Dual Enrollment - Bison Prep

Bison Prep is designed for college-bound high school juniors and seniors and allows students to earn college credit at Harding while still in high school. Depending on your school’s requirements, you can also earn dual credit toward high school coursework for graduation. Online students can view course options at the link below, and on-ground students may enroll in most 1000- and 2000-level courses. Courses are available in the fall and spring semesters only.

Note: Students will be charged for textbooks and supplies for some classes.

Note: all admissions requirements (see below) must be submitted before you are added to a class.

The cost per course is now $250, limited to one course per semester. The Fall 2024 course list is now posted.

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Program Benefits


Admissions Requirements

Online Course Options

Note: Online courses are asynchronous (at your own pace); therefore, you are NOT required to participate at an assigned class time. Progress will be determined by set milestones throughout the course(s).

Courses Offered:

Fall 2024

  • ANTH 2500 - Anthropology- CLOSED
  • ECON 2010 - Macroeconomics- CLOSED
  • ENG 2020 - World Literature: Enlightenment to the 21st Century- CLOSED
  • MATH 1200 - Elementary Statistics- CLOSED
  • PHS 1060 - Physical Science- CLOSED
  • PSY 2010 - General Psychology- CLOSED
On-Ground Course Options

The following courses are recommended for Bison Prep:

**Courses require minimum ACT and SAT scores.

  • ASL 2750: American Sign Language I
  • ASL 2770: American Sign Language II
  • ANTH 2500: Anthropology
  • ART 1010: Art Appreciation
  • BIOL 1100: General Biology
  • CHEM 1010: General Chemistry
  • CHEM 1040: College Chemistry I**
  • CHEM 1010L LAB: General Chemistry
  • CHEM 1040L LAB: College Chemistry I**
  • COMM 1010: Communication Principles
  • ECON 2010: Macroeconomics
  • ENG 1110: Intro to University Writing and Research**
  • ENG 2020: World Literature (17th Century to the Present)
  • ENG 2110: Critical Reading, Thinking, Writing
  • FR 1010: Elementary French I
  • FR 1020: Elementary French II
  • FR 1020-01 Elementary French II
  • HIST 1010: American History to 1877
  • HIST 1020: American History Since 1877
  • HIST 2100: Western Civilization to 1500
  • HIST 2110: Western Civilization Since 1500
  • ITAL 1020-01 Elementary Italian II
  • KINS 1010: Wellness
  • MATH 1100: Math for the Liberal Arts
  • MATH 1200: Elementary Statistics
  • MATH 1330: College Algebra**
  • MATH 2350: Analytics and Calculus I*
  • MUS 1010: Music Appreciation
  • PHS 1010: Earth Science
  • PHS 1020: Geology
  • PHS 1050: Energy Pollution and Society
  • PHS 1060: Physical Science
  • PHYS 2010: General Physics I
  • PHYS 2010L LAB: General Physics I
  • POLS 1787: American National Government
  • POLS 2100: International Relations
  • PSY 2010: General Psychology
  • SOC 2030: General Sociology
  • SPAN 1010: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN 1020: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 1040-01 Accelerated Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 1040-02 Accelerated Elementary Spanish II
  • THEA 1010: Theatre Appreciation

You may also enroll in any other course for which you have the prequisites.

For a list of the upcoming semester's courses, please view the Course Schedule.

Enrollment in any of these courses without a test score requires department chair approval. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Online Textbook Information

NOTE: when signing up for HUDirect classes, students will be charged for the HUDirect access books needed for those classes.

ECON 2010 - Macroeconomics

  1. Macro Econ 6-W/Access ISBN: 978-1-3374087-3-8 By: William McEachern HU Direct Access: Yes
  2. Was Jesus a Socialist? ISBN: 978-1-6126801-7-0 By: Lawrence W Reed Price: $14.95. HUDirect Access: Yes Extra Credit
  3. Rich Dad Poor Dad ISBN: 978-16101716-0-1 By: Robert T. Kiyosaki Price: $17.95 HUDirect Access: Yes Extra Credit
  4. Economics In One Lesson ISBN: 978-0-517-54823-3 By: Henry Hazlitt (Optional)
  5. Basic Economics ISBN: 978-0-465-06073-3 By: Thomas Sowell (Optional)

ENG 1110 - Introduction to University Writing and Research

  1. Textbooks:
    1. Pursuing Happiness: A Bedford Spotlight Reader, edited by William Parfit ISBN: 978-1-3192587-9-5 HU Direct Access: Yes
    2. Lessons from Lucy, by Dave Barry ISBN: 978-1-5011611-5-5 HU Direct Access: Yes
    3. Surprised by Joy, by C.S. Lewis ISBN: 978-0-15-687011-5 HU Direct Access- No Required
    4. Woe is I: Grammerphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English, 3rd Edition By: Patricia T. O’Conner. ISBN: 978-0-525-53305-4 HU Direct Access: Yes

MATH 1200 - Elementary Statistics

  1. Textbook: Elementry Statistics ISBN: 978-0-13-680320-1 By: Mario Triola HUDirect Access to Pearson MyLabStat

PSY 2010 - General Psychology

  1. Textbook: Exploring Psychology (11th ed.) By: Myers, D. G. & Dewall, C.N. (2019). New York, NY: Worth Publishers ISBN: 978-1-3191041-9-1 The MSRP for this textbook in paperback is approximately $200; however, for the online course, we utilize HUDirect Access. The HU-Direct digital version is typically priced at around $45.

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