Front Lawn


“On Thursday, after the morning lectures, Dr. Benson spoke about the final money-raising efforts and announced that they had successfully raised enough to pay off the mortgage. There was a thunderous applause from the audience and, even though it was a cold, drizzly day, everyone left the auditorium in old Godden Hall to gather on the front lawn to witness the burning of the mortgage. A pile of cardboard boxes was ignited and, although he had raised most of the money, Dr. Benson graciously handed the mortgage to Brother J.N. Armstrong to let him burn it. He threw it into the flames amid applause and a prayer of thanksgiving to God. The Harding campus has never been mortgaged again. The feast that followed in the Pattie Cobb dining hall was a joyous one.”

—Dr. Clifton L. Ganus Jr.

Mortgage paid! Read the original article published in the December 1939 issue of The Bison Newspaper.