.Ben Holland Workshop play 
 The Pink Dress    Workshop play 
 Sky-FodderJack Reynold Ruby Lee Ellis Workshop play 
 Minor MiracleAl Morgan Ben Holland Workshop play 
 Mind-Set    Workshop play 
 The AddictDon.GarnerSearcy High Aud.Mar.Workshop play 
 The Opening DoorWall Spence Johnny Brown Workshop play 
 Time for Everything  Eileen Snure   
 Elizabeth  Eileen Snure   
 World Without MenPhillip Johnston.     
52-53The Silver WhistleRobert E. Mcenroe Miss Holton First Play in Ad A
 SalomeOscar WildeAd AudBen Holland   
 PygmalionG. B. ShawAdmin. AudNelda Holton7 Nov.  
 HarveyMary ChaseAd Aud.Eileen Snure12 Dec.  
 GaslightHamiltonAd Aud.Nelda Holton27 Feb.  
 Charlie’s AuntThomasAd Aud.Eileen Snure1 May.  
 MarthaFriedrich von FlotowAd AudEarle Moore/Eilene Snure22 May.Operetta 
 Forgotten Man ChapelBen Holland   
 Pass Not Over Little TheatreRuby Lee Ellis13 Nov.Student 1 Act 
 He Ain’t Done Right By NellWilbur Braun  5 Mar.Student 1 Act 
53-54Mr. Pim Passes ByA. A. MilneAd AudWanda Lutrell30 Oct.  
 Beyond the HorizonEugene O’NeillAd AudWanda Lutrell11 Dec.  
 The RobeLloyd C. DouglasAd AudBen Holland23 Jan.  
 The Importance of Being EarnestOscar WildeAd AudWanda Wiley5 Mar.  
 The MediumMenottiAd Aud.Wanda Wiley9 Apr.Festival Show 
 The Bohemien GirlBunn/BalfeAd AudKenneth Davis/W. Wiley14 May.Operetta 
 Happy JourneyThorton WilderLittle TheatreJanet Heidbreder7 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Man in the Bowler HatA. A. MilneLittle TheatreJohnice Young5 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 The Sisters McIntoshRichard CorsonLittle TheatreMarian Rawlings8 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Sham or The Thief Little TheatreMargaret Willis16 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 The Dear Departed David Bottrell and Jessie JonesLittle TheatreRuth Long20 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 Behold the Man / Ecce HomoBen HollandChapelBen Holland   
54-55The Great Big Doorstep Ad Aud.Evan Ulrey9 Nov.  
 Our TownThorton WilderAd Aud.Richard Walker11 Feb.  
 Trial by JuryGilbert and SullivanAd Aud.Kenneth Davis10 Mar.Operetta 
 The CrucibleArthur MillerAd Aud.Thomas Olbricth8 Apr.  
 The Bartered BrideSmetanaAd Aud.Earle Moore22 Apr.Operetta 
 Nobody SleepsLePelleyLttle TheatreBill Hampton Student 1-Act 
55-56Midsummer Night’s DreamShakespeareAd Aud.Glen Wiley2 Dec.  
 The Silver CordSydney HowardAd Aud.Wanda Wiley24 Feb.  
 Papa Is AllPatterson GreeneAd Aud.Glen Wiley20 Apr.  
 TriflesSusan GlaspelAd Aud.Evan. Ulrey Chapel 
 La Serva PadonaPergloesiAd Aud.Glen Wiley/Earle Moore18 May.Operetta 
 Caveleria RusticanaMascagniAd Aud.Glen Wiley/Earle Moore Operetta 
 The Long Christmas DinnerThorton WilderLittle TheatreDarrell Alexander14 Nov.  
 Joint Owners In SpainAlice BrownLittle TheatreJanice Stoud7 Dec.  
 The Wonder HatGoodmanLittle TheatreThurman Alexander Chapel 
 Fog On The Valley Little TheatrePete Ward12 May.  
 Balcony SceneElsorLittle TheatreHelen Hendrix15 May.Chapel 
 The Long RetreatArthur S. LefkowitzLittle TheatreDarrell AlexanderMay.  
56-57The MiserMoliereAd Aud.Wanda Wiley16 Nov.  
 The Cherry OrchardAnton ChekhovAd Aud.Glen Wiley23 Feb.  
 Time Out for GingerRonald AlexanderAd Aud.Glen Wiley19 Apr.  
 The ImparesarioMozartAd. Aud.Glen Wiley/Earle Moore Operetta 
 Sky FodderReynoldsLittle Theatre 27 Sept.Chapel 
 Slop Little Theatre    
 Sunday ExcursionThorton WilderLittle Theatre    
 Paul at PhillipiBen HollandLittle TheatreBen HollandSpring BreakFilm 
57-58He Ain’t Done Right By NellWilbur BraunAd AudGlen WileySept.Chapel 
 AntigoneSophoclesAd AudGlen WileyOct.  
 Comedy of ErrorsShakespeareAd Aud.Glen Wiley9 Nov.  
 An Enemy of the PeopleGibsonAd Aud.Wanda Wiley22 Feb.  
 Night Must FallTennesse WilliamsAd Aud.Glen & Wanda Wiley5 Apr.Operetta 
 PagliacciLeon CavallaAd Aud.Glen Wiley/Earle Moore2 May.Operetta 
 Spreading the NewsGregaryLittle TheatreDotha Putman24 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Slave With Two FacesDavisLittle TheatreHelen Hendrix31 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 World With Out MenPhilip JohnsonLittle TheatreHelen Hendrix7 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Judge Lynch Little TheatreHoward Claude21 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The Sisters McIntoshRichard CorsonLittle TheatreRalph Austin21 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 MansionsHildegarde FlannerLittle TheatrePat Eldridge Student 1-Act 
 Supressed DesiresSusan GlaspellLittle TheatreBillie Krummel Student 1-Act 
 8 more One-Acts Little Theatre  Student 1-Act 
58-59Blythe SpiritNoel CowardAd AudWanda Wiley22 Nov.  
 Admirable CrichtonJ. M.BarrieAd AudWanda Wiley   
 Warrior’s Husband ThompsonJulian ThompsonAd AudGlen Wiley10 Apr.  
 Il TrovetoreVerdiAd AudWileys/Moore15 May.Operetta 
 Two Slatterns and a KingEdna St. V MillayLittle Theatre    
 Bell Book and CandleVan DrutenLittle TheatrePat Forsee11 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Maker of DreamsDownLittle TheatreAugustine Henriks11 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Vespers of PalermoFelicia HemanLittle TheatreEdna Knore17 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Scns. OthelloShakespeareLittle TheatreKent Harrell20 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Scns. Rain MakerN. Richard NashLittle TheatreRon Carter20 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The Doctor In Spite of HimselfMoliereLittle TheatreEdna Knore27 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 A Hatful of RainMichael V. GazzoLittle TheatreRon Carter9 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Charley’s AuntBrandon ThomasLittle TheatreKent Harrells9 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 13 more unnamed One-Acts Little Theatre  Student 1-Act 
59-60Charlie’s AuntBrandon ThomasAd AudGlen & Wanda Wiley9 Nov.  
 King LearShakepeareAd AudGlen & Wanda Wiley15 Dec.  
 Darkness at NoonSidney KingsleyAd Aud.Glen & Wanda Wiley18 Mar.  
 The TelephoneMenottiAd Aud.Wileys/Moore6 May.Operetta 
 Sunday ExcursionThorton WilderAd Aud.Wileys/Moore6 May.Operetta 
 Trial by JuryGilbert/SullivanAd Aud.Wileys/Moore6 May.Operetta 
 Detective StorySidney KingsleyLittle TheatreBill Grady8 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 John LovesMaryLittle TheatreJames Cavert8 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 Prologue to J. B.PresileyLittle TheatreKeith Floyd8 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 A Hatful of RainMichael V. GazzoLittle Theatre  Student 1-Act 
 The Greater Law Little TheatreRon Carter Student 1-Act 
 NothingRon CarterLittle TheatreRon Carter Student 1-Act 
 Death Of A SalesmanArthur MillerLittle TheatreAnita Brunette21 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 The Man Who Married A Dumb WifeAnatolLittle TheatreKay Doak21 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 Happy JourneyThorton WilderLittle TheatreAugustine Hendrix.21 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 Here Comes The TigersJames ThurberLittle TheatreKeith Floyd21 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Minor MiracleAl MorganLittle TheatreAugustine Hendrix14 May.Student 1-Act 
 Scns. The Bourgeoise GentlemanMoliereLittle TheatreBill Grady14 May.Student 1-Act 
60-61Diary of Anne Frank Frances Goodrich and Albert HackettAd AudBen Holland4 Nov.  
 Bell Book and CandleVan DrutenAd AudDarrell Alexander10 Dec.  
 The Old Lady and Her MedalsBarrieAd Aud.Ben Holland   
 Connecticutt Yankee In King Arthur’s CourtTwain/William Naill OttoAd Aud.Ben Holland14-15 Apr.  
 The ImparsariosMozartAd Aud.Holland/Moore5 May.  
 The Ballards of AmericaPurcellAd AudHolland/Moore5 May.  
 One-Act Little Theatre 13 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 The Importance of Being EarnestOscar WildeLittle TheatreGeorgie Claypool18 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 The Marriage ProposalChekovLittle TheatreGary Adays1 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Sorry Wrong NumberLucille FletcherLittle TheatreSteven Endres12 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 The Ugly DucklingA. A.MilneLittle TheatreMarvin Crowson17 Jan.Student 1-Act 
61-62Death of a SalesmanArthur MillerAd AudBen Holland27-28 Oct.  
 My Three AnglesHusson/SpewackAd AudBen Holland2 Dec.  
 The King and IRogers/HammersteinAd Aud.Holland/Moore20-21 Apr.Musical 
 Act II Hansel & GretelEnglebert HumperdinckAd Aud.Holland/MooreMayOperetta 
 Scns. Don Pasquale Gaetano Donizetti librettist Giovanni RuffiniAd Aud.Holland/MooreMayOperetta 
 The Cask Of AmontilladoChamberLittle TheatreEric Hiten19-20 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Wonder HatGoodmanLittle TheatreFloyd Lord24-25 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Knave of HeartsPeltierLittle TheatreNorman Tubb7-8 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 An Even ExchangeMcCoyLittle TheatreFloyd LordSummerStudent 1-Act 
 The MiserMoliereAd AudBen Holland2 Nov.  
 The MatchmakerThorton WilderAd AudBen Holland22-23 Feb.  
 Oedipus The KingSophoclesAd Aud.Ben Holland12-13 Apr.  
 MarthaFriedrich von FlotowAd Aud.Holland/Moore11 May.Operetta 
 There Was EdenBen StewartLittle TheatreBen Stewart28-29 Sept.Student 1-Act 
 The BoorAnton ChekhovLittle Theatre Nov.Student 1-Act 
 The WillAnton ChekhovLittle TheatreJon Farris29 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 The Leader of the PeopleJohn SteinbeckLittle TheatreSandra Herdon6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Sheer PoetryCrenshawLittle TheatreEvelyn Nelson13 Dec.Student Directed
 Where The Cross Was MadeEugene O’NeillLittle TheatreJean Masters12 Jan.Student Directed
 The Valiant Holworthy Hall and Robert MiddlemassLittle Theatre 11 May.Student Directed
 American DreamEdward AlbeeLittle TheatreLinda Graff21 May.Student Directed
63-64American College Players USO Tour  Ben Holland   
 Pocket Full Of RyeAgatha ChristieLittle TheatreBen Holland26 Sept.Musical Review 
 HarveyMary ChaseAd AudBen Holland31 Oct.-1 Nov.  
 St. JoanG. B. ShawAd AudBen Holland17-19 Apr.  
 The Mikado W. S. Gilbert and Arthur SullivanAd AudHolland/Moore8-9 MayOperetta 
 Quiet Please!Howard BuermannLittle TheatreEvelyn Rickett6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Curse You Jack DaltonWilbur BraunLittle TheatreSara Brown12 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Man in the Bowler HatEugene IonescoLittle TheatreMarilyn McElroy17 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 The Brick and the RoseLewis John CarlinoLittle TheatreDalton Eddleman7 May.Student 1-Act 
 Riders to the SeaJohn Millington SyngeLittle TheatreTom Reppart Student 1-Act 
64-65AntigoneAnouilhAd Aud.Holland/Van Alessandro 20-21 Nov.  
 CamelotLerner/LoweAd AudBen Holland23-24 Apr.  
 Harvey/My Three AngelsHsson/SpanekAd Aud.Ben Holland USO show 
 Cavalleria Rusticana & Trial By JuryPietro Mascagni, Ruggero LeoncavalloAd AudMoore/ Holland Operetta 
 The Emperor’s New ClothesEdith WeissLittle TheatreMax Hager1-2 Oct.Student Directed 
65-66A Midsummer’s Night DreamShakespeareAd AudOtis Clayton19-20 Nov.  
 Glass MenagerieTennesseeWilliamsAd AudOtis Clayton18-19 Mar.  
 Where’s CharleyLoesser &AbbottAd AudVan Alessandro6-7 MayUSO Show 
 Archie and MehitabelDon MarquisLittle TheatreJack Ryan Reader’s Theatre 
 Up the Down StaircaseBel KaufmanLittle TheatreOtis Clayton Reader’s Theatre 
 The TelephoneMenottiAd AudMoore/ClaytonSpringOperetta 
 Scns: Madam ButterflyPucciniAd AudMoore/ClaytonSpringOperetta 
 Il TrovatoreVerdiAd AudMoore/ClaytonSpringOperetta 
 Aria Di CapoEdna St. Vincent MillayLittle TheatreJulie Huddelston10-19 Oct.Student 1 Act 
 Worlds of Shakespeare Marchette Chute & Ernestine PerrieLittle TheatreEarline Laney10-19 Oct.Student 1 Act 
 The Ugly DuckingA. A. MilneLittle TheatreAndy Saunders28-29 Oct.Student 1 Act 
 East of EdenMorelyLittle TheatreCliff Ganus2-3 Nov.Student 1 Act 
 Sorry Wrong NumberLucille FletcherLittle TheatreTerry Eyman2-3 Dec.Student 1 Act 
 Case of the Crushed PetuniasTenneesse WilliamsLittle Theatre 2-3 Dec.Student 1 Act 
 Goodbye to the ClownsErnest KinoyLittle TheatreMax Hager16-17 Dec.Student 1 Act 
 The ValiantHall and MiddlemassLittle TheatreLinda Schmidt16-17 Dec.Student 1 Act 
 It All Started with EveAdapt.Little TheatreJack RyanFallReader’s Theatre
66-67The Would Be GentlemanMoliereAd AudOtis Clayton4-5 Nov.  
 Miracle WorkerWilliam GibsonAd AudVan Alessandro   
 Hedda GablerHenrdikIbsenAd AudOtis Clayton10-11 Mar.  
 BrigadoonLerner and LoeweAd AudAlessandro/Moore/Clayton12-13 MayMusical 
 Dust of the RoadKenneth Sawyer GoodmanLittle TheatreDale Turner25-26 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Monkey’s Paw W.W. Jacobs and Louise N. ParkeLittle TheatreBob West14-16 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Barefoot in the ParkNeil SimonLittle Theatre  Student 1-Act 
 MotherAdapt.Little TheatreJack Ryan Reader’s Theatre 
67-68The Little Prince Little TheatreTom Reppart28-29 Sept.  
 GideonPaddy ChayeskyHeritageTom Reppart21-25 Nov.  
 The ProdigalRichardsonAd AudTom Reppart15-16 Feb.  
 Little HarlequinadeSalieriAd AudMoore/SaundersSpringOperetta 
 Scns: Sunday ExcursionAlec WilderAd AudMoore/SaundersSpringOperetta 
 Down in the ValleyKurt WeillAd AudMoore/SaundersSpringOperetta 
 The Jealous HusbandLa FontaineLittle TheatreChuq Miller Student 1-Act 
 Five DaysJames BrockLittle TheatreLynda Bahler Student 1-Act 
 Right Always Conquers Little Theatre Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Waiting for LeftyClifford OdetsLittle TheatreDennis Noble/Ted McLaughlin28-29 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Love is a FallacyAdapt.Little TheatreJack Ryan Reader’s Theatre 
68-69Importance of Being ErnestOscar WildeAd AudLarry Menifee21-22 Nov.  
 The RainmakerN. Richard NashAd AudLarry Menifee13-14 Feb  
 The Master BuilderHenrikIbsenAd AudLarry Menifee20-21 Mar.  
 HMS PinaforeGilbert & SullivanAd AudMoore/Menifee/Eyman 16-17 MayOperetta 
 The Perfect ComplementDanette KeyLittle TheatreHank McDaniel Student 1-Act 
68-69Between Two ThievesWilliam LeRoyLittle TheatreLarry MenifeeJun.Summer Workshop 
 Of Mice and MenSteinbeckLittle TheatreLarry Menifee7-8 Jul.Summer Workshop 
 Taming of the ShrewShakespeareLittle TheatreLarry Menifee11-12 Aug.Summer Workshop 
 Wizard of OZBaumAd AudLarry Menifee8-9 Aug.Summer Workshop 
 Ladies thru the AgesAdapt. Jack Ryan Reader’s Theatre 
69-70The TorchbearersGeorge KellyLittle TheatreLarry Menifee16-17 Oct.  
 Cyrano De BergeracEdmond RostandAd AudLarry Menifee12-15 Dec.ACTF Reg Per. 
 The Frog PrinceEdward MarshLittle TheatreTerry Eyman   
 Used Car For SaleLewis John CarlinoLittle TheatreLarry Menifee11-12 Mar.  
 The ImpresarioMozartAd AudMoore/Menifee8-9 May.Operetta 
 Cavalleria RusticanaMascagniAd AudMoore/Menifee Operetta 
 The Great QuillowJames ThurberLittle TheatreBecky Schrieber WooleyFallReaders Theatre
 The Tenth Street GangAdapt.Little TheatreCindy BillingslyFallReaders Theatre
 Love is a FallacyMac SchlmanLittle TheatreMary Ann PedenFallReaders Theatre
 Faces of the SouthAdapt.Little TheatrePat GarnerFallReaders Theatre
 Scns: Auntie MamePatrick DennisLittle Theatre FallReaders Theatre
 Of the Passing of the First BornW. DuboisLittle Theatre FallReaders Theatre
 I Wonder if Success Will Spoil Jeff DavisT. L. ConnelyLittle Theatre FallReaders Theatre
 The Skin of Our TeethThorton WilderLittle TheatreMike WiseFallReaders Theatre
 WallsLinsey PriceLittle TheatrePatty Bowman EdwardsFallReaders Theatre
 He Katherine PorterAdaptLittle Theatre FallReaders Theatre
 The KillingAdaptLittle Theatre FallReaders Theatre
 Tigers in the CellarAdaptLittle TheatreSarah RobinsonFallReaders Theatre
 How They Broke Away to Go to Rutabaga CountrySandburgLittle TheatreLyn CalhounFallReaders Theatre
 Rapunsel and the WitchJack MelanosLittle TheatreJohn GingerichFallReaders Theatre
 You, JonahAdaptLittle TheatrePatty Selvia BrandtFallReaders Theatre
 Velveteen RabbitAdaptLittle Theatre FallReaders Theatre
 Zero HourRay BradburyLittle TheatrePhil ReagenFallReaders Theatre
 Streetcar Name DesireTennessee WilliamsComp in Spfld Mo.Pat GarnerFallStudent Directed
 The Glass MenagereTennessee WilliamsLittle TheatreLarryMenifee14-15 Jul.Summer Workshop 
 The Merchant of VeniceShakespeareLittle TheatreLarry Menifee Summer Workshop 
70-71The Apple Tree Jerry Bock, lyrics- Sheldon HarnickLittle TheatreB. West/C. Ganus14-17 Oct.,19-20 Nov.Homecoming Musical 
 Blithe SpiritNoel CowardAd AudJim Huddleson11-13 Dec  
 BeckettT. S. ElliotAd AudBob West18-20 Mar.  
 The Maiden as MistressPergolosiAd AudMoore/West7-8 MayOperetta 
 Gianni SchicchiPucciniAd AudMoore/West7-8 MayOperetta 
 Look for AmericaAdapt.Little TheatreSusan MurrayFallReaders Theatre
 The RavenPoeLittle TheatreJim BrockFallReaders Theatre
 The Phieffer PeopleJules FeiferLittle TheatreBill MacDonaldFallReaders Theatre
 The Children’s StoryJames Clavell/AdaptLittle TheatreJack RyanFallReaders Theatre
 Inherit the Wind Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. LeeLittle TheatreSusan MurryFallReaders Theatre
 The Enemy of the PeopleHenrik IbsenLittle TheatreWayne DockeryFallReaders Theatre
 Complaint DepartmentAdapt.Little Theatre FallReaders Theatre
71-72Fiddler on the Roof Music: Jerry Bock,lyrics: Sheldon Harnick,book:Joseph SteinAd AudWest/Ganus/EllisOct 21-23Homecoming 
 The EnchantedGiraudoux, and ValencyAd AudBob West17-18 Feb.  
 A Doll’s HouseHenrik IbsenLittle TheatreMorris Ellis5-8 Apr.  
 The Medium &The TelephoneMenottiAd AudWest/Moore/Ellis21-22 Apr.Operetta 
 The Butterfly that StampedR. KiplingLittle Theatre FallReaders Theatre
 Three Men on a HorseAbbot/Helm/MillerLittle TheatreHelen HowardFallReaders Theatre
 Please No FlowersEnsanaLittle TheatreCharlene DietrichFallStudent 1-Act 
 The LotteryJacksonLittle TheatrePhyllis ClarkFallStudent 1-Act 
72-73Man of La Mancha Dale Wasserman, Mitch Leigh, Joe DarionAd AudWest/Bill Holloway/Ellis26-28 OctHomecoming 
 12th NightWm. ShakespeareLittle TheatreBobWest12-17 Feb.  
 Man for all SeasonsRobert BoltAd AudBob West18-21 Apr.  
 Dido and AeneasPurcellAd AudKenneth Davis/ West   
 Ballad of the AmericasMansel RobinsonAd AudMoore/ West   
 Animal FarmGeorge Orwell/ Adapt.Little TheatreJohn Ryan9-12 Nov.Reader’s Theatre
 Spoon River AnthologyEdgar Lee MastersLittle TheatreMichael Murrie17-18 Nov.Reader’s Theatre
 The Last of the Solid Gold WatchesTennessee WilliamsLittle TheatreGlenda Chambliss Student 1-Act 
 The Valiant Holworthy Hall and Robert MiddlemassLittle TheatreKerry McClurg Student 1-Act 
 The Sorcerer’s ApprenticeLouis LippaLittle TheatreRick Moore Student 1-Act 
 Pink Lemonade for TomorrowRuth Angell PurkeyLittle TheatreKen Cox Student 1-Act 
 Plaza SuiteNeilSimonLittle TheatreKathy Kurz Student 1-Act 
73-74My Fair Lady Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick LoeweAd AudWest/ Jeff Hopper/Ellis3-5 Oct.Homecoming 
 You’re a Good Man Charlie BrownClark GesnerAd AudWest/Steve Holde/Ellisr4-6 Apr.Tour 
 The Star Spangled GirlNeil SimonLittle TheatreTim Bixler Student 1-Act 
    Vicki McKee Student 1-Act 
    Don Morris Student 1-Act 
    Charlene Dietrich Student 1-Act 
74-75To Walk Upon a RainbowMenifee/HollowayAd AudMenifee/ Holloway/Ellis16-19 Oct.Homecoming 
 The BlindMaeterlinkLittle TheatreLarry Menifee15-16 Nov.  
 You Can’t Take It With YouKaufman / HartLittle TheatreEllis/Hopper (composer)10-15 Feb  
 Under the MilkwoodDylan ThomasLittle TheatreEric Manlove28-29 Apr.Reader’s Theatre 
75-76Annie Get Your Gun Irving Berlin and Herbert & Dorothy FieldsAd AudMenifee/Hopper/Ellis6-8 Nov.Homecoming 
 The Cherry OrchardChekhovLittle TheatreLarry Menifee19-24 Feb.  
 The World of Carl SandburgAdapt.Little TheatreJack Ryan2-4 Dec./12-13 Jan.Reader’s Theatre 
 Christ in the Concrete CityPhilip TurnerLittle TheatreLarry Jackson Student 1-Act 
 Will the Real Jesus Christ Please Stand UpMalcolm MarmorsteinLittle ThreatreRobin MillerNov/ DecStudent 1-Act 
 The Merchant of VeniceShakespeareLittle TheatreLarry MenifeeSummerWorkshop 
 The Late Christopher BeanSidney Howard Larry MenifeeSummerWorkshop 
 Aria De Capo   Summer  
76-771776 The MusicalPeter Stone, Sherman EdwardsAd AudMenifee/Hopper/Ellis27-30 OctHomecoming 
 Phantom Toolbooth Susan Nanus. Based on book by Norton JusterAd AudEllis/ Hopper (Composer) Feb.Tour 
 The Admirable CrichtonJ. BarrieLittle TheatreLarry Menifee14-16 Apr.  
 Maker of DreamsOliphant DownLittle TheatreDebi Arnn Student 1-Act 
 Due to the lack of Interest Little Theatre  Student 1-Act 
 The Menace from EarthRobert HeinleinLittle TheatreAnna Brenton Student 1-Act 
 His and HersAdapt.Little TheatreJack Ryan Reader’s Theatre 
 The Effect of Gamma Rays On  Robin Miller &Jennifer HobbsStudent 1-Act 
 Man-In-The Moon MarigoldsPaul ZindelLittle Theatre  Student 1-Act 
 Tomorrow has been Canceled Little TheatrePhillip Jameson27 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Loser’s Weepers Little TheatreRalph Williams Student 1-Act 
 Glass MenagarieTennessee Williams  Summer  
77-78The FantasticksTom Jones / Harvey SchmidtAd AudChuck Parker/Hopper/Ellis2-5 Nov.Homecoming 
 The Star Spangled GirlNeil simonAd AudMorris Ellis2-4 AprACTF entry 
 Story TheatrePaul SillsLittle TheatreChuq Parker6-11 Feb.Little Theatre 
 She Stoops to ConquerOliver goldsmithAd AudMorris Ellis26-28 Apr.  
 Getting EvenJim GarrardLittle Theatre 9 Dec.Reader’s Theatre 
 One special for Doc Little TheatreMelinda Verkler Reader’s Theatre 
 The Girl With the Funny Nose Little TheatreMark Fisk Student 1-Act 
 The Ugly DucklingA. A. MilineLittle TheatreMelinda Verkler Student 1-Act 
 Leaf by NiggleJ. R. R. Tolkien Adapt.Little TheatreRalph Williams Student 1-Act 
78-79Brigadoon Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick LoeweAd AudParker/Steve Cambell/Ellis1-4 Nov.Homecoming 
 Four VaudvillesAnton ChekhovLittle TheatreChuq Parker ACTF Regional Perf. 
 OthelloShakespeareLittle TheatreChuq Parker29-22 Feb.  
 Good Grief a GriffinEleanor & Ray HarderAd AudMorris Ellis   
 Elizabeth the QueenMaxwell AndersonLittle TheatreMelinda Verkler Readers Theatre 
 The Flattering WordGeorge KellyLittle TheatreBuddy Barkalow Readers Theatre 
 Happy Journey from Trenton To CamdenThornton WildeLittle TheatreSusan Wallace Readers Theatre 
 TourTerrence McNallyLittle TheatreTaylor Carr Readers Theatre 
 Swan SongAnton ChekhovLittle TheatreDavid Bedgood Readers Theatre 
79-80The Sound of MusicRodgers, HammersteinII,Linsdsay &CrouseAd AudParker/Hopper/Ellis8-10 Nov.Homecoming 
 The RainmakerN. R, NashAd AudMorris EllisOct.ACTF reg. nom 
 Arms and the ManG. B. ShawLittle TheatreChuq Parker23-29 Feb.  
 Master Pierre PatlinAnon.Ad AudMorris Ellis7-19 Apr.  
 Campus ComedyAdapt.Little TheatreJack Ryan20-22 Sept.Reader’s Theatre 
 The Lion, Witch, And WardrobeC. S. Lewis/ AdaptLittle TheatreJ. Swann K.WendtFallReader’s Theatre 
 InterviewJean-Claude Van ItaliLittle TheatreJulie Swann (Gibbs)SpringStudent 1-Act 
 The Mad BreakfastIM GreyLittle TheatreWenoka Verkler Student 1-Act 
 Pardon My Second Scene Little TheatreWard Bartlett Student 1-Act 
 Riders to the SeaSyngeLittle TheatreEllen Walker Student 1-Act 
 Promethus BoundJoseph FisherLittle TheatrePaul Perkins Student 1-Act 
 NextTerrence McNallyLittle TheatreLarry Boston Student 1-Act 
80-81A Midsummer’s Night DreamShakespeare/ J.Hopper CompBensonC. Parker/J. Hopper/Miller6-8 NovHomecoming 
 AnastasiaGuy BoltonAd AudChuq Parker22-24 Jan.  
 ResurrectionJon CloudLittle TheatreChuq Parker26 Feb-1 Mar.  
 The Runner StumblesMilan StittLittle TheatreRobin Cannon Student Directed 
 The FourPosterHartogLittle TheatreScott Cody9-11 Oct.  
 His and Her’sAdaptLittle TheatreJack Ryan25-27 Sept.Reader’s Theatre 
 The PitAdaptLittle TheatreKevin Uebelien“Zoltan Karpathy”21-22 Nov.Reader’s Theatre 
 Side EffectsAdaptLittle TheatreJayme Williams19 Feb.Reader’s Theatre 
 South PacificAdaptLittle Theatre 19 Feb.Reader’s Theatre 
 BecketT. S Eliot.Little TheatreCliff ThompsonMar.Reader’s Theatre 
 The Wall (based on Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall)Wendt/SwannLittle TheatreWendt/Swann Reader’s Theatre 
81-82Shenandoah James Lee Barrett & Peter Udell & Phillip Rose & Gary GeldBensonParker/Holder/Miller30-31 Oct.Homecoming 
 The Wind and the WillowsR. Eugene JacksonAd AudRobin Miller20-23 Feb.  
 Imaginary InvalidMoliereAd AudChuq Parker23-25 Apr.  
 CorneredRobert PatrickLittle TheatreJoe Aaron Student 1-Act 
 The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail Jerome Lawrence Robert LeeLittle TheatreAnna Brenton25-26 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 And How’s The FamilyAdapt.Little TheatreJ. Ryan1-3 Oct.Reader’s Theatre 
 Christ in the Concrete CityPhilip W. TurnerLittle TheatreScott Cody Reader’s Theatre 
 Love and Hot FudgeAdaptLittle TheatreRobin Cannon Reader’s Theatre 
 Bald SopranoIonescoLittle TheatreCliff Thompson   
82-83Oklahoma Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein IIBensonEllis/ Warren Casey5-6 Nov.Homecoming 
 The Pride of the Britton’s Ad AudRobin Miller4 Dec.ACTF 
 The TavernGeorge M CohenAd AudMorris Ellis25-27 Feb.  
 Collage of American FolkloreAnthology of storiesAd AudLeigh Ellis22-24 Apr.  
 Bell Book and CandleJohn van DrutenStudent CenterMorris Ellis2-4 Jun.SSDT 
 The Star Spangled GirlNeil simonStudent CenterMorris Ellis23-25 Jun.SSDT 
 Story TheatrePaul SillsStudent CenterRobin Miller14-16 Jul.SSDT 
 The Apple TreeJerry BockStudent CenterRobin Miller4-6 AugSSDT 
 The ExchangeAletha ThurstonLittle TheatreKimbell Crum16-17 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 The Still AlarmGeorge KaufmanLittle TheatreGregg Lotane16-17 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 DamienR.L.Stevenson/LetterLittle TheatreRobin Cannon29-30 Apr.Reader’s Theatre 
 The World of Carl SandburgCarl Sandburg? Adapt.Little TheatreJack Ryan30 Sept. 2 Oct.Reader’s Theatre 
 Hold MeJules FeifferLittle TheatreMar.Reader’s Theatre 
83-84Fiddler on the Roof Music: Jerry Bock,lyrics: Sheldon Harnick,book:Joseph SteinBensonR. Miller/ Jan Miller/Ellis28-29 Oct.Homecoming 
 Between Two ThievesWilliam LeRoyLittle TheatreRobin Miller20-26 Feb.  
 AntigoneSophoclesAd AudMorris Ellis26-29 Mar.  
 Sasphirilla, Please Lyrics R .C. Peters/Music-Peters/ L. MagorStudent CenterRobin Miller5-7 Jul.SSDT 
 Hold Me!Jules FeifferStudent CenterRobin Miller21-23 Jun.SSDT 
 I Do, I Do!H. Schmidt & T. JonesStudent CenterMorris Ellis/ Jeff Hopper26-28 Jul.SSDT 
 The MousetrapAgatha ChristieStudent CenterMorris Ellis9-11 Aug.SSDT 
 Forest HillsNeil SimonLittle TheatreKim Hudson18 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 OvertonesAlice GerstenbergLittle TheatreJo Ellen Noland18 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Good Bye to the ClownErnest KinoyLittle TheatreRona Lyon30 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Potman Spoke SoothDavid FulkLittle TheatreJohnson30 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 The BoorAnton ChekhovLittle TheatreGeannetta Walker6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 ChinamenMichael FraynLittle TheatreConnie Hill6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 If Men Played Cards As Women DoGeorge S. KaufmanLittle TheatreRay Lacy6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Barefoot In the ParkNeil SimonLittle TheatreDebbie Grant26-28Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Without FeathersWoody AllenLittle TheatreJack Ryan6-8 Oct.Reader’s Theatre 
84-85The Mouse TrapA. ChristieAd AudMorris Ellis20 Sept.ACTF 
 Hello DollyMichael Stewart, Jerry HermanBensonMiller/Brian Casey/Ellis2-3 Nov.Homecoming 
 WingsAuthur KopitLittle TheatreMorris Ellis15-20 Apr.  
 Blithe SpiritNoel CowardStudent CenterMorris Ellis SSDT 
 Barefoot in the ParkNeil SimonStudent CenterMorris Ellis SSDT 
 Peg of My HeartJ. Hartley MannersStudent CenterMorris Ellis25-27 Jul.SSDT 
 10 Little IndiansAgatha ChristieStudent CenterLeigh Ellis SSDT 
 Mother’s DayLisa CoxLittle TheatreLisa Cox25-28 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 I Ought to be in PicturesNeil SimonLittle TheatreConnie Hill15 Nov.Reader’s Theatre 
85-86The Music ManMeredith WilsonBensonMiller/Shearin/Ellis1-2 Nov.Hopecoming 
 Breath of SpringPete CokeStudent CenterMorris Ellis26-28 Jun.SSDT 
 The VerdictAgatha ChristieStudent CenterMorris Ellis10-12 Jul.SSDT 
 The Chalk GardenEnid BagnoldStudent CenterMorris Ellis24-26 Jul.SSDT 
 You’re a Good Man Charlie BrownSchulz & GesnerStudent CenterLeigh Ellis/ Neva White7-9 AugSSDT 
 Chapter TwoNeil SimonLittle Theatre 10-11 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Visitor from Forrest HillsNeil SimonLittle Theatre 10-11 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Services Rendered Little TheatreCharles WhiteSpringStudent 1-Act 
 The Valiant Holworthy Hall and Robert MiddlemassLittle TheatreTodd ThompsonSpringStudent 1-Act 
 A Blast with BombeckErma Bombeck/AdaptLittle TheatreJack Ryan17-18 Oct.Reader’s Theatre
86-87Annie Thomas Meehan, Charles Strouse, Martin CharninBensonMiller/Shearin/Ellis6-8 NovHomecoming 
 Star Spangled GirlNeil SimonLittle TheatreRobin Miller   
 You Can’t Take It With YouKaufman/HartHeritage CafeMorris Ellis25-27 Jun.SSDT 
 Murder GameConstance CoxHeritage CafeMorris Ellis9-11 Jul.SSDT 
 Towards ZeroAgatha ChristieHeritage CafeMorris Ellis23-25 Jul.SSDT 
 FantasticksTomJones/Harvey SchmidtHeritage CafeMorris Ellis6-8 Aug  
 HarveyMary ChaseLittle TheatreKathy EppickSpringStudent directed 
87-88The King and IRogers/HammersteinBensonEllis/Shearin/Ellis Homecoming 
 Twain by the TaleDennis SneeLittle TheatreMorris Ellis ACTF 
 GhostsHenrik IbsenAd AudMorris Ellis11-13 Feb  
 The Curious SavageJohn PatrickHeritage CafeMorris Ellis SSDT 
 Murder or Marriage Heritage CafeMorris Ellis SSDT 
 Charles M. Schulz, Warren Lockhart, Arthur Whitelaw, Michael L. Grace, Larry Grossman, Hal HackadyHeritage CafeLeigh Ellis/ Neva White SSDT 
 Monkeys PawW.W. Jacobs and Louise N. ParkerLittle TheatreEloise Shedd18-19 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Dogs of WarStuart KalamsLittle TheatreElise Robinson18-19 FebStudent 1-Act 
 Battle of the BudgetAnne Coulter MartensLittle TheatreCharles White11-12 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 ImpromptuTed MoselLittle TheatreTheresa Sims Hawkins Student 1-Act 
 Dust of the RoadKenneth Sawyer GoodmanLittle Theatre  Student 1-Act 
 If Girls Asked Guys OutAnne Coulter MartensLittle Theatre 25-26 Feb.Student 1-Act 
88-89CarouselRodgers/HammersteinBensonMorris Ellis/Shearin/Ellis Homecoming 
 Hamlet: A Collagebased on Marowitz HamletAd AudMorris Ellis   
 Arsenic and Old LaceJoseph KesselringHeritage CafeLeigh Ellis15-17 Jun.SSDT 
 Wait Until DarkFrederick Knott.Heritage CafeAndrew Kronenwetter26-28 Jun.SSDT 
 The RainmakerN. Richard NashHeritage CafeMorris Ellis27-29 Jul.SSDT 
 Quilters Bk-Molly Newman/Barbara DamashekLittle TheatreTeresa Sims Hawkins7-10 Apr.Student Directed 
 ImpromptuTed MoselLittle Theatre  Student 1-Act 
 Girls Little Theatre  Student 1-Act 
89-90BrigadoonLerner and LoeweBensonEllis/Shearin Homecoming 
 Hamlet, A Collagebased on Marowitz HamletLittle TheatreMorris Ellis   
 The Belle of AmherstWilliam LuceLittle TheatreMorris Ellis28-30 Mar.ACTF 
 Dreams of Childhood Heritage CafeRobin Miller28-30 Jun.SSDT 
 The HollowAgatha ChristieHeritage CafeLeigh Ellis12-14 Jul.SSDT 
 The Importance of Being EarnestOscar WildeHeritage CafeMorris Ellis2-4 AugSSDT 
 AngelaWenoka VerklerLittle TheatreWenoka Verkler Student 1-Act 
 Dogs of WarChristopher WalkenLittle TheatreRobinson Student 1-Act 
 Not Enough RopeElaine MayLittle TheatreJohn Folding Student 1-Act 
 OvertonesAlice GerstenbergLittle TheatreDana RogersFebStudent 1-Act 
 Man in 316Don A. MuellerLittle TheatreSteven J. Rigney20-22 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 ActorsConrad BrombergLittle Theatre 2-3 MayStudent 1-Act 
 Doing PoetryPeter DeeLittle TheatreJohn Folding Student 1-Act 
90-91My Fair LadyLowe & LernerBensonMiller/Shearin/Ellis26-27 OctHomecoming 
 The Belle of AmherstWilliam LuceAd AudMorris Ellis ACTF 
 The Elephant ManJoseph MerrickLittle TheatreRobin Miller11-13 Apr.  
 On the VergeEric OvermeyerLittle TheatreRobin Miller25-27 Apr 
 The TavernGeorge M. CohenHeritage CafeRobin Miller27-29 Jun.SSDT 
 Oh! Promise MePete WilliamsHeritage CafeMorris Ellis11-13 Jul.SSDT 
 Birds of ParadiseRichard Walton TullyHeritage CafeJohn Folding1-3 Aug.SSDT 
91-92The Sound of MusicRodgers, HammersteinII,    
  Linsdsay &CrouseBensonMiller/ Shearin/Ellis8-19 Oct.Homecoming 
 Christmas WishesC. RoeAd AudRobin Miller5-7 DecACTF 
 The Miracle WorkerWilliam GibsonAd AudMorris Ellis16-19 Apr.  
 Charlie’s AuntBrandon ThomasHeritage CafeRobin Miller25-27 Jun.SSDT 
 Fools ParadisePete CokeHeritage CafeLeigh Ellis9-11JulSSDT 
 The Life of Riley Heritage CafeMorris Ellis30 Jul/1 Aug.SSDT 
 Correlia, Cove of JubilationAdaptAd Aud.John FoldingFallMovement show 
 Daisy Pulls It OffDenis DeeganAd AudJohn Folding19-21 Mar.Student directed 
 The ValiantHolworthy Hall/ Robert MiddlemassLittle TheatreSteve Tate13 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 TriflesSusan GlaspelLittle TheatreEthan Brown13 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Here We AreDorothy ParkerLittle TheatreJen Waterous28 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Summer and SmokeTennessee WilliamsLittle TheatreChuckRoe18-19 FebStudent 1-Act 
 No ExitJean-Paul SartreLittle TheatreMaria Dladla25 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 HaikuKatherine SnodgrassLittle TheatreJema McCardell18-19 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Sorry, Wrong NumberLucille FletcherLittle TheatreAngie Bain25 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 AsylumJerome McDonough.Little TheatreJamie Jamison28 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Mama’s DiaryChuck RoeLittle TheatreChuck Roe26-27 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 FidelitySusan GlaspelLittle TheatreEthan BrownSpStudent 1-Act 
92-93Fiddler on the Roof Music: Jerry Bock,lyrics: Sheldon Harnick,book:Joseph SteinBensonMiller/Shearin/Ellis29-31 Oct.Homecoming 
 Watch On the RhineLillian HellmanAd AudMorris Ellis1-3 OctACTF 
 AntigoneAnouilhLittle TheatreRobin Miller4-6 Mar.  
 Bald SopranoIonescoVariousRobin Miller29-1 May  
 The Good DoctorNeil SimonHeritage CafeSteve Frye24-26 Jun.SSDT 
 Catch Me if You Can Bk-Terrence McNally, music/ lyric Marc ShaimanHeritage CafeDottie Frye8-10 Jul.SSDT 
 The Savage DilemmaJohn PatrickHeritage Cafe 29-31 Jul.SSDT 
 Rose Colored GlassesChuck. RoeLittle TheatreChuck Roe Student 1-Act 
 June WeddingChuck. RoeLittle TheatreChuck Roe Student 1-Act 
 I Do, I DoEthan MorddenAd AudBen Howe1-3 Apr.Student directed 
 She Stoops To ConquerOliver GoldsmithAd AudJen Folding Waterous8-10 Apr.Student directed 
93-94Funny GirlStyne, Merrill & LennartBensonMiller/ Mark Hudson/Ellis29-30 Oct.  
 The FoxAllan MillerAd AudEthan Brown11-13 Nov.ACTF 
 The BlindMaetlinkLittle TheatreMorris Ellis1-5 Mar.  
 The Scarlet LetterNathaniel HawthornAd AudRobin MillerApr.  
 You’re A Good Man Charlie BrownSchulz & GesnerHammond Rm.Dottie Frye23-25 Jun.SSDT 
 The InnocentsWm. ArchibaldHammond Rm.Steve Frye7-9 Jul.SSDT 
 My Three AngelsS. & B SpewackHammond Rm.Dottie Frye28-30 Jul.SSDT 
 Land of CounterpaneRobert Louis StevensonLittle TheatreScott Lloyd Student 1-Act 
 King of the DaddiesNatalie Jane GauppLittle TheatreBob Boaz Student 1-Act 
 Worlds of Shakespeare Marchette Chute & Ernestine PerrieLittle TheatreHeather Ellis Student 1-Act 
 Is There Life after High School Bk- Jeffrey Kindley,music/lyrics-Craig CarneliaLittle TheatreTracey White Student 1-Act 
 Blind DateHorton footeLittle TheatreLibby Duscoe27-28 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 The Dining RoomA. R. Gurney.Little TheatreMaria Brooks Student 1-Act 
 I Do, I Do!Ethan MorddenAd AudBob Boaz1-3 Apr.Student 1-Act 
94-95West Side Story - Laurents, Bernstein, and SondheimBensonMiller/Hudson/Ellis28-29 Oct.Homecoming 
 A Midsummer’s Night DreamShakespeareAd AudDottie Frye3-4 Dec.  
 You Can’t Take It With YouKaufman/HartLittle TheatreRobin Miller23-28 Feb.  
 Thurber CarnivalThurberHammond Rm.Dottie Frye22-25 Jun.SSDT 
 Musical Comedy Murders of 1940John BishopHammond RmCharles Adams6-9 Jul.SSDT 
 Steel MagnoliasRobert HarlingHammond RmSteve Frye27-30 JulSSDT 
 Wait Until DarkFrederick KnottLittle TheatreBritt Lynn13-17 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Castle of PerseveranceAnonBenson StagePaul Huebner Student 1-Act 
 Rose a Southern LadyAdapt. M. E. BrooksAd AudMaria Endert Brooks9-13 Nov.ACTF 
 Love LettersA. R. GurneyLittle TheatreAdam & Maria Brooks Student 1-Act 
 Cold FeetEthan Brown  9-13 Nov.ACTF playwriting 
95-96Secret Garden - M. Norman, L. Simon &F. H. BurnettBensonMiller/Ganus/Ellis25-28 Oct.Homecoming 
 RainmakerN. Richard NashAd AudMorris Ellis   
 Scarlet LetterNathaniel HawthorneAd AudRobin Miller4-7 Apr.  
 Cheaper by the DozenShawn LevyHammond RmDottieFrye27-30 Jun.SSDT 
 The ForeignerLarry ShueHammond RmMarisa Thomas18-21 Jul.SSDT 
 Greater Tuna Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed HowardHammond RmS. & D. Frye8-11 Aug.SSDT 
 OvertonesAlice GerstenbergLittle TheatreRachel Brewer15-16 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Prelude to a KissCraig LucasLittle TheatreRachel Brewer22-24 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Castle of PerseveranceAnonQuadPaul Huebner18-19 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 The Man in the Bowler HatA.A. MilneLittle TheatreAnthony Taylor18-19 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 The Boy Comes HomeAA MilneLittle TheatreBen Jones25-27 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 The Universal LanguageDavid IvesLittle TheatreEllen Jones25-27 AprStudent 1-Act 
 Exclusive Model Little TheatreJerry Morgan22-23 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Riders to the SeaSyngeAd AudBen Howe22-23 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 AdaptationSusan OrleanTV StudioBrad Dunn28-29 Apr.Student 1-Act 
96-97Faust, A battle revisitedGoetheAd AudB.Jones/H.McDaniel/P. Huebner13-14 Sept.Student directed 
 Me and My Girl Bk/lyrics-Douglas Furber/ L. Arthur Rose, music-Noel GayBensonMiller/W. Casey/M. Ellis26-28 Oct.Homecoming 
 12th NightShakespeareLittle TheatreMorris Ellis17-22 Feb.  
 The Star Spangled GirlNeil SimonAd AudRobin Miller27 Mar.-4 Apr.  
 Talley’s FollyTalley’s FollyLittle TheatreRobin Miller7-12 Apr.  
 HarveyMary ChaseHammond RmDottie Frye7-10 Aug.SSDT 
 Gas LightPatrick HamiltonHammond RmSteve Frye10-13 Jul.SSDT 
 FoolsNeil SimonHammond RmMarisa Thomas19-22 Jun.SSDT 
 Why Do We LaughStephen GreggLittle TheatreHenry McDaniel14-15 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Cupid’s BowSprnger BerryLittle TheatreJenny Moses14-15 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 GracelandEllen FaireyLittle TheatreAshley Lynn8-9 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Night WatchesJohn MacDuffLittle TheatreDavid Philpott8-9 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Pierre PatlinAnon.Little Theatre 12-14 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Rosencrantz & Gildenstern Are DeadTom StoppardLittle TheatreBen Jones/ Henry McDaniel28 Apr.-3 MayStudent 1-Act 
97-98CamelotLerner & LoeweBensonMiller/Chance/Ellis23-25 Oct.  
 King StagCarlo GozziLittle TheatreMiller5-10 Mar.  
 Father of the BrideF. Goodrich,A.HackettHammond RmDottie Frye SSDT 
 Forever PlaidStuart RossHammond RmMarisa Thomas SSDT 
 The NerdLarry ShueHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 They Dance Real Slow in JacksonJ. Leonard JrLittle TheatreDena Jones22-24 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Rappaccini’s DaughterN. Hawthorne Adpt.Little TheatreDawn Crabtree22-24 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 GalileoBertolt BrechtLittle TheatrePaul Huebner5-6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Voice of the PrairieJohn OliveAd AudBen Howe1-11 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 To The Lovely MargaretP.& T. AllredLittle TheatreJames Allen Cox16-18 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 The Angel with Closed EyesShoji KokamiLittle TheatreMayumi Tereada16-18 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 ImpromptuTad MoselLittle TheatrePete Vann1-2 MayStudent 1-Act 
 The Real Inspector HoundTom StoppardLittle TheatreJaime Evans1-2 MayStudent 1-Act 
 Castle of PerseveranceAnonBenson StagePaul Huebner?Student 1-Act 
98-99Peter Pan J.M.Barrie/Music-Mark Charlap/J.Styne,lyrics-C.Leigh/B.Comden.A.GreenBensonD. Frye/Chance/Huebner6-7 NovHomecoming 
 Pride and PrejudiceJane AustenAd AudPaul HuebnerOct. or NovACTF 
 Glass MenagerieTennessee WilliamsAd AudRobin Miller9-13 Apr.  
 Lend Me A TenorKen LudwigHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 Tuna Christmas Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed HowardHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 The Odd CoupleNeil simonHammond RmDottie Frye SSDT 
 Sorry Wrong NumberLucille FletcherLittle TheatreHeather Allison16-17 NovStudent 1 Act 
 Peer GyntHenrik IbsenLittle TheatreAllen Cox18-20 Sept.Student 1 Act 
 EverymanAnon.Little TheatrePete Vann14-16 Jan.Student 1 Act 
 The BoorAnton ChekhovLittle TheatreMarcus Neely5-6 Feb.Student 1 Act 
 The Ugly DucklingA. A. Milne_Little TheatreStephanie Glenn5-6 Feb.Student 1 Act 
 Can’t Buy LoveMichael SwerdlickLittle TheatreMario Hofhienze18-20 Feb.Student 1 Act 
 Cracked IceJennifer MillerLittle TheatreCarla McCarty18-20 Feb.Student 1 Act 
 Jake’s WomenNeil SimonAd AudDawn Crabtree4-6 Mar.Student 1 Act 
 The FantasticksJones & SchmidtAd AudBen Howe30-Apr.-3 MayStudent 1 Act 
 Androcles and the LionG. B. ShawLittle TheatreHenry McDaniel Student 1 Act 
99-007 Brides for 7 Brothers Bk-L.Kasha/D. Landay,music-G.dePaul/J.Hirschhorn,lyrics-J.MercerBensonMiller/Chance/Ellis20-22 Oct.Homecoming 
 HamletShakespeareLittle TheatreRobin Miller4-12 Feb.  
 On The VergeEric OvermyerAd AudRobinMiller21-29 Apr.  
 Every Body Loves OpalJohn PatrickHammond RmDottieFrye SSDT 
 Plaza SuiteN. SimonHammond RmMarisa Thomas SSDT 
 Our TownThorton WilderHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 Romeo and JulietWm. ShakespeareLittle TheatreMario Hofheinz1-3 OctStudent 1 Act 
 Importance of Being EarnestOscar WildeLittle TheatreJenny Moses1-2, 4-8 NovStudent 1-Act 
 Bang, Bang, You’re DeadWm. MastrpsomoneAd AudKim Blackburn13-14 Nov.Student 1 Act 
 Oedipus The KingSophoclesLittle TheatreTiffany Yecke2-4 Dec.Student 1 Act 
 This Is A TestS. GreggLittle TheatreLesley Ralls2-4 DecStudent 1 Act 
 The Marriage ProposalA. ChekhovLittle TheatreTravis Eads10-12 Mar.Student 1 Act 
 FaustusOrig. Adaptation by MMLittle TheatreMatt Mellon10-12 Mar.Student 1 Act 
 SanctuaryEmil SherLittle TheatreKim Blackburn18-19 FebStudent 1 Act 
 After Midnight Before DawnDavid CamptonLittle TheatreMichael Woodall7-8 Apr.Student 1 Act 
 We’ve Come Back for a Little Look AroundDaniel KlienLittle TheatreChris Rich Student 1 Act 
00>01Man of La Mancha Bk-Dale Wasserman, lyrics-Joe Darion,music-Mitch LeighBensonMiller/Chance/Ellis21-22 Oct.Homecoming 
 PhaedraJean RacineLittle TheatreMorris EllisFeb.  
 Play OnTom StoppardHammond RmScott Lloyd SSDT 
 Arsenic and Old LaceJoseph KesselringHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 Little Mary SunshineRick BesoyanHammond RmDottie Frye SSDT 
 And the Fullness ThereofAnnebelle IrwinLittle TheatreAmber Wigington22-23 Sept.Student 1-Act 
 The Dining RoomAR GurneyLittle TheatreDustin Bartee22-23 Sept.Student 1-Act 
 The RoadLesley RallsReynolds RecitLesley Ralls2-4 NovStudent 1-Act 
 Hard CandyBrian NelsonLittle TheatreKimberly Holder10-11 NovStudent 1-Act 
 12 Angry MenReginald RoseBenson Stg.Jonathan Root1-2 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 MacbethShakespeareAd AudBethany Bannister29-30 Sept.Student 1 Act 
 The Bald SopranoIonescoLittle TheatreJeff Spruill8-10 Feb.Student 1 Act 
 Black ComedyPeter SchafferAd AudAdam Sullivan23-25 Feb.Student 1 Act 
 There’s Something Rotten in the State of DenmarkJoseph WallaceLittle TheatreDaisha Stockstill23-25 FebStudent 1 Act 
 Cupid’s BowSpranger BerryLittle TheatreMelissa Mitsunaga21-23 Mar.Student 1 Act 
 The Flattering WordGeorge KellyLittle TheatreKatie Wampler21-23 Mar.Student 1 Act 
 The Taming of the ShrewShakespeareAd AudMarcus Neeley8-10 Mar.Student 1 Act 
 Lamb to the SlaughterRoald DahlHarding ParkAaron Brooks5-7 Apr.Student 1 Act 
 Man WantedWilliam DieterleLittle TheatreCarla McCarty Student 1 Act 
 Complete Works of Shakespeare AbridgedLong, Singer & WinfieldAd AudPete Vann.13-17 Apr.Student 1 Act 
 Mandy DearHillary IngberLittle TheatreAmber Audrey4-5 MayStudent 1 Act 
01>02Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatWeber & RiceBensonMiller/Chance/Ellis2-3 Nov.Homecming 
 All My SonsAuthur MillerAd AudJeff Spruill   
 The Picture of Dorian GrayOscar Wilde / Adapt.Ad AudRobin Miller29 Mar.-2 Apr.  
 Bell Book and CandleJohn Van DrutenHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 10 Little IndiansAgatha ChristieHammond RmDottie Frye SSDT 
 You Can’t Take It With YouKaufman/HartHammond RmJenny Moses SSDT 
 Pot LuckKatherine AuthurLittle TheatreTim Anderson25-27 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 The ValiantHall and MiddlemassLittle TheatreMelinda Hollis25-27 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Remember Your DiaphramMeyer HansonLittle TheatreMiranda LaBreque29 Nov.-1 DecStudent 1-Act 
 The Star In The WindowOlive Higgins ProutyLittle TheatreKim Anderson29 Nov.-1 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 TrifflesSusan GlaspellLittle TheatreJames Bocks24-26 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 Zoo StoryEdward AlbeeLittle TheatreDavid Kaplan24-26 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 Towards ZeroAgatha ChristieAd AudKatie Wampler23-25 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 Harding Life UnscriptedTrey CookeHeritageTrey Cooke Student 1-Act 
 It’s All In The TimingDavid IvesLittle TheatreHannah Sawyer28 Feb.-2 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 An Actor’s NightmareChristopher DurangLittle TheatreJay Williams28 Feb. 2 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 The Book of HoursNora HusseyLittle TheatreMiranda La Breque Student 1-Act 
 Songs of a New WorldJason Robert BrownAd AudMichael Woodall Student 1-Act 
 You’re a Good Man Charlie BrownSchulz & GesnerLittle TheatreJena Fritz22-28 Apr.Student director 
02>03Once Upon A Mattress Music-Mary Rodgers/Lyrics Marshall Barer/Book Thompson&FullerBensonMiller/Chance/Ellis25-27 OctHomecoming 
 In The Mind-On The Downtown C/Boor/OvertonesYecke/Chekhov/GensbergAd AudMelani Morgan, Jena Fritz, Bonnie Nystrom23-28 SeptACTF 
 The Star Spangled GirlNeil SimonAd AudRobin Miller28 Mar. 1 Apr.  
 Sunshine BoysNeil SimonHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 The Importance of Being EarnestOscar WildeHammond RmHenry McDaniel SSDT 
 Lost In YonkersNeil SimonHammond RmJeff Spruill SSDT 
 RainD. KaplanAd AudDavid Kaplan Student 1-Act 
 Dumb WaiterHarold PinterMk-up StudioTom Meadows Student 1-Act 
 Scenes and RevelationsElan GaronzikLittle TheatreJ. Ashlin7-10 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The Tell-Tale HeartEdgar Allen PoeLittle TheatreRyan Aherin7-10 Feb.Student 1-Act 
03>04Music ManMeridith Wilson/LaceyBensonMiller/ Chance/Lynn Homecoming 
 ShadowlandsC. S .LewisAd AudRobin Miller   
 Love LettersAR GurneyLittle TheatreRobinMiller   
 Curious SavageJohn PatrickHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 Shakespeare AbridgedDaniel Singer, Jess WinfieldHammond RmPete Vann SSDT 
 12 Angry MenReginald RoseHammond RmDottie Frye SSDT 
 Perfect PieJudith ThompsonLittle TheatreNatalie Graham14-16 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 World Without MemorySeth KramerLittle TheatreRobyn Bocks   
 Trysting PlaceBooth TarkingtonLittle TheatreRobin Gray   
 ElectraEuripidiesLittle TheatreEmily Word   
 Not Picture PerfectOriginalCampusTrey Cook   
 Boys Next DoorT GriffinLittle TheatreLindsey Harriman   
04>05KismetRobert Wright/George ForrestBensonGanus/Chance/Lynn22-23 Oct.Homecoming 
 Scotland RoadJeffery HatcherAd AudAdam Sullivan10-12 Feb.  
 The Miracle WorkerWilliam GibsonAd AudRobin Miller25-29 Feb.  
 Everybody Loves OpalJohn PatrickHammond RmSteve Frye16-19 Jun.SSDT 
 Kiss or Make UpJohn SharkeyHammond RmAdam Sullivan7-10 Jul.SSDT 
 Don’t Be Afraid of the DarkNigel McKeandHammond RmDan Stockstill28-31 Jul.SSDT 
 A Walk in the WoodsLee BlessingAd AudTom Meadows30 Sept/2 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Are You Being ServedJeremy Lloyd, David CroftLittle TheatreHeather Stringfellow11-13 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Ugly DucklingAA MilneLittle TheatreKatie Vancil2-4 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Mad BreakfastIM GreyLittle TheatreChrista Abernathy2-4 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Dark Lady of the SonnetsBernard ShawLittle TheatreJanine Criswell24-26 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Tall TalesRobert SchenkkanLittle TheatreCynthia Noah7-9 AprStudent 1-Act 
 The Elephant ManLynchLittle TheatreMegan Gilbert28-30 Apr.Student 1-Act 
05>06Beauty and The Beast Music: Alan Menken lyrics: Howard Ashman/Tim Rice, book: Linda WoolvertonBensonMiller/Chance/Lynn26-28 Oct.Homecoming 
 The Master ClassTerrance McNallyReynold’s R. C.Britt Lynn29 Nov.-2 Dec.  
 OleanderDavid MametLittle TheatreAdam Sullivan9-11 Dec.  
 CPR:The Musical Mus. of 50, 60, 70”sPainter & Co.Ad AudRobin Miller4-17 Apr.Sr. Sem prod. 
 Asleep on the WindEllen ByronLittle TheatreSusie Loveland15-17 Sept.Student 1-Act 
 HoodsJay McDonoughLittle TheatreCaleb Lowery16-18 Oct.Student 1-Act 
 Siren Song of Steven Jay GouldBenjamin BettenbenderLittle TheatreErastos Evdoxiadis12-14 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 Children’s HourLillian HellmanLittle TheatreLaurie Padgett2-4 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Charlotte’s WebE.B. WhiteLittle TheatreJeremy Painter26-28 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 Two RoomsLee BlessingLittle TheatreJordan Dynieski9-11 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The Flattering WordGeorge KellyLittle TheatreSeth Fish24-27 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 If Men Played Cards as Women DoGeorge KaufmanLittle TheatreJamison Girton24-27 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Cinderella Inc.Thomas HischakLittle TheatreMichelle Staggs24-27 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The BoorChekhovLittle TheatreBrandt Roberts30 Mar/1 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Forever PlaidRoss/RiattLittle TheatreJena Aldridge27-29 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Barefoot in the ParkNeil SimonHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
 ProposalsNeil SimonHammond RmAdam Sullivan SSDT SSDT 
 Jake’s WomenNeil SimonHammond RmSteve Frye SSDT 
06>07Fiddler on the Roof Music: Jerry Bock,lyrics: Sheldon Harnick,book:Joseph SteinBensonMiller/Chance/Lynn27-28 Oct.Homecoming 
 Woman In BlackStephen MalatrattAd AudAdam Sullivan30 Nov-2 Dec.  
 The TavernGeorge M. CohenAd AudRobin Miller6-9 Apr.  
 Torch BearersGeorge KellyLittle TheatreSarah Shipp28-30 Sept.Student 1-Act 
 Plaza SuiteNeil SimonLittle TheatreBen Scharff28-30 Sept.Student 1-Act 
 Hush: an interview with AmericaJames SillLittle TheatreKaeli Dunlap25-27 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 No ExitJean SartreLittle TheatreDavid Spoor15-17 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Quimby Comes AcrossDon PerrisLittle TheatreDaniel Chalenburg15-17 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 In the Middle of Grand Central StationNancyPahl GilsenanLittle TheatreMorgan Scharff22-24 Mar.Student 1-Act 
 Fantasticks Music:Harvey Schmidt/Book:Tom JonesHammond RmSteve Frye21-24 Jun.SSDT 
 You’er a Good man Charlie Brown Music: C. Gessner/Book:J GordonHammond RmDottie Frye12-16 Jul.SSDT 
 Taffetas Music: A. Whitelaw/ Book:J. ShellenbergerHammond RmSteve Holder2-5 AugSSDT 
07>08Arsenic and Old LaceJoseph KesselringUPACMorris Ellis11-13 Oct.Open UPAC 
 Wizard of Oz Book: L. Frank Baum Music/Lyrics of MGM Motion PictureScore: Harold Arlen/E. Y. Harburg. Background music: Herbert Stothart. 
 Book Adaptation: John Kane from the Motion Picture ScreenplayBenson Aud.Miller/Lynn/Chance4-5 Nov.Homecoming 
 WitMargaret EdsonUPACAdam Sullivan   
 Little Shop of Horrors Book/Lyrics: Howard Ashman/Music: Alan MenkenUPACMiller/Lynn21-24 Mar.  
 The LotteryBrainerd DuffieldUPACCaleb Keese31 Mar/2 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 GracelandEllen ByronUPACAshley Fowler31 Mar.-2 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The MousetrapAgatha ChristiUPACAmanda Gates14- 16 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Actor’s NightmareChristopher DurangUPACKevin Rodgers10-12 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 The Bald SopranoEugene IonescoUPACCourtney Myres10-12 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Seven Angry MenReginald RoseAd. Aud.Daniel Chanlenburg17-19 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 Man in the Moon MarigoldsPaul ZindelUPACJordan Rousseau24-26 Apr.Student 1-Act 
 The ForeignerLarry ShueUPACS. Frye12-15/20-21 Jun. SSDT 
 Star Spangled GirlNeil SimonUPACCraig Jones3-6/11-12 Jul. SSDT 
 My Three AngelsSam and Bella SpewackUPACD. Frye24-27 Jul./1-2 Aug.SSDT 
08>09Oklahoma Mus.Richard Rodgers, Lyrics Oscar Hammerstein IIBenson AudMiller/Lynn/Chance24-25. Oct.Homecoming 
 ScapinMoliereUPACLynn/ Ellis9-11, 16-1 Apr.  
 Aria De CapoEdna St Vincent MillayUPACJerry LaFever6-8 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 A ComediaGriff and CompanyUPACGriff McMurry6-8 Nov.Student 1-Act 
 The PatientAgatha ChristieUPACGerad Vandergrift4-6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Zoo StoryE. AlbeeUPACJosh Decker4-6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Monkey's PawJacob &ParkerUPACAdam Colvin4-6 Dec.Student 1-Act 
 Dumb WaiterHarold PinterUPACKenny Dollinger29-31 Jan.Student 1-Act 
 Life In Technicolor The Same Thing /Mark Levine     
 Three 10 minute play: Five Thirds of Fortune /Lisa Solane     
 ScriptedUPACMalcomb Clark29-31 JanStudent 1-Act 
 Why Do We Laugh?Stephen GreggUPACMary McBride12-14 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 OvertonesAlice GerstenbergUPACAnna Shaffer12-14 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The Dining RoomA. R. GurneyUPACMegan West12-14 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Treasure IslandRL StevensonUPACAaron Tucker26-28 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Jungle BookRudyard KiplingUPACRachel Filbeck26-28 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 God’s Man in TexasDavid RamboUPACS. Frye/Ben Jones4-7, 12-13 Jun.SSDT 
 Dearly DepartedDavid Botell & Jesse JonesUPACD. Frye/ Jones25-28 Jun. /3-4 Jul. SSDT 
 NunsenseLyrics & Mus. David GogginUPACS. Frye/ Jones16-19/ 24-25 Jul.SSDT 
09>10Scrooge Lyrics/Mus. Leslie BricusseBenson AudMiller/Lynn/Chance30-31 Oct.Homecoming 
 The AnniversaryAnton ChekhovUPACEllis11-13 Feb.  
 The Importance of Being EarnestOscar WildeUPACMiller/Lynn1-3/ 8-10 Apr.  
 Mere MortalsDavid IvesUPACJeremy Hall4, 5, 6 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Jekyell & Hyde by Robert Lewis StevensonAdapt/ G.WilliamOakleyUPACKyle Wiehe4, 5, 6 FebStudent 1-Act 
 Patchwork QuiltRachel FieldUPACLiz Mae Willen11-13 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrolladapt.Kathryn Schultz-MillerUPACSydney Clyde18-20 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 The Ugly DuckingA. A. MilneUPACJonathan Aders18-20 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 SquabblesMarshall KarpUPACSteve Frye10-13/17-19 JunSSDT 
 Dearly BelovedJones, Hope & WootenUPACBen Jones1-4/8-10 JulSSDT 
 Nunsense IILyrics & Mus. David GogginUPACSteve Frye22-25/29-31 JulSSDT 
10>11Thourghly Modern MillieMus:Jeanine Tesori, lyrics Dick Scanlan,Benson Aud.Miller/Lynn/ChanceNov. 5,6Homecoming 
  book: Richard Morris & Scanlan.     
 Child's Christmas in WalesD.Thomas Adpt.J.Brooks&A.MitchellUPACLynn, LynnDec. 2-5Faculty Directed. 
 The Scheme of the Driftless ShifterCarolyn B LaneUPACLogan KaysFeb 10-12Student 1-Act 
 A Marriage Has Been ArrangedAlfred SultoUPACHannah PayneFeb 10-12Student 1-Act 
 The Ransom of Red ChiefAdpt.from O. HenryUPACTyler PerringFeb. 17-19Student 1-Act 
 World Without MemorySeth KramerUPACRob YatesFeb. 17-19Student 1-Act 
 The Fall of the House of UsherAdpt from Edgar A. PoeUPACMarcus BellamyFeb.24-27Class Projecty. 
 The Hound of BaskervillesFrom Arthur Conan DoyleUPACCassie BennettFeb.24-27Student 1-Act 
 You Can't Take It With YouMoss Hart & George KaufmanUPACR. Miller & B. Lynn.Apr 21-23, 28-30Faculty Directed.
 Every Christmas Story Ever ToldM. Carleton, J. FitzGerald & J.K.AlverezUPACS. FryeJun 9-12, 16-18SSDT 
 Chrismas BellsJ. Jones, N. Hope, J. WootenUPACDottie FryeJun30, Jul1-3, 7-9SSDT 
 Plaid TidingsStuart RossUPACS. Frye/Jordan DollinsJul 21-24, 28-30SSDT 
 Spring Sing Benson Aud.S. Frye and Company Spring Sing 
11>12AnnieThomas Meehan, Charles Strouse, Martin CharninBensonMiller/Chance/Lynn28-29 Oct.Homecoming 
 Twice upon a TimeColleewn NeumanUPACAllison Musselwhite1,2,3 DecStudent 1-Act 
 CinderellaRuth NewtonUPACJoshua Cole Little1,2,3 DecStudent 1-Act 
 The Amish Project w/ Logan KaysJessica Dickey.UPACRobert Yates2-4 Feb.Senior project- acting
 The GameLouise Bryant.UPACRobert Ballew9-11 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Rapunzal UncutMariah EvermanUPACAmy Dorsey16-18 Feb.Student 1-Act 
 Open Book: Tangled TalesLewis CarollUPACCassie Renee Bennett/Robin Miller16-18 Feb.Class Project/Senior Sem-Cassie
 Seussical T.Y.A.Lynn Ahrens, Book: S FlahetryUPACMiller/ Ellis6-7 & 13-14Spring Show 
  and Lynn Ahrens  April  
 Shakespeare Senior Seminar: Cassie BennettUPACMiller/Ellis/Bennett23-24 AprilSenior Sem. 
 Slightly Askew BensonS. Frye and Company6-7 AprilSpring Sing 
 Night of January 18thAyn RandUPACBen Jones7-16 JuneSSDT 
 Southern HospitalityJones Hope WootenUPACSteve Frye28 June-7 JulySSDT 
 The 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Beeby Rebecca FeldmanUPACDottie Frye19-28 JulySSDT 
  Music/Lyrics W.Finn, Book R Sheinkin, addional mat. Jay Reiss.     
12>13Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatWeber & RiceBensonMiller, Chance, Lynn24, 26, 27 OctHomecoming 
 The Snow Show UPACAmanda Lane8, 9, 10 NovStudent 1-act 
 Don't Say MacBeth UPACDillon Holder8, 9, 10 NovStudent 1-act 
 Our TownThornton WilderUPACSteve Frye6, 7, 8 DecFaculty Directed
 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydeadapted by Jeffrey HatcherUPACAllison Musslewhite7, 8, 9 FebSenior Project- Directing
 The Ghost Story UPACAmelia Mitchell21, 22, 23 FebStudent 1-act 
 Check Please/Variations on a ThemeUPACCarisse Brewer21, 22, 23 FebStudent 1-act 
 Conflict UPACDavid T R Goble21, 22, 23 FebStudent 1-act 
 SmashJeffrey HatcherUPACRobin Miller4-6 AprilFaculty Directed 
 John & Jenmusic: Lippa, lyrics: Greenwald,UPACBen Jones18, 19, 20 AprFaculty Directed 
  book: Lippa and Greanwald     
 Never Too LateSumner Arthur LongUPACSteve Frye6-15 JuneSSDT 
 Faith County: An Evening of CultureMark Landon SmithUPACBen Jones27 June-6 JulySSDT 
 A Year With Frog and Toadmusic & book: R. Reale,UPACDottie Frye18-27 JulySSDT 
  lyrics: W. Reale     
13>14Pirates!?! A Pillaging of Gilbert and Sullivanoriginal story by Gilbert and Sullivan,BensonMiller, Chance, Lynn25, 26 - OctHomecoming 
  adaptation by Jordan Dollins (music) an Michael Claxton (book)   
 A Company of Wayward SaintsGeorge HermanUPACSteve Frye14-16 NovFaculty Directed 
 MacbethWilliam ShakespeareUPACBritton Lynn26-28 Feb, 1 MarchFaculty Directed 
 Radium GirlsDW GregoryUPACRobin Miller27-29 MarchFaculty Directed 
 FogJ.H. NeebeUPACElizabeth Fausett1-3 MayStudent 1-act 
 Flowers for AlgernonDavid RogersUPACSarah Harris1-3 MayStudent 1-act 
 A Device Out of TimeRay BradburyUPACKelsey Sumrall1-3 MayStudent 1-act 
 Little WomenMarisha Chamberlain (book Louisa May Alcott)UPACJenna Kay Light1-3 MayStudent 1-act 
 EleemosynaryLee BlessingUPACAngela Duggins1-3 MayStudent 1-act 
 Charlotte's Web Recital HallDottie Frye3 - MayChildren's Theatre 
 Faith CountyMark Landon SmithUPACSteve Frye5-8, 12-14 JuneSSDT 
 Dixie Swim ClubJ. Jones, N. Hope, J. WootenUPACSteve Frye26-29 June, 3, 5 JulySSDT 
 1776music/lyrics S.Edwards, book P. StoneUPACDottie Frye17-20, 24-26 JulySSDT 
14>15Shrek the Musicalmusic J. Tesori, lyrics/book David Lidsay-AraireBensonMiller, Chance, Lynn31 Oct, 1 NovHomecoming 
 Charlie's AuntBrandon Thomas UPACBritton Lynn 4-6 DecFaculty Directed 


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