Parking & Registration

Harding University permits all students to have and drive automobiles on campus and in the community under certain conditions and exceptions as cited below.

Vehicle Registration:

     Student Instructions for Registration pdf

     Faculty/Staff Instructions for Registration pdf

All students enrolled at Harding University (full- or part-time; professional, graduate or undergraduate; living on- or off-campus), faculty, staff, and their spouses must register their vehicles.

  1. All vehicles driven on the University’s campus must be properly licensed and registered with the Office of Parking & Transportation Services.
  2. All students, faculty and staff members who own one or more vehicles are required to register their vehicle(s) and correctly display a valid parking permit.
  3. Permits must be affixed to the vehicle in the manner in which they were designed by the manufacturer. This will constitute the final phase of vehicle registration. The permit must be correctly affixed to avoid penalty.
  4. Specific registration instructions can be found at the link above.  Annual vehicle registration - $40.
  5. Students who change vehicles during the school year must transfer their permit by affixing the permit to the new vehicle and updating the vehicle information online.  Students should contact the Office of Parking & Transportation Services for any assistance with the transfer of vehicles, if needed.
  6. The Office of Parking & Transportation Services may utilize online resources to identify the owners of unregistered vehicles. Unregistered student-owned or student-driven vehicles may be registered by the Office of Parking & Transportation Services and all applicable fees and fines will be applied to the student’s account.
  7. The Office of Parking Services may utilize online resources to identify the owners of unregistered vehicles. Unregistered student-owned or student-driven vehicles may be registered by the Office of Parking Services, and all applicable fines will be applied to the student’s account. Unregistered vehicles that accrue a minimum of five (5) citations may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  8. Students who falsify registration information are subject to disciplinary action.


Special Circumstances

  1. Physically disabled persons who are connected with the University and who suffer a permanent or temporary physical disability may apply at the Office of Parking & Transportation Services for special parking consideration.
  2. Faculty, staff and students who have a motor vehicle registered and for some extraordinary circumstance find it necessary to operate and park an unregistered vehicle on campus may obtain a temporary permit without cost for a period of no longer than two weeks from the Office of Parking & Transportation Services.
  3. Students bringing trailers to campus must gain permission from the Office of Student Life. Upon approval, the trailer must be registered with the Office of Parking Services and a specific parking area will be designated at that time.
  4. Students may not store or drive golf carts or all terrain vehicles (ATVs) on campus without prior approval from the Office of Student Life.
  5. When leaving campus for school trips or vacations, student must leave their vehicle parked in student parking (not in areas designated as “No Parking Curfew to 7 a.m.) parking).  If leaving the vehicle on campus for an extended period of time, please contact the Office of Parking & Transportation Services.
  6. If you park illegally because of car failure, notify the Office of Parking & Transportation Services immediately.  You will be required to move the vehicle within 24 hours unless other arrangements are made with the manager of Parking & Transportation Services.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Every person operating a vehicle on campus is held responsible for acquainting him- or herself with and obeying the parking regulations of the University.
  2. Vehicles must be parked in designated slots.
  3. Vehicles are considered parked when left unattended.
  4. Citations are written 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Citations may be written hourly for any offense. For example, if a vehicle is parked illegitimately in a handicap slot, it is subject to a ticket every hour (see also towing policy).
  5. Reserved slots are restricted 24-hours a day.
  6. Visitor slots are reserved for non-university-affiliated visitors and are reserved 24-hours a day.
  7. Faculty and Staff parking (red-striped) is reserved Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.
  8. Students may park in faculty and staff parking Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. and on weekends.
  9. Loading zones are designated for the loading and unloading of vehicles close to the respective building. Drivers will be given 15-minutes to load or unload their vehicle and will be expected to move their vehicle to a legitimate parking slot.
  10. Service Zones are for maintenance and emergency vehicles only.  Students are not permitted to park in these areas.
  11. Overnight parking (curfew to 7 a.m.) is NOT allowed on the north side of campus and where otherwise posted.
  12. Double parking is not permitted on the campus at any time.
  13. Parking is prohibited in the following areas:
          - All areas not distinctly designated as parking areas
          - Service lane zones and roads (including circle drives)
          - Traffic lanes within parking lots
          - On the grass or sidewalks
          - On a pedestrian crossing
  14. Students driving vehicles with faculty/staff stickers are required to park in student parking.
  15. Handicap parking (blue-striped) will be enforced according to state and federal regulations.
  16. Students are not authorized to park in specialized parking areas as designated by yellow lines.

Fraudulent Permits

Any attempt to manufacture, replicate or modify a parking permit or a temporary parking permit may result in, but is not limited to, immediate towing, disciplinary action and loss of right to an appeal. This can include using a permit assigned to another person.

Appeals Process

To contest a parking citation, an appeal must be submitted within 10 days of the citation issue date to the Parking Appeals Committee at The Appeals Committee is composed of Harding University faculty and staff members. Committee members review each appeal and make their decision based on the information contained in the appeal as well as information from the citation itself. 

When there is a question about an appeal, members of the committee may consult with the Manager of Parking Services to find a resolution. The decision of the Traffic Appeals Committee is final.

While any citation may be appealed, certain types of appeals are less likely to be successful, such as:
- Parking in a handicap slot without having a legitimate handicap permit or parking in a handicap loading zone.
- Parking in "No Parking" or reserved areas, even for short periods of time with the appeals based on the rationale, "I was only there for a few minutes."
- Parking in staff or reserved slots because there was no convenient parking available.
- Ignorance of parking rules and regulations, "I didn’t know I couldn’t park there."

Towing Policy

The University reserves the right to remove by impounding any vehicle parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard or any vehicle that impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic movement, the operation of emergency equipment, the making of essential repairs and services, or for other cogent reasons, such as failure to properly register the vehicle, excessive parking violations or abandoned vehicles. Owners of such vehicles will be required to pay all costs involved in removing, impounding or storing such vehicles.

Penalties for each violation

  1. Vehicle Not Registered / Permit Not Visible  -  $39
  2. Parked in a Staff or Reserved Slot  -  $21
  3. Parked in a Handicap Slot or Loading Zone  -  $55
  4. Not Parked in a Designated Slot  -  $21
  5. Permit Not Properly Displayed  -  $21
  6. Parked in a Loading Zone  -  $21
  7. Parked in a Time Zone  -  $21 
  8. Parked on Grass  -  $21
  9. Parked in a Service Zone  -  $21
  10. Parked in a No Parking Zone  -  $21
  11. Blocking Traffic Flow or Double Parked  -  $21
  12. Parked in a Restricted Time Zone  -  $21
  13. Parked on Sidewalk/Blocking Pedestrian Traffic  -  $21
  14. Parked in Motorcycle Slot  -  $21
  15. Parked in a Fire Lane  -  $21    
Pay Citations either online or at the Harding University Business Office.

After 10 days, fines will be turned over to the Business Office with a $5 late fee and forfeit of appeal.


Registration FAQs


Why do I have to register my vehicle?

Vehicle Registration provides a way for the University to contact you in case there is an issue with your vehicle, such as: involved in an accident, damage, security concerns, needs to be moved for construction.   It also allows us to track the number of vehicles each academic year and plan for growth.  Harding University policy states, “All students enrolled at Harding University (full- or part-time; professional, graduate or undergraduate; living on- or off-campus) and their spouses must register their vehicles.”

I live off campus and plan to walk or bike to my classes, do I still need to register my vehicle?

Yes. All students must register their vehicles whether they live on campus or off campus.  Although off-campus students may intend on walking or riding a bike, inevitably the vehicle will be driven during inclement or cold weather.  The permit is cheaper than one citation for no registration so it makes sense to register the vehicle and not have to worry about receiving citations.

I am borrowing or have a rental car, do I need to register this vehicle?

Yes. The University must be able to contact the driver of vehicles on campus.  However, the Parking & Transportation Services Office has temporary permits available free of charge for short term vehicle use.

I am now driving a different vehicle, what do I need to do?

If you are using the vehicle for only a short time (usually less than two weeks), the Parking & Transportation Office can issue you a temporary permit at no cost.  However, if this is a long term change, then you will need to have a permit on it.

If you still have your permit from the original vehicle, you can switch the permit from the old vehicle to the new vehicle.  The permits are made to be transferable between vehicles.  You will have to update your account by logging in to The Permit Store website and clicking on ACCOUNT in the upper right hand corner.  Add the new vehicle under the MANAGE VEHICLE link, then change the alignment of permit from the old vehicle to the new vehicle under VIEW PERMITS.

If you do not have your old permit or it tears apart when you attempt to move it, then you will need to purchase a Replacement Permit from the Parking & Transportation Office for $5.  This option is only available through the office and is not online.

I ordered my permit but it has not arrived. What do I need to do?

Permits usually arrive within a week of the order, though it may take a little longer if ordered during the months of August or September.  If you have not received it after two weeks, contact the Parking & Transportation Office for assistance.

I just received a new license plate, do I need to update my info?

Yes. All vehicle information must be current and it is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all vehicle information is accurate at all times.  Go to the parking website, log in at the top of the page and click on ACCOUNT in the upper right hand corner.  A number of menu options will appear which allow you to view and make changes to your account.  Select MANAGE VEHICLES in the center column.  Your vehicles should appear below.  Click on the vehicle you need to update, make the change, and SAVE your changes.

My vehicle broke down and I can't move until later what can I do to avoid citation?

If it all possible please move the vehicle to a white parking slot.  However, we understand that this is not always an option and we will assist you in any way that we can.  First, notify us of the issue and where the vehicles is located and what your tentative plan is to resolve the issue.  Generally we will give you 24 hours to move the vehicle unless other arrangements are made with the Parking & Transportation Office.  Often we will take back any citations inadvertently issued on the vehicle, but only if we have been notified of the issue.  You can contact our office by calling 501-279-4005 (leave a message after hours) or by email at

Do I have to purchase a permit if all of my classes are on South Campus?

Yes. The facilities are maintained by the Harding University Physical Resource Department and occasionally work must be completed that requires specific vehicles be moved. Also many students at South Campus also frequent the main campus.

Do I have to purchase a permit if I am only taking classes online?

If you are taking classes online and will not be on the main campus then you do not need to purchase a permit.  However, if you are taking online classes only and frequent the main campus for research or other reasons, then you must purchase a permit.

Do I have to purchase a permit if I am attending a remote campus other than South Campus?

No.  Parking is not enforced at the remote locations such as Memphis, North Little Rock or Bentonville.  However, if you find that you visit the main campus occasionally, then please contact the Parking & Transportation Office for guidance.

Citation FAQs

I just received a citation. What are my options?

If you receive a citation on your vehicle, you have two options, either pay the fine or appeal the citation.  Payment can either be made online or in the Harding University Business Office within the first 10 days after the citation was issued.  If you believe that you unfairly received the citation, then you have the opportunity to appeal the violation online through the parking website.  The option to pay online or appeal the citation is only available for the first 10 days after the citation was issued.  After 10 days, the fine is automatically transferred to your account at the Harding University Business Office and a $5 late fee is applied.

How do I appeal a citation?

Appeals must be submitted through The Permit Store website at by following the steps under Pay/Appeal Citation within the first 10 days after the citation is issued.  The aging process of the citation will pause until a decision is reached by the appeals committee so that a late charge is not added while you are waiting on the appeal.  The appeals committee consists of select members of the Harding University faculty and staff, but excludes members of the Public Safety Department.  They have the ability to accept the appeal (you do not have to pay it), reject it (you have to pay it) or reduce it (you only have to pay part of it).  If the appeal is accepted then no further action is needed.  However, if the appeal is rejected or the fine is reduced, you will have the remainder of the 10-day period to pay the fine before it is transferred to your student account and a $5 late fee is added.

For instance, if you received a citation and waited until Day 8 to appeal it and the appeal was rejected, you would have two days left to pay the fine before it was transferred to your account and the late fee added.

Will the citation go on my driving record?

No.  All citations issued by Harding University only affect your relationship with the university and do not affect your driving record.  Choosing not to pay parking fines will not result in any civil penalties, but it may result in holds on your account, grades, transcripts or other actions.

What is a tow warning?

A tow warning is issued when there is an issue requiring immediate attention.  It is often used when a vehicle has been issued numerous citations and additional citations are likely to create a significant financial burden.  Contact must be made with the Parking & Transportation Office within 24 hours to prevent towing.  If no contact is made, the vehicle is likely to be towed the next time it is parked on campus.  There is no fine for the tow warning itself; however, it may be accompanied by citations for other violations.

It should be noted that vehicles may be towed without warning in some circumstances, which include, but not limited to:

  • The vehicle must be moved due to construction.
  • The vehicle is parked in a way that creates a hazard.
  • The vehicle is in the way of emergency vehicles.
  • Fraudulent vehicle registration.

NOTE:  Drivers may be responsible for towing fees.

What are the chances my appeal will be accepted?

It depends.  The appeals committee has discretion to make decisions independently from the Parking & Transportation Office, but generally speaking, they follow these guidelines.  If you are running late to class or chapel and park in the wrong area, your appeal will probably not be accepted.  However, if there is an extenuating circumstance surrounding your violation, then there is a possibility that your appeal will be accepted.  Including more information in the appeal (such as who, what, where, when and why) allows the Appeals Committee to make a better decision based on all the factors.

Appeals that include the following are less likely to be successful:

  1. "There was no place to park".
  2. "I was running late".
  3. "I just ran in for a minute..."
  4. "There were plenty of other spaces available".
  5. "I can't afford it..."
  6. "I didn't know" or "I thought..."
  7. "No one else got tickets."
  8. "Everyone else parks here"