Executive Leadership Team

Mike Williams, Ed.D.

Jean-Noel Thompson, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President

Marty Spears, Ph.D.
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Tammy Hall, MBA
Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

University Cabinet

Monte Cox
Dean of College of Bible & Ministry

Allen Frazier
Dean of College of Business Administration

Dana Steil
Dean of College of Arts & Sciences

Susan Kehl
Dean of College of Nursing

Donny Lee
Dean of College of Education

Julie Hixson-Wallace
Dean of College of Pharmacy

Mike McGalliard
Dean of Allied Health

Mark Powell
Dean of Harding School of Theology

Jim Martin
Vice President for Harding School of Theology

Mike Chalenburg
Vice President for Information Systems & Technology and Chief Information Officer

Steve Lake
Vice President for Enrollment Services

Zach Neal
Vice President for Student Life

Jim Gurchiek
Superintendent of Harding Academy

Jeff Morgan
Athletic Director

Andrea Morris
Assistant to the Provost

David Ross
Assistant Vice President

Luke Morris
Assistant Vice President

Candice Moore
Assistant Vice President for University Communications & Marketing

Amy Cox
Chair of Faculty Leadership Council


To contact someone on the Board of Trustees or the President's Cabinet, please email harding@harding.edu.