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Harding University Student Launch Initiative

Welcome to the Harding University Rocket Team Website!

We are a group of Harding students participating in
NASA’s University Student Launch Initiative.


The competition takes place April 2011:
check back as we continue to make progress.

More rocket building.

Beginning construction on rocket.

Test Launch:



December 1: Regular Rocket Team Meeting: Wrapping up activities for the semester

Have a happy holidays! We're looking forward to a great New Year!


November 30: Bottle Rocket Outreach Activity with Westside Elementary

November 29: Outreach Activity with Local Boy Scout Troop

November 3: Regular Rocket Team Meeting

Payload and Avionics: Create Parts List for Payload and Rocket

All Teams: Begin work on preliminary design review

November 2: Web Presence Established


October 30: Test Launch in Memphis

Rockets from last year failed to launch: will begin analyzing problems

October 7: Regular Rocket Team Meeting

Payload: Solutions for clearing the parachute off the camera upon landing

Avionics: Learn operation of flight computers

Airframe: Design cart for carrying materials (machine shop experience)

Business: Seek sponsorship by NASA grant and Arkansas Space Consortium

Publications: Work on website

October 3: Report Work