Honors College

Eligibility & Enrollment

There are two tiers of eligibility in the Honors College: honors students and honors scholars.

Honors Students

Incoming freshmen are eligible by earning an ACT score of 27 or higher, or an SAT of 1260 (ERW+M) or higher or a CLT score of 84. Incoming students should request Honors enrollment by submitting the online form below.

Currently enrolled students and transfer students must earn a 3.25 university grade point average to enroll. Current students will submit the form via Pipeline. Honors students can graduate as Honors College Graduates or Honors College Graduates with Distinction.

Students selected as Walton Scholars by the Walton International Scholarship Program are also enrolled as Honors Students.

Honors College Enrollment Form - Incoming Freshmen

Honors Scholars

Honors Scholars are a select group of 45 to 50 incoming freshmen who are National Merit Finalists, National Merit Semi-Finalists, National Merit Hispanic Scholars, and Trustee Award recipients. If openings remain, students may be selected from the pool of Trustee Award applicants and Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished Scholars. Honors Scholars will be contacted by the Honors College after their award has been offered by the University Admissions Office.

Continuing Requirements

To remain eligible, all Honors Students are expected to engage in scholarship, leadership and service to the community. To remain enrolled in the Honors College, students will:

  • maintain a 3.25 cumulative university GPA
  • participate in the academic and student life offerings in the Honors College
  • participate in leadership and service opportunities on campus, in the community and beyond

Engagement Requirements

The Honors College cultivates opportunities for highly motivated students to grow in leadership, service and academic excellence through shared experiences that are informed by faith and focus on the development of the whole person. The college is committed to building a stimulating undergraduate experience that enhances the academic profile of students as they pursue opportunities after Harding.

All honors students are required to remain engaged in the Honors College during their time as undergraduate students. To demonstrate such engagement, students must earn at least one unit from either the Academic or Leadership and Service areas each semester. Students who do not meet the expectation in a given semester will be placed on probation in the Honors College during the following semester. If the expectations are unmet a second time, the student will be unenrolled from the Honors College and will need to re-apply in  the following semester.

At the end of each semester, students will report their engagement to the Honors College using a designated form.

Academic (1 unit each)Leadership and Service (1 unit each)
Complete an honors section of a course.Serve as an elected officer of any of the HU organizations listed for at least a semester.
Complete an HNRS course.Serve as a Peer Guide for first-year Bible courses.
Complete an honors contract in conjunction with a for-credit internship.Serve as a student representative on an HU academic committee.
Complete an honors contract in another upper-level course.Serve as an academic tutor for a semester through the Honors College’s service program.
Complete an honors capstone or honors thesis.Participate in an HU spring break or summer mission effort.
Present scholarly or creative work at an external academic conference.Complete a long-term form of community engagement through the Office of Community Connection.
Present scholarly or creative work at the HU Undergraduate Research Conference.Attend at least six Honors Council meetings in an academic semester.
Submit research to a peer-reviewed, academic publication.Participate in at least two leadership or service activities facilitated through the Honors Student Council in a semester.
Apply to an approved external fellowship or scholarship program.Is there an activity that you want to propose as a leadership and service unit? Please send us an email (honors@harding.edu) with your request.
Is there an activity that you want to propose as an academic unit? Please send us an email (honors@harding.edu) with your request.

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