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Ed.S. in Educational Leadership

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If you are interested in serving as a superintendent or assistant superintendent, then this program is for you. The Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership at the district level will also grant you district level administrator licensure following successful completion of the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) and a year of building level administrator experience.


Admission Requirements

Beginning Summer 2020, the Harding University College Education will use GradCAS - a common application.


  • Complete the CAS application and submit appropriate fee.
  • Request official transcripts (required) and have them sent to the GradCAS:
    • GradCAS Transcript Processing Center 
      PO Box 9217 
      Watertown, MA 02471
    • To expedite a review of your application, you may upload unofficial transcripts.
    • Note: An alumnus of Harding University does not need to request an HU transcript; records are on file. You can bypass this requirement in the Academic History quadrant.
  • Request two letters of professional or academic recommendations from individuals who can 1) address your potential for success in the selected graduate program and 2) address your professional and academic background, and have these sent through the CAS recommender portal
  • Request from your superintendent one letter of recommendation on official school letterhead with a signature or an email with the school district designation in the email signature and have it sent through the CAS recommender portal.
    • The letter must specifically include the following:
      • Support for your participation in the program 
      • A statement of support allowing you to participate in field experiences
  • Upload a copy of your Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) record.
  • Upload a resume.
  • Upload a copy of your current educator license including a Standard Principal License (or you must show that you have completed program requirements to receive a Standard Principal License via your transcript.) Note: To be eligible for Superintendent License at the end of the program, the applicant must have Standard Principal License and a minimum of one year of experience as an administrator.
  • Upload documentation of your last three years of teaching experience (i.e. a copy of your signed teaching contract or a letter on official letterhead with the signature of your principal or Human Resources Office, etc.). 


  • If your GPA  is less than 3.00 on academic work from a previous degree, an official GRE score should be sent to Harding University. Provisional admittance for GPAs between 2.5 and 2.99 will be considered.


  • An admission/advising interview will be conducted with the program director via phone, Zoom conferencing or face-to-face.

For GradCAS Application related questions:
Phone: 857-304-2086 

For program related questions:
Harding University 
Office of Educational Leadership 
Phone: 501-279-4117
Fax: 501-279-4435

Graduation Requirements

1. Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.00 GPA in all graduate work with no grade lower than C.

2. Complete an internship in district administration.

3. Complete a specialist project.

4. Compile and present a professional portfolio over Arkansas and national accreditation  standards.

5. Pass written comprehensive exams.

6. Complete the Petition for Graduation pdf the semester before you expect to graduate.

7. Complete on Online Graduation Application.

Curriculum Plan

The Ed.S. in Educational Leadership program consists of 30 hours, including a 3-hour internship and a 1-hour Specialist Project.

Ed.S. in Educational Leadership Curriculum Plan

If you are not interested in obtaining the full Ed.S. degree, you may be interested in the District Level (Superintendent's) Licensure program of study. See our Endorsements for more info.

Academic Catalog and Course Schedule

For current course schedules, please visit the Graduate Programs.

For additional information about this program, you may want to consult the Catalog.

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