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Welcome from the SA president

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Dear Harding Family,

I have to admit it, I love college. These three going on four years have definitely been the most interesting of my life. Whether it is a trip abroad to Zambia, accountability groups with some of my closest friends, or slip-n-slides in front of the GAC after a rainy day, I have had the opportunity to see and grow so much. Really there is hardly a better time for growth. And as I have said before, that growth is largely due to the fact that in college, we are on our own.

When we arrive at college, we finally feel the separation that we’ve always longed for. We no longer have somebody telling us to clean our room; we no longer have somebody demanding we go to class; we no longer have somebody demanding we go to church; we no longer have somebody dictating our life. At least, that is the way it often seems. It often seems as though college is the time of achieved revolution and we have finally achieved separation from all dictators of our past, maybe even God.

However, we know that this independence really is an illusion, just as our “liberation” was in the Garden. We as the Student Association hope and aim to show the worth of dependence upon the only one who can sustain us. And in depending upon the Lord, we learn to depend upon each other in our community. Rather than turning to things that will never support us, we must learn to depend on each other and on God. We are dependent creatures, so let us depend on what is good.

“In him we live and move and have our being” Acts 17:28a

Everyone has the opportunity to become involved in the SA this year, and if you would like to have more information, you can either contact me at phabegg1@harding.edu or contact the SA secretary, Chelsea Bradley, at cbradle3@harding.edu.

What a joy it is to be at Harding University!

Philip Habegger

SA President 2014-2015

Student Association

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