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Events such as 9-11 and the Virginia Tech tragedy serve as powerful reminders of the need for universities nationwide to be prepared for various types of emergencies. Harding University has taken steps to ensure that any emergency that could potentially occur on campus has been carefully considered, and that appropriate plans have been devised to cope with any such emergency.

An Emergency Management Committee was formed in the fall of 2001 after the events of 9-11. The committee was charged with revising existing emergency response plans and creating new ones to better enable the university to respond to various types of emergencies should they occur on campus.

The committee is comprised of faculty and staff members from various departments and areas on campus. Some of the roles of the committee include planning and enacting disaster drills on campus, reviewing and revising emergency response policies and procedures, reviewing, updating, and implementing emergency communications, and providing emergency preparedness training for the Harding community.


Severe Weather map pdf

Student Roles in an Emergency pdf


White County Medical Center

Searcy Police (non-emergency)

White County Sheriff

Ark. State Police

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM)