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Hey Mrs. Klein, what's a footnote?  I am so glad you asked.  Here's the main U of Chicago site. Click here for more details!  Here's one with great screenshot examples for electronic source (websites) citations.  Here's one for Oral Interviews (scroll down for Turabian).  If you are a major in this department, go directly to the Bookstore and buy a copy of the Turabian book.  You'll be glad you did! 

Helpful Hints:

You are to use a footnotes/bibliography format. That is - Chicago or Turabian Style. Footnotes run at the bottom of the page where cited and are numbered sequentially through out the entire paper. They do not appear at the end of the document, and they do not start with number 1 at the bottom of each new page. Bibliographic entries appear in a separate document at the end of the work. They are organized alphabetically by the author's last name. Use the "references" tab in Microsoft WORD. It is your friend!

Also, you are to supply me with a print out of your sources. Please highlight the area of the source that you are pulling your information from, then number it to correspond with the correct footnote.


1) What do I need to footnote?

Any thing that is not common knowledge. Did you have to look it up or ask around about it? Footnote it. Even if you didn't quote the source directly. (Especially if you didn't quote it directly, because if you don't, it looks a LOT like plagiarism. Because it is....) Don't forget to include all sources in your bibliography.

2) Can I use Wikipedia for the State and Local Government assignment?

Wiki cannot be your main source of info. You can use it sparingly, but it would be better to use the official state or local website. Wiki is best as a starter: read the article then hunt down the sources cited in the footnotes.

3) If I use Wikipedia, how do I cite it?

All sources must be cited, including electronic and web sources. There are helpful hints above about format.

4) Can I use our class text?

Yes you may.  Cite it as you would any book.